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  1. Ok, now she's lowered, has functional lakepipes and12" glasspack mufflers, wheels painted red and new 50's style flying saucer hubcaps.custom flame paint coming soon! Still drives like a dream!whatcha think fellas?
  2. Thought it would be fun to post some of your favorite videos. They can be songs, family or just plain weird. To post a video just clik the "Film strip" button above the box you type in and enetr the link. That's it! :popcorm2::popcorm2: I will start it off:
  3. Anybody switched to electric wiper motor and retained the look of the stock wiper switch? Most of the electric motor kits I've looked at come with a universal type switch to replace the vacuum switch. I'd like to keep the look of the original bezel ring and switch. Not sure how easily it can be adapted.
  4. Brakes are on hold for a couple more days until some additional fittings come in that I had to order. So, on to the next item on the list... defrost/aux. heater. Nothing was hooked up when I got the car, so condition is unknown. I pulled the blower motor, housing, and vent cover off the firewall yesterday. The wire to the motor had been cut, and when I put some power to it, nothing happened, so I pulled it apart. Inside of the motor looked really clean, and didn't smell burnt, then I found that the power wire was broken inside the housing, but still hanging on by a thread of the brittle old wi
  5. I snapped the heads off 2 of the 1/4-20 water pump bolts on My 322, so to avoid breaking off bolt heads again, should I use anti seize compound??
  6. So, I had my starter rebuilt this week at a local starter/alternator shop that has a pretty good reputation. I bolted it up after work and went to start and heard a horrible noise. Not really a grinding noise, more like when you drag a heavy chair across a wood floor. And the motor never turned over at all. So, I decided I better have a look. Pulled the cover plate off the bottom of the bell housing so I could look up inside and see where the bendix gear meets the flywheel. I noticed that even without the solenoid engaged, the bendix gear appeared to be in contact with the flywheel. Not meshin
  7. Ok El D I give up.. What was the occasion & what's with the white cowboy hats History please?
  8. Just got my first classic a 54 Special, 2dr sedan. It needs some work, but I'm excited to get started. Glad to find this site, I'm sure I'm going to have plenty of questions along the way.
  9. The windshield washer control does not operate properly. I have rebuilt the pump and it works quite well. The rubber tubing has all been replaced and properly reconnected to the control. The problem is that the vacuum supply can not be fully shut off allowing for a constant application of vacuum to the pump.This activates the pump with each start up of the engine. I removed the control knob\lever and found that vacuum will draw air from the center opening of the inner rotating shaft. This is the shaft that when turned moves the control wire to the wiper motor. The control knob has a rod attach
  10. 1954 Buick bumper jack could someone post a picture of one i'm trying to figure out what year jacks i have and if the Buick - Thanks
  11. Hi guys. I thought I would replace my transmission front seal while the engine was out - In the course of dis assembly I found my sun gear yoke is cracked in two. One photo will show you that it appears its been broken a really long time, otherwise that would all be shiny metal (IMHO). The little bit that shines in the break would be the impact marks when the yoke is in use. The tranny worked fine for the previous owner, and my issues with the tranny were due to the mounts being bad. So this broken part was not related to any known issue. Given that there are currently none on ebay or an
  12. been very busy with a few projects. Picked up a frame off restored star chief that a fellow bailed on. Pretty much a paint and assemble. After doing Buicks, this car is a breeze. Tri-5 chevy parts are readily available cheap. Motor was already rebuilt and I hooked it to a 200R4 (excellent choice, smaller than a 700R4) Next on the docket is a 56 convertible. picked up basket case for 3K, but the body needs very little. I couldn't make the 56 sedan work out from a cost standpoint but it has all the parts to finish the convertible. I would like to put a 54 front clip on it- you never know!
  13. For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by seeing these old travel decals on vehicles and campers. It probably goes back to growing up in the back seat of the family cruiser on road trips. The difficulty nowadays in getting these things to work is that they are all old and most of the glue is not useable. It might take a few vintage ones to get one that actually sticks, but as all of you know, there's no substitution for original. Now I know that they reproduce some of these in a convenient vinyl sticker, but where is the soul in that? I wear them like badges, showing places wher
  14. Has anybody fabbed up a piece that would go from the top of the radiator to the top of the grille? I would think this would increase the cooling efficiency by limiting the air through the radiator to only outside air. All the other old cars I have worked on have some some of piece like this and it looks like it would be easy to make. Then again maybe my car is just missing this?......
  15. Back to work in earnest.Picked up re-cored radiator this past Friday. On Saturday we put the motor and Trans back in. Now we are slowly working on hooking everything back up. We have run the engine out of the car to break in cam and check for oil leaks.It feels good to be going back together.We are trying to get this done before we go to paint.Thanks for a great forum and good info has made this undertaking much easier.
  16. Each year I participate in the Chrome City Run that supports the St Benedictine School for kids with disability(Ridgely MD). Wonderful turn out. $85,000.00 raised. My wife and I met Bo Hopkins (Pharaoh Joe) American Graffiti. Candy Clark was also in at the show. Super nice guy! Going over the Bay Bridge. I won't lie....we were rolling at 75 mph and the 264 was still pulling when this picture was taken. I can't help it....guilty as charged....lead foot. If I truly was a teenager with a license to drive in the 50's I most certainly would be hot rodding the family cars.
  17. From what I can tell the seal in the power steering valve cover (casting that steering column goes over) is leaking. It is a pretty good one about a drop every 10 seconds. In looking at the situation I was thinking I might, pull steering wheel and column, remove three bolts (holding cover to valve casing) and slide the valve cover up and out over end of steering shaft (inside of car). At this point should be able to replace seal and (carefully) slide back down the shaft and reattach. Looks like there may be an O-ring on the inside end of cover. Has any one done a repair to this seal without
  18. The new little low mileage Special I just got had a hollow sounding rattle coming from what sounded like the right upper engine area. I pulled the rocker arm covers and *discovered that the previous owner had replaced 4 of the push rods and that they were over sized in diameter. I suspect that back when it was pulled out of 20 years storage, the valves had stuck *resulting in some bent push rods. I am not sure but suspect this may be the cause of the rattling. * I pulled some out of a parts car, cleaned them good and proceeded to pull all the over sized and old ones from the right side of the
  19. Interesting. Would like to know more about the condition of this one. http://buffalo.craigslist.org/cto/5009112485.html 1954 Buick Super Conv, very good condition, older paint still in good shape, original interior in good shape, new top, original motor. Souther rust free car, original floor, trunk ect, this car has never been rusty, has the Ultra Rare Skylark wire wheels, a true original survivor car, very hard to find in the condition, I'm in Ontario, About 2 hours from the boarder, can deliver if needed, $ 40,000
  20. Well, I vapor locked for the last time. I figured that new valves and diaphram in the fuel pump would do the trick. Mechanical fuel pumps look neat, but they just won't quite cut it in the summer. Going uphill, the car sputtered out- fortunately I managed to glide off the road. Then I drained the battery trying to restart it.:dash1:The fuel also leaks back down the pump if it sits a week or two, and the carb will loose prime. I figure the starter fluid was just standard equipment if the car sits a couple weeks. Facet has a nice little fuel pump at NAPA that doesn't need a pressure regulator.
  21. When I bought my Super, the top end of the 322 was already torn down, I need some pictures to help with a few brackets and stuff. I'm putting it together. I looked at Fred's engine from tp tools, which are great but I think some of my stuff is different. His May be correct and am not trying to point out anything on his, but I have a braket that bolts to the head exactly like the parts book. His isn't showing it. Then there is the brackets on the back of the heads and spark plug holders. Anything you can show me would be great. If it is easier to email them to me just say so... I don't know if
  22. That's my question, I have a set that my machine shop got with bearings and machine work. The original (or at least what was on the engine) were pretty flat metal, the ones I have are a composite material. I'm guessing I should be using high compression gaskets, in my build. The engine has been bored out .040, new Pistons bearings and everything is new. The heads have all new valves, guides, springs and new rocker assemblies... How do I tell if the head gaskets are high or low compression? Sorry to seem like a dumbsh## but I have too much money tied up in the unit to start doing stuff wron
  23. Hi Guys , hope you can give me some advice Just fired up the Buick after some TLC and i have the following problem . I can not adjust the engine idling speed lower than 700 rpm anymore .. i rebuild the carburettor (its a carter 4 barrel). and the fuelpump and the ignition . Fuel pomp seems to be ok ignition to , i have a good spark on all cilinders . Somehow i can not get my fingers behind this problem . She fires right up after stepping on the gaspedal. But the recommended 450rpm seems to be impossible . i checked the float levels thrue the two screws at the side of the carburet
  24. This sedan has a near perfect body and runs like a top. Trying to see if I can talk my friend into driving it to the nationals. We have the beefed up sway bar and a set of coil overs for the back, I think it is quite roadworthy. But it needs a title, anyone happen to have a 54 title needing a home? I suspect a 54 special sedan would not be too hard to find, but anything 54 will work. I can do a title but the process is a bit too much, at least for a sedan. Interior needs help but no way I'm helping do a headliner:sorry:
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