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  1. I'm in need of a new clutch for my 54 special, And I can't seem to find who might have one. bob's automobilia is out of stock . question is, would any 10" clutch with the right spline fit, or do i need a "special" clutch. next, would anyone listening have a good for sale at a reasonable price. thanks Rodger
  2. I know the left and right are different, but are the front and back wheel cylinders different? I have some new ones that I can tell are left or right, I just don't know if they are for the front or back! I got these awhile back from a lady that mr earl had posted for sale on the site a while ago... They say: VARGA IND BRAS On one side and 13K2 V-1037 14 On the other Near the bolt hole it has 4G7B stamped on it Any help out there?
  3. Hello there fellow enthusiasts. Ill make this brief, Ive owned a 54 buick for 26 years, and I am only 28. My dad had a 54 Roadmaster convertible since I was a child, he passed away a few years back and it became mine. Thats me as a 8 year old Its been a long road with that car, and I will probably get in to it later. But more recently, 2 weeks ago as a matter of fact I bought this: century estate wagon. Looking forward to getting in to this community.
  4. I left Wed AM and drove the 5 hours from Ohio to Hershey and the weather was great, but by Thursday the big storm came in and brought plenty of rain (about 4"). Looking at the forecast, I drove back home, leaving Thursday AM. The rest of our guys stayed, but the rains got real heavy Thursday afternoon and Friday, so they left around noon on Friday. Most of the vendors were pulling out late Thursday and Friday. Even before the rain and with a good weather forecast, it seemed as if the crowds were about half of the past two years - maybe the Internet is doing a number on flea market sales and
  5. I was talking to a mechanic familiar with the nail head engine. He indicates that the exhaust valves are week and subject to the head breaking off. He recommended I replace them. The engine runs perfect and I did not want to break into it. Any thoughts or bad experiences?
  6. Allright guys, I know its a 55, BUT if you look closely this car is extremely rare. This car is a small body 2dr hardtop with FACTORY AIR. You never see the small body cars with factory A/C. Usually only on the super or roadmaster. Geez, some days I really wish I lived out in the midwest.... http://wichitafalls.craigslist.org/cto/4088738809.html
  7. I have panels for sale to replace the front section of the rear quarter on the 1954-56 Buick Special and Century cars. I have these make by a sheet metal craftsman who used a NOS quarter that I had for a template. The panels are $200 each plus UPS. If you have any questions I can be reached at 262-549-9583.
  8. Just wanted to see if anyone on here has an extra, good used oil pan for a 322 that might be for sale. If so, shoot me a PM with price plus shipping.
  9. Here it is, all you wagon fans up in the northwest! Don't miss out on this great project car. http://portland.craigslist.org/clk/cto/4025727580.html
  10. I was going to title this "Engine Uh-oh". So, about 9 months ago I tore down the nail, and at first blush it looked like it was going to be a ring and bearing, gaskets and paint. Now that I am actually back at it again and starting to clean, things look much more bleak. First - The piston. This is from #1. I already knew #1 was my most worn bore, and the rod bearing looked funny, but I overlooked what I thought was just carbon at the time... Now that I take a second look in some good light - those are a whole heck of a lot of pits. Is this detonation? Notice the one perfect "screwdriver
  11. So I have looked all over the interweb and have not found anything that would work. I have also called multiple suppliers and they have not bee able to help. I'm calling the pieces interior window trim clip/nut. The metal trim that goes around the window on the inside of the door. There are little clips that attach to the metal trim and a screw attaches them to the door frame. What are these called? And where can I find them? I need about 10.
  12. I found a few of these in a pile of stuff, and letting two extras go... If you are using the Cater 4-brl, this is an NOS starter switch, in the Carter box with new plastic body and all the hardware and innards. Carter part number 192-21U. From what I can guess, they work for '52-'56 as well. 40.00 shipped, please. Send me a PM if interested,
  13. Hey guys, Here is a cool looking 54 custom for sale on craigslist. Judging from the style of the door panel, I'm guessing this car was originally a 46R, but it looks like not much else is left original. For all of us wondering about rear bumper swaps, check out that 56 rear bumper. Looks pretty good on there if you ask me. Matches the top detail that is on the 54 front bumpers.
  14. Not a fan of some of the interior but that stance/wheels combo looks amazing. http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ank/ctd/3969714367.html
  15. It is with deep regret that I am selling "Lucille" .I bought her to restore and in Nov 2012. I crushed my hand and only have 30% use , therefore, if I cant do it ...Anyway she is a very very solid car with a 425 nailhead and tranny (out of a 66 Buick Roadmaster). I Found her in a storage shed, been there since 2000.... engine was rebuilt in 2000 and started once. then stripped down to begin restoration.I have since turned over the engine by hand) Owner then had heart attack and could not proceed...but kept car,,,,hoping!!!..Car has been primed for paint and No rust any where i can tell. I hav
  16. This looks like it could be a nice car. Just advertised today. http://seattle.ebayclassifieds.com/classic-cars/renton/1954-buick/?ad=28880223
  17. Here is a Super 2dr hardtop someone might be interested in. http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/cto/3883796966.html
  18. Hi Everyone...I`m off to pick Up My New 54 Skylark Barn Find this week..She's #547 I`m told in Malibu blue... I`ll post pictures of the trip and rescue..she's rough around the edges but she is all there..+ some extra... Kind Regards BC Buick
  19. I recently acquired a 54 Skylark and have numerous questions. I was looking on the internet and located your forum and figured this would be the best way to get all of the information I need. Being that these cars are so rare I don't know much about them but I bet some of you do! Any information that you think would help me as far as learning about these cars would be great. I am trying to decide whether or not to keep the car in it's original condition or if I should restore it to Concours. I believe the car is completely original other than a repaint 20 years ago. Everything looks to be ther
  20. Up for sale is a new “Relined” 4 Piece set of 2-1/4" wide Buick Brake Shoes this set will service 2 wheels only. Inlcuded are 2 hub grease caps and a brake sping set also for 2 wheels only.
  21. While searching for ideas, I picked up a power seat assembly from a '55 Century 4-door hardtop. I believe motors will be the same in all series and 54 to 55. Whole or parts, what do you need? I DO NOT have seat skirts or switch. Otherwise, the whole thing is for sale. Inquiries welcome...
  22. I have a 1954 Buick Special hardtop (48D) for sale. I bought it for a resto-mod/hot rod project and because I couldn't see it get parted out; however, I no longer have the man in my life to help me reach this dream. It has the original engine/transmission and is a complete original car missing only two pieces of trim and needs new glass (except back window- which I have even an extra one of). The trim, handles, and interior is removed at this time for the bodywork that was being done daily. It was running last April 2012 but has sat since then. This car turns heads! The attention, the ques
  23. Up for sale is an original 1954 Buick steering wheel. It is a factory black steering wheel that has not been painted or repaired. This steering wheel is in very solid condition. The horn and chrome is in great original condition. $350.00 or best offer plus shipping
  24. http://cincinnati.craigslist.org/cto/3730965981.html I have a 1954 Buick special for sale that I received in a trade last year. Only driven it a few times, it is a v8 fireball with a 3 speed manual transmission. It is a sedan with minimal rust. There really isn't much with it for being a 54. Dash lights don't work along with the speedometer but gas gauge, oil gauge, and amps gauge works fine. Passenger window needs put back on the track and a slight crack in the driver window but completely operational. There is also a slight tear in the seat but other than that starts everytime drives smooth
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