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  1. The 1954 BUICK Highway Adventures in Roadmaster Aluminum Brakes Historical Note: I drove a ’54 Special on a daily basis from high school through grad school, and know well what brake fade is. On the fast freeways of SoCal, the old gal, “Louise” was good for the first quick stop, barely OK for the second, and frightening for the third. No matter how well I kept them adjusted, and that does make a big difference, you had to be careful until the drums cooled down. If a new car can stop on a dime, I old Buick needed two bucks and change. Even in the day, Buicks
  2. This is my 54 Buick we won it on ebay a few years ago. The car was stock 264 with 3 on the tree. My husband and I drove it until the trany gave out. My husband tried to find someone to fix it but had no luck. So he decided to hot rod it. He is still working on it and I will try to post some pic's.
  3. The restoration of the Buick super 2 door hardtop is going quite well except installing the side windows. The worst part of this restoration has been installing new window glass. I have already broken three pieces of glass. The side window frames came back from the chromer and for some reason they were off square and the glass would not fit. I had to buy new window frames from Cars. Now, the question is: there is a track in the door where the window frame slides down into the door but there isn't anything on either side of the inside of the track to keep the window frame from rattling bac
  4. Fired up My '54 today to finish filling it with fluid, I looked down after shutting it off and noticed it dripping from near the hand hole cover on the bell housing. I put in a brand new seal and everything was done according to the shop manual. I added 4 additional quarts while it was running, put it about an inch past the full hot mark. Would this cause the leak?? Or could I have left a converter drain plug loose??
  5. Hi all, new to the forum, but have had a 54 super convertible for awhile now. To help with the rebuild on the convertible I just picked up a 54 super 4 door that I am driving back to Texas from Oregon. Will be under the car fixing the leak from letting a local oil change place do an oil change and figured I would replace the front shocks while there. I saw the old threads with the reference to two Monroe part numbers and a Napa part number (Monroe 2003 or 5002; also NAPA 5032B), but contacting the stores and talking to Monroe they said those weren't correct. I saw several online options,
  6. Was checking out things on My '54 today, and found the following problems Non working oil pressure, or temp gauge, no brake lights, tail lights or turn signals on rear, only right front turn sig light works. Any ideas what to check? I'm also browsing thru My shop manual
  7. I'm now making fine adjustments to the brakes on My '54 after replacing shoes on all 4 wheels. I have front wheel shoes set, to where there's no drag felt. Is this correct?, and does same apply for rear shoes? Since I had just rear line at the frame disconnected, do I have to do a 4 wheel bleed, or just the rear wheels?
  8. Was checking over things in prep for starting My '54 again, and found this yellow wire disconnected. I looked in the wiring diagram section inMy shop manual, bit could not make out, where it even went. (The disconnected black one I found, goes to BAT term of regulator) Any idea where the yellow one hooks to?
  9. Need to make a repair to a seal on a known good water pump I purchased on here.(is leaking from weep hole while adding coolant) What kind of puller do I need to remove the impeller? I know that reman pumps are available, but I do not have funds to get one, So I gotta use what I have now. Any assistance will be appreciated
  10. Is there supposed to be a grommet/seal where the accelerator linkage that connects to the pedal goes through the toe board/firewall? Right now I just have a hole about the size of a quarter with nothing in there at all. I know there's a bellows that is currently missing and I intend to replace it, but is there another seal below it? I've looked through the catalogs from Bob's and Old Buick Parts, but can't find one that is called out specifically for this hole. I just put a new carb on and would like to get the linkage squared away at the other end as well.
  11. I want to replace My heater hoses on My '54 Century 4 door, they run from the engine, going under the driver's side underbody. How long are the hoses, so I know what I need to go buy?
  12. In October, I flew to Dayton, OH to pick up a brand new 2015 Chevy SS. Made in Australia, it has a 415 HP Corvette engine (LS3), is rear-wheel drive and has a 6-speed manual shift gearbox. These are actually Holden Commodores badged as a Chevy. Chevy imported only about 3,000 of them in 2015 and same in 2014. Only about 20% in 2015 are manual. 2016 will be the last year for them as Holden is ceasing manufacturing in Australia. It was hard to find the exact car I wanted in the color I wanted, so I made a deal over the phone and flew to Dayton and drove it home to Virginia. Got about 2,00
  13. I put lowering springs in the rear but want to adjust my rear shocks. Has anyone done this?
  14. I have posted this at the AACA forums but should also post here for other 54 owners. This concerns incorrect rocker shaft installation. The reason I went digging into this is my 264 smoked a little at idle after warming up. I performed a complete tune up thinking it was a rich run condition at idle. Carb was cleaned and adjusted. Light smoke persisted. Reading up and searching I found that Willie had a similar issue with a nailhead. The shafts for the rockers were installed upside down allowing to much oil to cover the valves. This in turn introduce oil into the cylinders. I have found m
  15. 1954 Buick bumper jack could someone post a picture of one i'm trying to figure out what year jacks i have and if the Buick - Thanks
  16. Hi guys. I thought I would replace my transmission front seal while the engine was out - In the course of dis assembly I found my sun gear yoke is cracked in two. One photo will show you that it appears its been broken a really long time, otherwise that would all be shiny metal (IMHO). The little bit that shines in the break would be the impact marks when the yoke is in use. The tranny worked fine for the previous owner, and my issues with the tranny were due to the mounts being bad. So this broken part was not related to any known issue. Given that there are currently none on ebay or an
  17. Not a Buick post but just an update. I finally had a chance to drive my Cadillac after a few weeks of waiting due to saving up for the registration costs. Wow...quiet...fast...and comfortable! The only thing I can say is that the Buick Dynaflow is far superior to the Hydramatic. I miss being able to drive from 0-70 and feel nothing in the sense of gear shifts. My new car kinda lags from 1st-2nd but then its smooth. Turns out this is common for the Hydramatic trans. The power brakes are alright but they are super sensitive...which is also common for the Treadlevac brakes. I'm in love wi
  18. Can anyone confirm that the manual transmission and Dynaflow transmission thrust pads are the same. Thanks!
  19. This is part two of my '54 Buick Super. Not only the the front end need to be replaced but the steering gear is shot. There is so much play and I am not able to adjust it any more. It is a power steering unit. Where can I get a gear to get my buick going? Thanks
  20. So there I was, farting with the wires in the trunk on a sweet Super hard-top that followed me home from Texas. 64K miles, unmolested, her name is Evelyn, and pictures will be forthcoming. I was in there getting my licence plate lights and back-up lights working again. Mission accomplished, Evelyn and I were happy. But I think I screwed up the wire for my gas-guage while I was in that area. Now when I turn on the ignition, the gas needle sweeps hard to the right, burried well-past the full-mark. Do I have short or contact problem in the sender wire? Or a bad sender that just happened t
  21. What kind of automatic transmission fluid should I use in my Dynaflow transmission?
  22. WTB: hi guys, I am after a 322 engine, preferably running to change out the 264, if anyone knows of any for sale that would be great. Would especially love it if it were in Australia somewhere. Or even if u know of a 401 for sale let me know, and i may look into this path also. Thanks Regards rob...
  23. Thank you all for your input and advise. Edith has power steering and what a nice change!! Here are some miscellaneous notes that may or may not be helpful to the next person(s) making this conversion. Edith is a 1954 Special. I could not determine what year and model the donar car was, but I now believe it to be a 1955 Special. Due mostly to the power steering pump that matches the description by Professor Nailhead. Based on the available information, I expected that the shaft would be usable as is, or it would have to be shortened if the donar was a larger model.....but. The dona
  24. Each year I participate in the Chrome City Run that supports the St Benedictine School for kids with disability(Ridgely MD). Wonderful turn out. $85,000.00 raised. My wife and I met Bo Hopkins (Pharaoh Joe) American Graffiti. Candy Clark was also in at the show. Super nice guy! Going over the Bay Bridge. I won't lie....we were rolling at 75 mph and the 264 was still pulling when this picture was taken. I can't help it....guilty as charged....lead foot. If I truly was a teenager with a license to drive in the 50's I most certainly would be hot rodding the family cars.
  25. We are making some progress in our "taking apart" mode....on the road to install the power steering unit. I sure hope we can figure out how all this stuff goes back together????!!! Our current dilemma: Under the dash there is a black metal air duck. Looks like that needs to come out, so that we can get the cardboard/rubber piece out to expose some of the hole that the steering column will be removed through. Does this make sense to somebody?? We have disconnected the flex hoses....but the metal seems to be attached to something at the firewall on the passenger side of the car. Any
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