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1954 Buick(s)

  1. Very Mild Custom. Originally all black, it is now two tone Black over Platinum over Black. The car was repainted late in 2006. The backs of the portholes have had the metal plates removed and replaced with opaque red plexi, lighted and connected to the turn signals. The 264ci nailhead could probably use some attention but runs and drives well. It has never been rebuilt. It has Manual Steering and Manual Brakes. Ignition has been changed from points to pertronix electronic and the generator replaced w/alternator but I have the generator. Main heater and under seat heater both work well. Passeng
  2. Pictures of a nice Custom for sale in Sweden.
  3. Well, I I have two other Buick passions besides the 54. They are 1941 and 1961. The past weekend I traded my 33 Plymouth sedan for a 61 LeSabre two-door sedan. I already miss my little Plymouth, butthat was the problem. Since I injured my back, it has become increasingly more difficult for me to get in and out of some cars. So, to make a long story short, here is the newest addition to our Buick family. Wagon Guy 8-)
  4. Guys: Yes, I know, I cannot believe it myself, but I am selling my beloved and cool sounding Carrera Panamericana Buick Century 1954. I am still getting all the tech data from the mechanics and I will post a site with all the details and all the photos. I can tell you this though: this is a highly prepared 4100 lbs car that does 160 mph in open roads!! (One thing is a 160 on a nice smooth track and another in a Mexican road. Talk about handling!). Some of you have seen the pictures and the videos in you tube, if not search for Carrera Panamericana Buick. The price? Less than 50% of the pric
  5. A cool custom for sale. I wish I had the room and the money to buy it! http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&VideoID=37007582
  6. Hello Everyone, my name is Kelly and I am from Kansas City, MO USA. My dad owned a 54 Special when he was a high school kid and I guess love runs in the genes! About a month ago I pointe out a old car for sale on Craigslist and said "wouldn't that be fun" to which she responded "If you clean out the garage so it has a place to stay I don't mind if you get an old car to fix up" Needless to say she didn't have to say it twice and after a week of looking at about every classic car ad I decided to narrow my search to the 1954 Buick. My son has aspergers syndrome (age 16)so a car is just a way to
  7. Don't need my original valve covers. They are green from a 65 425 nail. they would need cleaned up. Maybe someone is looking for a pair. Also have the original oil bath air cleaner. Still has oil in it. If you are interested email me @: logancates@swcoc.org. Maybe we could work something out.
  8. Ive been hunting for an affordable 50's car for a while. I figured $1500 would get me something that I can have beached in the driveway for a couple months while I get it on the road. One day, my "Hot Rod Mentor", Lyle, calls me and tells me about 54 buick hardtop that he knows for sale for $1500. Well, long story short, I check out the car, missing/broken tail lights, not running, hood trim gone, reverse lights gone, trunk badge gone, window trim missing, etc. It was perfect, something I can tinker on. I had to wait for 2 weeks for them to remove the car from the backyard. When we went to gra
  9. 1954 2bbl buick carb for sale works good make offer
  10. Guest

    headlight doors

    will 1953 headlight doors fit a 1954 tks
  11. hey guys im here and read all your blogs ha ha ha but any way about my car for sale it dose run and was rebuilt about 5 years ago and it has about 8000 on the rebuilt motor and im droping the price because im moving so any takers at 3000 email me at ink_fuz@yahoo.com
  12. My 1954 Century Riviera. It is for sale ! Lake Michigan in the background and two photos taken recently at a cruise in
  13. I have a rust free great looking 66R for sale. It is very straight and everything works including the Wonderbar radio. If you are interested e-mail me and I can provide photos and information Thanks, Bill Scott Grand Haven, MI 49417 BCA # 38892
  14. Jan has been keeping up with the rising values of our favorite Buick and has built an Excel spread sheet to display them. GOOD WORK Jan. Note: You must have Microsoft Excel or an Excel Viewer to open it! www.1954buick.com/prices.xls
  15. OK gang, here we go. Rosie has drum brakes front and rear, and I would really like to get disc brakes on the front. Where is the best place to get a conversion kit, or do you guys know someone that has a good system in a parts car somewhere for sale and is that a wise thing to do? . Since I am no mechanic genius to say the least, what should I expect to pay in labor to have that done? All advise is appreciated! Thanks, Kelly
  16. I met Lamar shortly after moving to Georgia, and posted a For Sale on the BCA website that said "DynaFree--I'll even help you pull it" He and his boy showed up, and we all learned about Buick Dynaflows and how they bolt to the flexplate. The engine was seized, so we ended up flipping it on its back and completely tearing down a '56 322 in my shop, while listening to a Braves game on the radio. 5 years later, I'm still tripping over 322 parts, and he's still tripping over the Dynaflow! My collection of 1 '54 Special hasn't changed any--the car is still on jackstands, waiting for a trans trans
  17. I've decided to sell some cars since I need to admit to myself that I don't have the time for all of the things I want to do. So, Frankie is now for sale. He's a '54 Super Riv body. Very solid and straight. No motor or interior. I also have parts from a Roadmaster including very good fenders and hood, etc. to make this a '54 Roadmaster Riv. Have all of the stainless and a complete '54 chassis with engine. Have most of the interior as well. Take the whole package for $1,500. Email me for pics if you are interested. gnoub51@gmail.com. Thanks Gary. 301/509-1233.
  18. This one is from a DVD called "Cool cars of the 50s":
  19. any one looking to buy a 54 special
  20. Hey, if anyone out there knows of a 54 wagon, I would be interested in another one. Do not care which series, or what condition it is in. I just missed one that sold last week that went to Greensboro, North Carolina. Just my luck. Any lead would be appreciated. Thanks. Wagon Guy
  21. This ad was in the June Porthole, the newsletter of the Gopher State Chapter of the BCA: ’54 Buick Century, 4 DR, V8, dyna-flow, new brakes, no body rust, 82,000 miles, older paint job, gas tank refurbished, good driver as is. Asking $6000.00 or B/O Contact: Jerry Giese (507) 635-3250
  22. 4 DOOR 1955 roadmaster in descent shape. The guy wants $3500 for it. 405-229-5238 Also in Oklahoma City craigslist, found a 54 two door hardtop for sale but have not called to see what make it is. He wants $800 for it. You guys might check in craigslist, Oklahoma City to see if there are any more fixer uppers.
  23. Here's a couple of cars that aren't mine, but they are the only '54s I can think of in this part of the world. First of all, by request, is a nice Century wagon. This car was in Flint and I caught up with it last summer. I have a couple more photos, but these are the only ones I have up on PhotoBucket. The car has generally been for sale for a while, but it is too rich for MrEarl. I don't think he's ever told me what sort of dollars we are talking about though. Here's one that is for sale that I went to see in April - a Special four door sedan. That was a long drive to find out the car
  24. The seller writes: "kinda rough and rusty,but fairly complete.best suited for parts in my opinion.lots of good stuff if you are doing a rusty incomplete ragtop or if you have one already done like this,its a good idea to have around for spares,these dont show up real often.please email with any questions,and be sure to check out my many other auctions!This vehicle is being sold for parts only and is not operational or street legal. Therefore, upon purchase, it will need to be either towed or put on a trailer. eBay encourages its members to learn about their state laws governing vehicle sales
  25. Sell and ask for help in finding cars and parts here. Please put FS (For Sale) or WTB (Want to Buy) at the beginning of the subject line. Please, please, please include the following information: Year Make Model Price Description Location (City, State, Country) Contact Information (Name, Email or Phone) EBAY URL if also listed on EBAY
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