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  1. This is my 54 Buick we won it on ebay a few years ago. The car was stock 264 with 3 on the tree. My husband and I drove it until the trany gave out. My husband tried to find someone to fix it but had no luck. So he decided to hot rod it. He is still working on it and I will try to post some pic's.
  2. Well another long weekend of preparation and patience resulted in this: https://youtu.be/AXMJCYxw8GI All I can say is
  3. Love dem Nailheads http://www.curbsideclassic.com/automotive-histories/automotive-history-the-legendary-buick-nailhead-v8-and-the-source-of-its-unusual-valve-arrangement/
  4. Hi guys, When I bought my 54 on the title it stated that the car was running a 322ci engine, I was told soon after it landed in Australia that in fact it is only a 264 due to it being only a 2bbl, since then I have changed it to a 4bbl. Just wondering how I can actually tell if it is In fact a 322 or not? After all I changed it to a 4 so who knows that someone has not changed it to a 2 previously? hoping that I can get some help regards
  5. Okay, so that my 6 hours today of endlessly tearing down my carb for no reason do not go to waste, I want to document my troubles in hopes that it saves the next guy my pain. Here is what was happening: Cali would turn over, and fire while I was cranking. But, as soon as I let the starter disengage, it would die. I was totally convinced what was happening was that the idle circuit in the carb was not letting in any fuel, and only the high speed circuit and accelerator pump was running. So, I tore apart the carb 5 times today, endlessly chasing all the low speed and idle passages with air,
  6. Just found this on craigslist: http://bham.craigslist.org/cto/5383225290.html The seller says: 1954 buick sitting on 1995 ford crown vick frame has a 4.6 v8 power streeing power disk brakes auto with overdrive heat and air works great.rides and drives just like crown vick run excellent can go anywhere in this RAT ROD! I'm not sure if its ultra-cool or... if someone wanted a cool car and got it all wrong. The continental kit ruins the beautiful 54 Buick line. What do you think?
  7. Hello, I am looking for an oil pan and new valve springs for a 264 nailhead. I can not seem to find only the valve springs for sale, I only see them sold in kits to rebuild the entire head. Does anyone know of where I can purchase just the springs? Also, I am in the market for the oilpan to the 264 nailhead as well. I have one but it has a small hole in it. Does anyone have an oilpan in decent condition that they are looking to sell? Thanks :search:
  8. Hi everyone! I became a happy 1954 Buick owner this past Monday, acquiring a '54 Century 4 door. Had been in a barn since 1977, is in very nice shape for it's age. The 322 nailhead runs good, although it's suffering from a loose hub bearing, and has a possible front trans seal leak. I got a spare pair of bumpers, a good drivers side 1/4 panel section and some other parts. Here's photos on the trailer, and once home in My garage
  9. I have posted this at the AACA forums but should also post here for other 54 owners. This concerns incorrect rocker shaft installation. The reason I went digging into this is my 264 smoked a little at idle after warming up. I performed a complete tune up thinking it was a rich run condition at idle. Carb was cleaned and adjusted. Light smoke persisted. Reading up and searching I found that Willie had a similar issue with a nailhead. The shafts for the rockers were installed upside down allowing to much oil to cover the valves. This in turn introduce oil into the cylinders. I have found m
  10. 1954 Buick Century 4dr mild custom. rebuilt ('06) 322 nailhead and dynaflow tranny. recored radiator. edlebrock 4barrel cab w/ holly hvy duty fuel pump and summit fuel cell. seatbelts added. lowered and shaved. candy classics and lakepipes. $10K in so cal video http://www.myspace.com/tavoandtheflatblackthrillers/videos/54-buick-century/37007582
  11. I started out on the forum as Nailhead88 in April 2009 when the forum changed there name to 54 Buick Highway that's when all my problems started with logging in Mr Earl got me back in through the years but when i stopped using Yahoo as a email, I did not edit my password and was locked out and could not answer questions or PM's about my two Century Ht's for sale So in desperation i just re registered as Century 88 I did sell both of the 54 Century Ht's - my goal is to sell off the few remaining parts i have which i will post when i find them - i would rather sell them to members before
  12. Downsizing all my Buick's i have two 54 Century 2 door hardtops that must go both of these cars have current Minnesota titles - both have drive trains update - April 24 2014 price dropped to $800 each for the Century' located just west of Minneapolis Mn about 25 miles from Kansas old photos - from North Dakota old photos - if your interested pm or email Thanks
  13. I think this has been on here before, I like lookin at the runnin fitty fo's http://youtu.be/BcbYIJvlmVQ The things they do for TV Start with the key? What are the things on the fenders? They aren't from a 54, are they?
  14. Has anybody fabbed up a piece that would go from the top of the radiator to the top of the grille? I would think this would increase the cooling efficiency by limiting the air through the radiator to only outside air. All the other old cars I have worked on have some some of piece like this and it looks like it would be easy to make. Then again maybe my car is just missing this?......
  15. Hi, I am currently having a 1954 Buick 264 Nailhead rebuilt. I was asked today my the gentleman rebuilding the engine if I would like to keep the oil filter the original cartridge style filter or if there is a spin on filter conversion. I would like to know if there is a conversion available and if anyone would suggest selecting one or the other. Any suggestions or information would be helpful!!! Thanks
  16. Hello, I am looking for a new Radiator for a 1954 Buick. The engine I have is 264 nailhead. I am also looking for the Radiator mount which can either be new or used. let me know what you have and for how much and I will let you know if I am interested. Thanks Nick
  17. Thank you all for your input and advise. Edith has power steering and what a nice change!! Here are some miscellaneous notes that may or may not be helpful to the next person(s) making this conversion. Edith is a 1954 Special. I could not determine what year and model the donar car was, but I now believe it to be a 1955 Special. Due mostly to the power steering pump that matches the description by Professor Nailhead. Based on the available information, I expected that the shaft would be usable as is, or it would have to be shortened if the donar was a larger model.....but. The dona
  18. Thank you Father Buick for your input to my previous post...you were correct that the air duct did not have to come out to make the steering box change. Thank you to imotors, I found the screw holding the air duct to the fire wall, and with a couple of turns, the duct came out with ease. Following previously posted advice from Professor Nailhead and others, we were able to get the standard steering box out today. Based on previously posted advice, I expected that the new power steering shaft would be the same as what we removed from our Special.....or longer. But the new shaft seems to
  19. What's going on fellas? Anyways I decided to finally restore the oil bath for my 54 Special. The paint was original and it was starting to flake off all over the damn place. So I brought it home with me today after driving around to get started on it. Its AMAZING how much crud comes off these things! I removed 61 years of oil, dirt, grime, paint, bugs, crap...you name it. Brought both pieces down to the bare metal and prepped them for primer. You'd be surprised at how sharp some of those edges are for the interior piece!! I sliced my finger wide open trying to get the grease out of som
  20. The new little low mileage Special I just got had a hollow sounding rattle coming from what sounded like the right upper engine area. I pulled the rocker arm covers and *discovered that the previous owner had replaced 4 of the push rods and that they were over sized in diameter. I suspect that back when it was pulled out of 20 years storage, the valves had stuck *resulting in some bent push rods. I am not sure but suspect this may be the cause of the rattling. * I pulled some out of a parts car, cleaned them good and proceeded to pull all the over sized and old ones from the right side of the
  21. Well, I vapor locked for the last time. I figured that new valves and diaphram in the fuel pump would do the trick. Mechanical fuel pumps look neat, but they just won't quite cut it in the summer. Going uphill, the car sputtered out- fortunately I managed to glide off the road. Then I drained the battery trying to restart it.:dash1:The fuel also leaks back down the pump if it sits a week or two, and the carb will loose prime. I figure the starter fluid was just standard equipment if the car sits a couple weeks. Facet has a nice little fuel pump at NAPA that doesn't need a pressure regulator.
  22. Anyone with a '54-'56 Buick knows two things: They came from the factory with a front sway bar, and the front sway bar is a Tinker Toy. Stock bars are .69-inch diameter, with a 113lb/ft spring rate. Wanting something that kept me in the seat around corners, I started manufacturing 1.00-inch bars for these cars, with a 500 lb/ft spring rate. I could have gone up in diameter, but 1.125-inch bumps it up to an 800-lb spring rate, which I thought was too stiff for our Buicks. These are true bolt-ins, attaching to the frame and control arms with the factory mounting points. I've test-fitt
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