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  1. Anyone set up there 54 to tow a trailer? I recently aquired a 1964 traveleze 15 foot camp trailer thought it would be cool to use the buick as the tow vehicle. Was wondering what you guys use for a hitch? Helper springs? Brakes? Transmission cooler? Will the dynaflow handle it? Thanks
  2. Well another long weekend of preparation and patience resulted in this: https://youtu.be/AXMJCYxw8GI All I can say is
  3. I have owned many cars being in the hobby for over 20 years, I have owned Hotrods, Kustoms, Roadsters, Gassers, Lowriders, and more. Currently I own a 64 Impala ss, 62 f100 patina shop truck, and a BONE STOCK 54 Buick Special 2 Dr post. Just picked it up and it is very original. 264 3 speed Black on Black. Very nice car..... My intent is to go the mild custom route. Give it a stance, kustom Watson style flame job etc. Etc. My problem is I'm conflicted. I'm not a stock guy, I get too bored with a stock car. But this car is as original as it gets and has only 40k or 140k miles. I have
  4. had some questions about doing a dual master on a 54 buick. It is a pain under the car but here are a few shots. The specific question was the orientation of the master and yes, the plastic filler lines do come in the side
  5. Okay, so that my 6 hours today of endlessly tearing down my carb for no reason do not go to waste, I want to document my troubles in hopes that it saves the next guy my pain. Here is what was happening: Cali would turn over, and fire while I was cranking. But, as soon as I let the starter disengage, it would die. I was totally convinced what was happening was that the idle circuit in the carb was not letting in any fuel, and only the high speed circuit and accelerator pump was running. So, I tore apart the carb 5 times today, endlessly chasing all the low speed and idle passages with air,
  6. Was checking out things on My '54 today, and found the following problems Non working oil pressure, or temp gauge, no brake lights, tail lights or turn signals on rear, only right front turn sig light works. Any ideas what to check? I'm also browsing thru My shop manual
  7. Brakes are on hold for a couple more days until some additional fittings come in that I had to order. So, on to the next item on the list... defrost/aux. heater. Nothing was hooked up when I got the car, so condition is unknown. I pulled the blower motor, housing, and vent cover off the firewall yesterday. The wire to the motor had been cut, and when I put some power to it, nothing happened, so I pulled it apart. Inside of the motor looked really clean, and didn't smell burnt, then I found that the power wire was broken inside the housing, but still hanging on by a thread of the brittle old wi
  8. I'm now making fine adjustments to the brakes on My '54 after replacing shoes on all 4 wheels. I have front wheel shoes set, to where there's no drag felt. Is this correct?, and does same apply for rear shoes? Since I had just rear line at the frame disconnected, do I have to do a 4 wheel bleed, or just the rear wheels?
  9. In October, I flew to Dayton, OH to pick up a brand new 2015 Chevy SS. Made in Australia, it has a 415 HP Corvette engine (LS3), is rear-wheel drive and has a 6-speed manual shift gearbox. These are actually Holden Commodores badged as a Chevy. Chevy imported only about 3,000 of them in 2015 and same in 2014. Only about 20% in 2015 are manual. 2016 will be the last year for them as Holden is ceasing manufacturing in Australia. It was hard to find the exact car I wanted in the color I wanted, so I made a deal over the phone and flew to Dayton and drove it home to Virginia. Got about 2,00
  10. Just found this on craigslist: http://bham.craigslist.org/cto/5383225290.html The seller says: 1954 buick sitting on 1995 ford crown vick frame has a 4.6 v8 power streeing power disk brakes auto with overdrive heat and air works great.rides and drives just like crown vick run excellent can go anywhere in this RAT ROD! I'm not sure if its ultra-cool or... if someone wanted a cool car and got it all wrong. The continental kit ruins the beautiful 54 Buick line. What do you think?
  11. Would dual exhaust have been an option on a Century wagon? my single exhaust is very tired and I'm considering doing a dual exhaust. It looks like the frame has provisions for dual but the single with the crossover looks to be original. I'm torn, Guide me.
  12. Just got my first classic a 54 Special, 2dr sedan. It needs some work, but I'm excited to get started. Glad to find this site, I'm sure I'm going to have plenty of questions along the way.
  13. Not a Buick post but just an update. I finally had a chance to drive my Cadillac after a few weeks of waiting due to saving up for the registration costs. Wow...quiet...fast...and comfortable! The only thing I can say is that the Buick Dynaflow is far superior to the Hydramatic. I miss being able to drive from 0-70 and feel nothing in the sense of gear shifts. My new car kinda lags from 1st-2nd but then its smooth. Turns out this is common for the Hydramatic trans. The power brakes are alright but they are super sensitive...which is also common for the Treadlevac brakes. I'm in love wi
  14. Reluctantly selling my Willow Green Super Model 52 due to needing space for a more senior car. The Super is in overall very good condition, 53,000 actual miles; new brakes, tires, starter, hoses, battery, Dynaflow gone through and new seals throughout. The car is in top shape mechanically and will drive anywhere, no need to ship, just drive it home. Its been my nice weather car for over 10 years. Very solid body with presentable paint and chrome. Asking $12,900. For any additional photos or information which will be promptly shared. please contact me at my email address: fift8imperial@yahoo.c
  15. My 54 Buick Century 4-door is pretty original as it sits today. It has been painted once, the carpet has been replaced and the engine has been rebuilt. It also has a new battery, new brakes and last year, the original tires were finally replaced. Other than that, it is all original. It has just over 39,000 miles. My dilemma is whether to replace the upholstery. There is some fraying of the original fabric at the driver's seat and a few small holes here and there, also a few places where the vinyl could be replaced. (see photos -- more in my profile album) I have to have the underlying
  16. So what is the trick to get the rear drums off my super? I can't seem to be able to turn the star adjuster at all. The drum wiggles but won't come off. I know I cant just hit it with a maul, right? Maybe I'm trying to turn the star the wrong way, I need some direction
  17. Free to a good home 1953 1954 1955 BUICK BRAKE PEDAL . Brand new in box. standard brakes only. First private message with mail address gets it. It found a home!
  18. Josh, here is your Century. SOMEBODY needs to jump on this. Too late tonight to call but I will be calling in the morning just to see what it is about. But if it has floors and runs it's worth the asking. It's 4 hours from me but if anybody needs my eyes on it or help getting it let me know. This is a CENTURY folks, a 2 door hard top CENTURY!!!! http://chattanooga.craigslist.org/cto/4932228005.html 1954 Buick Century two door hard top, automatic, 322 nail head engine, car runs and drives. Good project car. 4500.00 obo. Milford 256 878 5563
  19. Been working on this car for two years. New carpet, repainted the interior, new bulbs in dash, cables, repainted trim, painted engine area, trunk area painted and new paint on body. All trim back on but special emblems. Seats are white and blue, look good. Maybe next year new interior. Almost forgot about the new coaker bais white walls. They are G-78 - 15.
  20. Just out of the clear blue, the turn signal arrows on my 54' Roadmaster stopped working. I replaced the flasher (#550), checked the fuses, and replaced the bulbs in the dash. The front/rear signals flash normally, but the arrows won't. Any ideas? Thanks Phil
  21. Today whilst driving my 54' I noticed that only ever in top gear that the car intermittently will lose throttle on me, Its like its flooding itself, its weird. I can be driving along at 30mph or 45mph it doesn't matter, just out of no where it will do what ever this problem is. could it be electrical breaking down??? or does it sound like a fuel problem? Please HELP
  22. I wanted to start off by saying that I am thankful to you Buick crowd on this site since you have been informative and helpful. Thank you. I picked up my special last summer as a project car and noticed that it looked lowered in the front. I was just able to work on it this summer when we returned to the States and I ordered new tires and wheels. I went with chrome smoothies and wide white walls 215/70/15 on the front and 225/75/15 on the rear. When I checked the stance, the driver's side sits about an inch lower than than passenger side. I checked the front springs and they looked to be cut
  23. I'm working on my Buick special's front brakes and was checking the tire and wheel hub movement by grabbing the top and bottom of the tire and moving it to feel any play or movement. I could feel a tinge of movement and my first indication was to repack and adjust the wheel bearings. With the wheel hub off I felt the movement from the brake backing plate, which to my understanding would eliminate the movement coming from the wheel bearing. I then read in the manual about kingpins. Has someone out there had a similar issue that would be willing to share their resolution to the movement on the f
  24. Hi all, In the process of remounting the front wheels and I'm not sure if I have lost track of things or not. I've noticed that the wheel spindle nuts both rotate in the same direction. The issue is that i had replaced one spindle when I mangled it not realizing the thread was reversed, or so I vaguely recall. I had ordered up a new one to use on the 4dr last year when I was still trying to get in on the road that is also reverse threaded. However the spindles I have re mounted should be the originals that came with the convertible and they both go in the same direction. Since the nut is
  25. Both rear brakes appear to have misaligned wheel cylinders or wrong brake shoes. Is what I'm seeing typical or not? In the attached photo if you look at the center-line of the wheel cylinder the push rods are both going up hill to the brake shoe anchor groove. In your experience should these be like the photo shows or is this incorrect and they should have nearly perfect alignment? Bill
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