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  1. Well here goes. This here is a take off of a thread I started sometime back over on the BCA Forum called "GIRLS ON BUICKS". It was a big hit and has been imMENsely enjoyed. http://forums.aaca.org/ubbthreads.php/ubb/showflat/Number/318819/Searchpage/12/Main/76783/Words/%22Girls+on+Buicks%22/Search/true/Girls_on_Buicks#Post318819 * I have had several requests off and on line to carry it over to here. So with no further ado, here it goes. PLEASE feel free to add your own "Girls on '54 BUICKS" Remembering of course that this is a family oriented site and to keep your comments gentlemanly (and lad
  2. The 1954 BUICK Highway Adventures in Roadmaster Aluminum Brakes Historical Note: I drove a ’54 Special on a daily basis from high school through grad school, and know well what brake fade is. On the fast freeways of SoCal, the old gal, “Louise” was good for the first quick stop, barely OK for the second, and frightening for the third. No matter how well I kept them adjusted, and that does make a big difference, you had to be careful until the drums cooled down. If a new car can stop on a dime, I old Buick needed two bucks and change. Even in the day, Buicks
  3. I have just replaced the stock springs for 3in lowered springs in the rear of my car, Looks amazing so far, I ran out of light for better pictures. But you will notice before and after shots. Tomorrow is a new day and more to come...
  4. Has anybody had any feedback on the 800-15 General Dual 90 3" white wall sold by Lucas? Almost time for new shoes!
  5. Thought it would be fun to post some of your favorite videos. They can be songs, family or just plain weird. To post a video just clik the "Film strip" button above the box you type in and enetr the link. That's it! :popcorm2::popcorm2: I will start it off:
  6. Was checking out things on My '54 today, and found the following problems Non working oil pressure, or temp gauge, no brake lights, tail lights or turn signals on rear, only right front turn sig light works. Any ideas what to check? I'm also browsing thru My shop manual
  7. I snapped the heads off 2 of the 1/4-20 water pump bolts on My 322, so to avoid breaking off bolt heads again, should I use anti seize compound??
  8. Looking for a good used rear transmission mount for My 1954 Century with Dynaflow. Reasonable priced,please PM Me if one is available
  9. What gauge suze are the battery cables for the '54 322 engine? I bought a new positive and negative cables, in 4 ga , but Mine appear one size larger. Would the 4 ga be sufficient? or do I need 6 ga?
  10. Would dual exhaust have been an option on a Century wagon? my single exhaust is very tired and I'm considering doing a dual exhaust. It looks like the frame has provisions for dual but the single with the crossover looks to be original. I'm torn, Guide me.
  11. Hi everyone! I became a happy 1954 Buick owner this past Monday, acquiring a '54 Century 4 door. Had been in a barn since 1977, is in very nice shape for it's age. The 322 nailhead runs good, although it's suffering from a loose hub bearing, and has a possible front trans seal leak. I got a spare pair of bumpers, a good drivers side 1/4 panel section and some other parts. Here's photos on the trailer, and once home in My garage
  12. Back on the Forum after a summer break.... Madam Maybelle is making progress again. We have gotten started on the interior after a long wait for materials from (unmentionable!). Mark spent a lot of time fabricating new A/C ductwork to go into the ceiling. Funky former rodent habitats had to go! Bob finished the power antenna work before he passed away with a lot of help from Father Buick and Mr Earl with parts and advice. The internal cord was sent to us by a company who used to manufacture it back in the day. Not sure of all of the details on that. The shop has also posted several new
  13. Hello, The hood latch release on my Skylark seems to be disengaged, which won't allow me to open the hood. Is there an emergency release lever which will unlock the hood? Thanks, CKC
  14. For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by seeing these old travel decals on vehicles and campers. It probably goes back to growing up in the back seat of the family cruiser on road trips. The difficulty nowadays in getting these things to work is that they are all old and most of the glue is not useable. It might take a few vintage ones to get one that actually sticks, but as all of you know, there's no substitution for original. Now I know that they reproduce some of these in a convenient vinyl sticker, but where is the soul in that? I wear them like badges, showing places wher
  15. So there I was, farting with the wires in the trunk on a sweet Super hard-top that followed me home from Texas. 64K miles, unmolested, her name is Evelyn, and pictures will be forthcoming. I was in there getting my licence plate lights and back-up lights working again. Mission accomplished, Evelyn and I were happy. But I think I screwed up the wire for my gas-guage while I was in that area. Now when I turn on the ignition, the gas needle sweeps hard to the right, burried well-past the full-mark. Do I have short or contact problem in the sender wire? Or a bad sender that just happened t
  16. We are making some progress in our "taking apart" mode....on the road to install the power steering unit. I sure hope we can figure out how all this stuff goes back together????!!! Our current dilemma: Under the dash there is a black metal air duck. Looks like that needs to come out, so that we can get the cardboard/rubber piece out to expose some of the hole that the steering column will be removed through. Does this make sense to somebody?? We have disconnected the flex hoses....but the metal seems to be attached to something at the firewall on the passenger side of the car. Any
  17. I went to change a turn signal bulb up front and one of the barrel screws snapped the stud. So tip for the day, put some anti-seize on those little buggers. Does anybody have an extra barrel screw and stud?
  18. Thank you Father Buick for your input to my previous post...you were correct that the air duct did not have to come out to make the steering box change. Thank you to imotors, I found the screw holding the air duct to the fire wall, and with a couple of turns, the duct came out with ease. Following previously posted advice from Professor Nailhead and others, we were able to get the standard steering box out today. Based on previously posted advice, I expected that the new power steering shaft would be the same as what we removed from our Special.....or longer. But the new shaft seems to
  19. I recently got an AC compressor from one of the guys in our local Buick club. Wondering if anyone can identify what year it is. It`s a Frigidaire and says Buick on it and shows a model number of 5911121 with an additional number on the tag as 59GC462. The body of this compressor measures 17" around compared to 22" around for the AC compressor for my `54 Roadmaster. Test pressure on this unit is140 low side and 300 high side with a 5.0 lbs charge recommended. I`d appreciate any help you guys can give me. Pic`s are attached
  20. Hi, have just bought my 54 century, the guy before me gave the car a service.well he changed the oil and filter im hoping thats all he did to be honest.the filter dumped about 3 pints when it was started up.i went underneath and you could turn the canister by hand, thinking it was just the bolt wasnt tight, I removed the canister and it looked like the seal was old.get new seal tighten canister start engine , same thing, now it feels like the bolts too long wont tighten at all.i have bought another secondhand assembly but its not here yet. The thread doesnt look damaged and the only thing I ca
  21. All: I know I can easily get this off my radiator...but my car is presently 60 miles away from where I am currently. Does anyone happen to have the radiator number (OEM) for the 1954 48D Special w/Dynaflow? Thanks
  22. Can anybody tell me how wide the bumper to body seal should be? I can't find these aftermarket for the Roadmaster so I decide to make my own. The picture outline depict 3" but I want to make sure. My were missing when I purchased the car Thanks
  23. Thought I'd start a tech thread for talking about paint colors and paint for our beloved 54's. Thoughts and opinions on certain colors, color combinations, correct/incorrect colors and color combinations. Experiences with painting, mixing colors, etc etc. Maybe some polls for helping people decide and maybe even gain a statistical count of how many colors were produced in a year. I'll kick it off with....... *
  24. Does anyone know where I could find a replacement mast for my power antenna? Mine was snapped off sometime before I bought Madam Maybelle.
  25. OK, fess up!!! I hope it went to a good home... And do you permit inter-library loans?
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