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  1. Anybody switched to electric wiper motor and retained the look of the stock wiper switch? Most of the electric motor kits I've looked at come with a universal type switch to replace the vacuum switch. I'd like to keep the look of the original bezel ring and switch. Not sure how easily it can be adapted.
  2. What gauge suze are the battery cables for the '54 322 engine? I bought a new positive and negative cables, in 4 ga , but Mine appear one size larger. Would the 4 ga be sufficient? or do I need 6 ga?
  3. The windshield washer control does not operate properly. I have rebuilt the pump and it works quite well. The rubber tubing has all been replaced and properly reconnected to the control. The problem is that the vacuum supply can not be fully shut off allowing for a constant application of vacuum to the pump.This activates the pump with each start up of the engine. I removed the control knob\lever and found that vacuum will draw air from the center opening of the inner rotating shaft. This is the shaft that when turned moves the control wire to the wiper motor. The control knob has a rod attach
  4. Back on the Forum after a summer break.... Madam Maybelle is making progress again. We have gotten started on the interior after a long wait for materials from (unmentionable!). Mark spent a lot of time fabricating new A/C ductwork to go into the ceiling. Funky former rodent habitats had to go! Bob finished the power antenna work before he passed away with a lot of help from Father Buick and Mr Earl with parts and advice. The internal cord was sent to us by a company who used to manufacture it back in the day. Not sure of all of the details on that. The shop has also posted several new
  5. My emergency brake is sticking. How do I correct this? Thanks for your help.
  6. I have searched, but a tach for a 50's Buick just doesn't seem to exist (do advise if anyone knows of an OEM Buick Tach, 50's era). For the small bodies, I first went with a 55 redline speedo, which looks cool but gives you a trip meter- great for verifying that you get around 10 MPG. For the tach, I found 2) 50's fairliner tachs that went in boats. There were marine nailheads, but I suspect these are not an easy find. You can see that I still get the gas gage, oil pressure, water temp and Amps so it kept an OEM look. The tach was obviously made by the same supplier that made the Buick gages
  7. I can't believe it, I've been dreading it, but I just buckled up and jumped in. I took the wiper motor out of Mary Jane and took it appart. Cleaned it all up and regreased the edges of the vaccum paddle to help with the vaccum. I was going to put an electric motor if I couldn't it to working. But what do you know, it works as new. (Which isn't saying much) So don't be afraid you-all, just jump in and get-her done. Took the pics as I took her apart.
  8. Just to be on the safe side, I am looking for a good speedo cable and housing for my Super. The only thing to go wrong on the drive to Portland, 2400 miles, was a bad malfunction in the speedometer. I think it is a problem in the speedometer itself, and I have a spare to help in the rebuild. But just in case, anybody out there have a good cable and housing I can buy? That may be part of my problem... Thanks for any help!
  9. Does anyone have some pictures or an illustrated part breakdown to share of what the rear hand brake cable routing looks like and it's associated retaining hardware found on the torque tube? I have some missing parts and mounting retainer damage I'm sure of but I don't know how many missing parts or what a non-damaged retaining system would look like. Bill
  10. Hello everybody! I have huge problem with Buick Super wipers and washer. They won't work at all. I have all ready made new vacuum lines. Now I take a look to the switch. Should there be two or tree vacuum lines? I have only two vacuum lines (maybe for washer?) and also wire to the wiper motor. There are pic about my wiper/washer switch: http://s1049.photobucket.com/user/rojektori/media/Mobile%20Uploads/WP_20140407_002_zps7788473d.jpg.html
  11. A few weeks ago I got a parking brake cable from Cars for may 54. A local shop installed all new cables and brake shoes. While trying to adjust the hand brake the cable broke. The cable lock where it is bolted at the foot pedal pulled free. Took it back off, send the cable back to Ohio where it was make and they repaired it. Last week the shop install the same cable that was repaired in my 54. Today I tried to adjust this cable to hold my car. The pedal did not even feel tight or hard to push but the cable broke again. What did I do wrong or is this just a bad cable?
  12. Hello again, First off, we are talking about a 4 door Super. Progress is slow, but it is moving forward. I have the all of the dash in except for the wipers. I found some info about it in the manual, but it does not help much and has no diagram. I got a good vacume to the wiper motor mounted on the cowl, but I can not figure out where the wiper switch connects to the wiper motor. This is what I have figured so far.... The wiper swith has to hoses connected to it, one has a vacume coming from the vacume pump. The other has no vacume. DOES THIS CONNECT TO THE WIPER FLUID JAR? Because I notic
  13. Bill Bicknell aka 836Buick100 has offered to share with us some of his extensive knowledge about the mechanics of these wonderful 54 Buicks. So without further ado, here is "Professor Nailhead's" first installment entitled Buick 264/322 Engine Removal This article will cover the removal of 264/322 Buick V-8 engines with and without the transmission attached. *It is not intended to cover basics for any car such as disconnection of battery, radiator, removal of fluids, etc. * Rather, it is intended to cover those items unique to the Buick engine-transmssion-rear axle. *These procedures are ba
  14. I am trying to tighten the wiper cable system in my '54 Centruy I have found a variety of threads talking about "pushing down the knurled nob" on the wiper linkage. However this doesn't seem to make sense w/ the pulley system how this would increase the tension on the cable. I've got plenty of vacuum and everything else looks good. Any advice or recommendations?
  15. My speedo needle is starting to bounce and make a little noise while driving. Is this something I can fix or do I need to send it out? I have a new cable on it.
  16. I would really like to add a couple extra gauges to my Century, but I don't want to mount one of those chrome gauge holder things below the dash. Has anybody found a creative way to mount them? There is a pretty big blank spot on that center panel to the left of the speedo that is calling my name, but I don't want to cut the holes and have it look like poop.
  17. My 1954 Buick Special arrived today! With the car I have the original sales receipt, repair manual and owners manual. The owners manual is more of a pamphlet!
  18. I am about ready to take on my winter project on my 1954 roadmaster. When I bought the car this past summer, the only problem it had was a leaking transmission. The previous owner told me about the Dynaflow torque ball leak. He had purchased a kit from CARS inc but had not yet done the job. The kit came with the car and I figured it would be a good thing to do over the winter. I have never owned another car with a Dynaflow so the torque ball and drive shaft connection are new to me. I have been tinkering with cars for the better part of 30 years and have done many big jobs including transmis
  19. I am selling 2-N.O.S.1954/1955 Buick speedometers.1 has EXCELLENT chrome-$375 and the 2nd has very minor pitting-$325 .Shipping will be $15 in the continental US -if more I will pay the differance Mike L.
  20. Here are some shots of the starter shield I just installed on the Super. Since several people requested them I didn't wait until I got the car on the rack, so they are taken from pretty close up on the floor. There are 2 holes in the outer frame rail, two in the angled inner rail and then the brace up by the steering box. All holes are threaded 5/16 - 18, same as all the fender bolts up front. (The grill shot is just because I got it back together. ) Scott
  21. Before this goes to scrap, does anybody need parts? I have torque tube, drive shaft, axle housing, pinion housing, brake plates, brake cable, axle shafts, cover, etc. available. Ring, pinion and spider gears are gone. Big stuff I can deliver in the SoCal area. Doug Cook
  22. I would like to start a community project together. Using this thread to list all the parts one needs to deal with during a restoration, what is its base metal and how it was finished. Yes this will take some time but I think it will be fun working through all the minutia of what every restorer has to go through. I will update an online and publicly assessable spreadsheet with all new submissions given and hopefully we can work through it all....or not lol. (if anybody thinks this is futile just say so) I just personally think it would be neat to have an inventory of parts listed by how they n
  23. I need an inner fender, divers side, for a 1954 Model 52 four door super. Any leads on a drivers side inner fender would be appreciated, Will other years work? Or is there a battery tray that can be welded in? Thanks in advance!
  24. This all started when I purchased gauges for Mary Jane. Her heat gauge didn't work, and they all looked a little worn out. So when I took the dash apart to repaint, I replaced the gauges and man did they look good. However, now the gas gauge didn't work, but the heat gauge did. Remembering back when I had put the heat sensor in the block, I had remembered to unhook the battery. (goodie for me) While working in an awkward position, I bumped the battery cable. YES YES IT DID :suicide:It jump right on top of the battery post and arced. :to_pick_ones_nose:I didn't have anything hooked up so I tho
  25. Transplanted gauges out of a 55 because Mary Jane had no heat gauge working. But in the process, I shorted out the gas gauge wire and now it doesn't work. I'm I going to find a blown fuse or sending unit. :help:But now I have a heat gauge. Before yuall start laughing at me, I did disconnect the battery, however while trying to disconnect the heater sending unit from the block , I bumped the +battery cable back onto the +battery post:fool:. A little puff of smoke later, I knew what happened.
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