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1954 Buick(s)

  1. Finally got a lift. I love it. The Buick had no leaks till I put her on top. Now she wants to drop stuff on her brother. I believe it is a case of sibling rivalry.
  2. We want the 1954 Buick Forum to be a place where folks gather to not only talk about their cars but also to get to know each other and build long lasting friendships. To that end, we feel it is important to learn a little about who you are. So please tell us about yourself, your family, where you are, what you do when not playing with your 54, and where, why and when did you fall in love with the ’54 Buick. When posting in the Introductions Forum for the first time, please include in the Subject line what country or state you are from. This will help newcomers see if there is anyone near the
  3. 1 Fuel and vacuum lines - Buick Engine Green (as heavy overspray). 2 Pulleys - Generator, Water pump, Power Steering, - No Paint (cad) 3 Harmonic Balancer - Buick Green paint. 4 Engine bolts - Per Dave Corbin " If you look at the engine outside, anything that's attached by a bolt that goes through a GASKET joint will be engine color, since it has to be there to test run the engine." 5 Accessory mount brackets? Power steering main mount bracket and the 8 inch angle iron brace that bolts to the engine. Buick Green 6 Power steering pump - Black * The correct de
  4. Hi There! I am in Australia looking to see if possible 1 pair of hood hinges would be available for sale from anyone? I am chasing some in Australia but putting out the feelers just in case I cannot get them locally, my car is a 1954 2 Door Buick Century
  5. Well here goes. This here is a take off of a thread I started sometime back over on the BCA Forum called "GIRLS ON BUICKS". It was a big hit and has been imMENsely enjoyed. http://forums.aaca.org/ubbthreads.php/ubb/showflat/Number/318819/Searchpage/12/Main/76783/Words/%22Girls+on+Buicks%22/Search/true/Girls_on_Buicks#Post318819 * I have had several requests off and on line to carry it over to here. So with no further ado, here it goes. PLEASE feel free to add your own "Girls on '54 BUICKS" Remembering of course that this is a family oriented site and to keep your comments gentlemanly (and lad
  6. The 1954 BUICK Highway Adventures in Roadmaster Aluminum Brakes Historical Note: I drove a ’54 Special on a daily basis from high school through grad school, and know well what brake fade is. On the fast freeways of SoCal, the old gal, “Louise” was good for the first quick stop, barely OK for the second, and frightening for the third. No matter how well I kept them adjusted, and that does make a big difference, you had to be careful until the drums cooled down. If a new car can stop on a dime, I old Buick needed two bucks and change. Even in the day, Buicks
  7. This is my 54 Buick we won it on ebay a few years ago. The car was stock 264 with 3 on the tree. My husband and I drove it until the trany gave out. My husband tried to find someone to fix it but had no luck. So he decided to hot rod it. He is still working on it and I will try to post some pic's.
  8. Anybody know where I could find a male snap for the boot attachment on 1954 Skylark? Thanks
  9. Here are a couple of Craigs List links I use while cruisin the internet for 54's for sale. This one just pulls up "all" 54 Buicks on Google. Type this into Google - 1954 buick site:craigslist.org or http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=navclient&aq=t&ie=UTF-8&rlz=1T4ADBF_enUS247US248&q=1954+buick+site%3acraigslist%2eorg You may need to refresh
  10. I have just replaced the stock springs for 3in lowered springs in the rear of my car, Looks amazing so far, I ran out of light for better pictures. But you will notice before and after shots. Tomorrow is a new day and more to come...
  11. Anyone set up there 54 to tow a trailer? I recently aquired a 1964 traveleze 15 foot camp trailer thought it would be cool to use the buick as the tow vehicle. Was wondering what you guys use for a hitch? Helper springs? Brakes? Transmission cooler? Will the dynaflow handle it? Thanks
  12. Ok, now she's lowered, has functional lakepipes and12" glasspack mufflers, wheels painted red and new 50's style flying saucer hubcaps.custom flame paint coming soon! Still drives like a dream!whatcha think fellas?
  13. I have an opportunity to buy a front lower NOS bumper that has never been installed at a reasonable price (considerably less than having one rechromed). I have a couple of concerns. 1. I have been told by others that 1954 chrome bumpers are of poor quality because during the Korean War nickel wasn't used. Is this true? Would I be disappointed over time? 2. If I would buy this NOS bumper, would it match the upper bumper that I plan to rechrome or would there be a noticeable difference in appearance between the two? Thanks
  14. Hi There, I'm a Newbie, Here are pics of my 54 2 door Century. I live in Melbourne Australia
  15. Yesterday @ WPB, FL for $155,000, if anybody knows the guy in the orange shirt, please let him know of the Highway!
  16. Well another long weekend of preparation and patience resulted in this: https://youtu.be/AXMJCYxw8GI All I can say is
  17. Dream car, anyone? :-) Located 235 miles away from Athens, Georgia. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1954-Buick-Roadmaster-2-dr-ht-/322796645517?hash=item4b282dec8d:g:ayYAAOSwOeVZzpGJ&vxp=mtr
  18. First time Buick owner. My wife has had a long fascination with old Buicks and I searched several years for an affordable Convertible. Found the 1954 Super Convertible locally from an elderly woman who's late husband was the original owner. In fact he met her while driving the car in Las Vegas on the Strip. He pulled over and started a conversation and a romance blossomed. They were married in Vegas and were together over 40 years until his passing about 7 years ago. She is thrilled that we now own the car and intend to restore it to its original glory! I bought the car as a surpri
  19. A bit of background music seems appropriate.... click, then click back here A couple of weeks ago I got an email from my good friend Bob Coker, owner of the 1954 Buick Landau Concept Car. He reported that he had found a buyer for the Landau and it would be heading to a private museum in Louisiana within a week or two. As a lot of you probably know, ever since Bob purchased the car at a RM auction at Amelia Island back in March of 2010, he has most graciously allowed me to participate in helping to carry it to shows and act as chauffeur and custodian to display and reveal it to the
  20. Facebook is a great way to connect people. So why not connect 1954 Buick people and lead them to our forum family? http://www.facebook.com/pages/1954-Buick/114854015194421?sk=wall
  21. I am ready to order a set of bias ply tires for my '54 Special 2 dr. HT and want to be sure that I get the correct whitewall width and also the correct (as original) size tire. I guess I will need a crossover size from the original size? At present I have a good set of whitewall radials, but for judging want to go for a set of the bias tires (and tubes), if correct. Also any vendor recommendations after I get the correct size and whitewall width? I saw a spare tire that Steve from I Motors had in his '54 Skylark and it had what appeared to be an original label attached to the tire, except t
  22. Has anybody had any feedback on the 800-15 General Dual 90 3" white wall sold by Lucas? Almost time for new shoes!
  23. Edith is in need of a new headlight switch. Anyone have one for sale? Thanks,
  24. Thought it would be fun to post some of your favorite videos. They can be songs, family or just plain weird. To post a video just clik the "Film strip" button above the box you type in and enetr the link. That's it! :popcorm2::popcorm2: I will start it off:
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