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  1. Well, the time has come to sell the Yellow Skylark. I wanted to put that out on the forum first. The most obvious question- Why? The project was done as a college savings fund for 2 kids. I figured it was more fun than a savings account, and it was. But I always had a 2nd Skylark that I plan on keeping for a long time. Unfortunately, the car is so nice that it is not practical for cruising and you can only look at it so long. Not that the car is not road worthy, but once the boys are educated there will be time for this level of car again. The sales process also leaves area of debate. I wou
  2. Up for sale is a pair of wheel hubs for a 54 Buick $80.00 for both plus shipping.
  3. So my car has 105k original miles on it. I realize this is an old car and they do not handle like today's cars but this think makes me nervous at times. I realize there may be several factors related to the handling (steering box lose, worn king pins or ball joints, bias ply tires). I was wonder were you would begin. Is the steering box tougher to adjust then it seems? Should I rebuilds the entire front end, I know it's a little pricy.
  4. got complete front hood ornament and the v but need front spear tip for sale or trade thank you
  5. OK fellow Buick Hot Rodders. We have decided that we will sell the 322 nailhead & dynaflow in our super to swap a more powerful package in. We will entertain trades for 425 nailhead, bigblock Chevrolet or shoot us an offer. Engine was running before we pulled the body, have video.
  6. Since the SiteMash went under it takes too much time to scan CL for Roadmasters. I have a small window for the purchase of one if someone sees one for sale. Please email me at abc.moran@netzero.net and put me onto it (Craigs List ad) and I will follow up. prefer midwest area due to transport costs but would consider others. Thanks ! Nothing on ebay at the moment. Note: Super 2 door hardtops are OK as well.
  7. i have a new set of pistons so i have 7 pieces standing on the shelf doing nothing if any one is interested let me know they are as new thanks racepoint
  8. Will a 55-57 Chevy rear end work for the swap on a 54 Buick? How much hp will it hold up to? There is a guy here in town selling a few for 150 a piece so I figured it might work for what I needed. Any input would be appreciated.
  9. Well Lamar, You might have been drooling over that vintage custom silver skylark, but I am definitely taken with this customized black beauty that is on ebay right now. Very tastefully done I must say. And I think this is exactly the look I would want in the engine bay of the hot rodded 66r I hope to own some day. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1954-Buick-Skylark-Convertible-Restored-Modified-Outstanding-Nailhead-Dyna-Flow-/130844902282?pt=US_Cars_Trucks&hash=item1e76f6c38a#v4-42
  10. This is the the Roadmaster that Mr. Earl saw in lexington NC. I needed the engine and drivetrain components everything else I'm not using is for sale or trade for something else I need. I have a 54 Century so most of the stuff wont work on my car send a private message or call: 252-two29-95five4 for details
  11. Hi, I'm selling a good running 322 nailhead with a strongberg 4 barrel And a pertronix ignition. $600 takes it. I live in Ottawa, IL
  12. Well its come to this. I'm charged with selling my dads 1954 Skylark M100 and who better to have the first look, but the people like myself and my father, that love and live these Skylarks. He bought this when I was two in 1956. He bought it from a dealer in Kansas, and believes he is the first owner. It may have been a show car or not, but it had chrome wheel wells already. There's more info on my profile and pictures. Its was customized early on, but is basically pretty stock. I will be listing it soon. It is with a heavy heart that I do this, but it must be.
  13. I have been thinking about adding a power seat to my Super 2dr Rivi., and I just got a great deal on Ebay for a good vertical motor, so that starts me offically collecting for yet another project. Anybody out there with a power-seat set-up for sale, whole or parts? I travel the South West and Mid-West every summer, so I can come pick up the parts. Anthing particular to watch out for from your collective experience? Thanks in advance!
  14. I had this for sale on the site but decided to keep it and get on with finishing the build. Here are some pictures of the progress. http://s1260.beta.photobucket.com/user/jonspin/library/?#/user/jonspin/library/54%20Buick%20Resto?http%3A//s1260.beta.photobucket.com/user/jonspin/library/?&_suid=135301459909404347845592230234
  15. Guys, Currently my 48D has a push button starter located under the steering column which I'd like to replace with the factory floor starter. I have a source for the actual starter switch which attaches to the carb but beyond that I haven't a clue how to set it up properly. Does anyone have some insight into this particular feature? Thanks. Tim
  16. Mr. Ed has convinced me to bring this story over to this website even though it turned for the worse on the AACA.org website . The story begins with the sale of a Ford Mustang Cobra we had owned for quite a few years. The new owner of the car noticed my fathers E body mopar collection in the garage and mentioned that his late father was an avid car collector and his step mother was looking to sell off his collection. He mentioned that most of the cars were from the 40's to 60's and warned us that they had all been sitting since the late 60's when his father lost interest. Intrigued by the sto
  17. cleaning out the garage. ive got a set of hub caps off lucky for sale. all 4. $100. lol thats less than what i payed for them email me Mhora_03@yahoo.com
  18. Have two sets of grilles for sale. One set is very nice with minor wear, the second set is rougher with pitting but still good driver quality. Each set is both right and left side. Can email photos upon request. $200. for the better, $75. for the rougher Email: greg.louis@customizedflow.com
  19. Just wanted to post this 46R for everybody. Someone needs to take this one home. I would myself, but it is just too far away. http://www.collectorcarads.com/Buick-Special/44460
  20. I kinda tossed this out, so I want to make this a little more formal. $3000.00 This is a Smoking deal, and there is a reason. If you follow the forum, Earl found this car on Craigslist. It's a dessert car that lived in Colorado all it's life. The big up side to this car is the body is virtually flawless. Now this is a dream donor car but it was just too nice to part out. It was also an easy car to paint, being it was never repainted nor did it have any wrecks, just a dented door. My friend is putting in a paint booth so he shot the car at a discount, and I had lots of 4 door stuff from a rust
  21. Sorry I did not introduce my self. My name is Anthony Zimmerman. I am 31 years old this last august. I live in rural Scotland South Dakota which is about 100 miles south west of sioux falls. I work full time at a Case Ih dealership in the parts department and also farm. I am married my wifes name is Katie. We are small potatoes in the farming world. Most would consider us a hobby farm. We farm 1/4 section which is around 160 acres which is farm ground, pasture and hay ground and the acerage. We raise corn,beans,and run 30 head of stock cows. I grew up on a farm and we always fixed on the farm
  22. FS: 1954 Buick Skylark ( Project ) I have two Skylark projects. So I will try to sell one of the projects but if it does not happen then i will complete it and sell later. The details: Year - 1954 Make - Buick Model - Skylark Price - 75k but negociable. Might even be open to trade + cash or just trade. I am looking for a Mustang GT or GT/CS or Shelby or something simular like GTO, Corvette, Camero in the 1960's. Description - The car is a frame off restoration. Color is Malibu Blue, Blue interior, Car is freshly painted very nice, 3,4 coats paint and 3 coats clear. Fr
  23. hey guys well since lucky is lost.. im yet again looking for another 54. i want a 4dr but will gladdy take a 2dr any leads will help thanks guys buickbandit
  24. Anybody interested in some NOS Foxcraft skirts for a Roadmaster or Super 4 door? I bought these a few months ago thinking they would fit my Century, but I was wrong. The skirts look great and come with all the hardware including locks for both sides and keys. They are even in the original box and have the instructions! I paid $160 plus shipping, so I'm just trying to recoup some money. Thanks!
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