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  1. Fired up My '54 today to finish filling it with fluid, I looked down after shutting it off and noticed it dripping from near the hand hole cover on the bell housing. I put in a brand new seal and everything was done according to the shop manual. I added 4 additional quarts while it was running, put it about an inch past the full hot mark. Would this cause the leak?? Or could I have left a converter drain plug loose??
  2. Brakes are on hold for a couple more days until some additional fittings come in that I had to order. So, on to the next item on the list... defrost/aux. heater. Nothing was hooked up when I got the car, so condition is unknown. I pulled the blower motor, housing, and vent cover off the firewall yesterday. The wire to the motor had been cut, and when I put some power to it, nothing happened, so I pulled it apart. Inside of the motor looked really clean, and didn't smell burnt, then I found that the power wire was broken inside the housing, but still hanging on by a thread of the brittle old wi
  3. I snapped the heads off 2 of the 1/4-20 water pump bolts on My 322, so to avoid breaking off bolt heads again, should I use anti seize compound??
  4. So, I had my starter rebuilt this week at a local starter/alternator shop that has a pretty good reputation. I bolted it up after work and went to start and heard a horrible noise. Not really a grinding noise, more like when you drag a heavy chair across a wood floor. And the motor never turned over at all. So, I decided I better have a look. Pulled the cover plate off the bottom of the bell housing so I could look up inside and see where the bendix gear meets the flywheel. I noticed that even without the solenoid engaged, the bendix gear appeared to be in contact with the flywheel. Not meshin
  5. Hello, I am looking for an oil pan and new valve springs for a 264 nailhead. I can not seem to find only the valve springs for sale, I only see them sold in kits to rebuild the entire head. Does anyone know of where I can purchase just the springs? Also, I am in the market for the oilpan to the 264 nailhead as well. I have one but it has a small hole in it. Does anyone have an oilpan in decent condition that they are looking to sell? Thanks :search:
  6. Hi everyone! I became a happy 1954 Buick owner this past Monday, acquiring a '54 Century 4 door. Had been in a barn since 1977, is in very nice shape for it's age. The 322 nailhead runs good, although it's suffering from a loose hub bearing, and has a possible front trans seal leak. I got a spare pair of bumpers, a good drivers side 1/4 panel section and some other parts. Here's photos on the trailer, and once home in My garage
  7. I have posted this at the AACA forums but should also post here for other 54 owners. This concerns incorrect rocker shaft installation. The reason I went digging into this is my 264 smoked a little at idle after warming up. I performed a complete tune up thinking it was a rich run condition at idle. Carb was cleaned and adjusted. Light smoke persisted. Reading up and searching I found that Willie had a similar issue with a nailhead. The shafts for the rockers were installed upside down allowing to much oil to cover the valves. This in turn introduce oil into the cylinders. I have found m
  8. Pretty neat, compares 54 Buicks to other cars! Has anyone ever seen or have this literature piece? on ebay- (not mine) http://www.ebay.com/itm/1954-BUICK-MATCH-BOOK-/290993635380?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item43c0928034
  9. Can anybody post for me a pic of a '54 Special rear axle showing the housing cover, please ? The question is about the filler plug: must the cover be positioned so that the filler plug is at the highest position, or is it shifted to the right ? (I didn't mind when removing it !). Thanks.
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