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  1. The restoration of the Buick super 2 door hardtop is going quite well except installing the side windows. The worst part of this restoration has been installing new window glass. I have already broken three pieces of glass. The side window frames came back from the chromer and for some reason they were off square and the glass would not fit. I had to buy new window frames from Cars. Now, the question is: there is a track in the door where the window frame slides down into the door but there isn't anything on either side of the inside of the track to keep the window frame from rattling bac
  2. Hello I am restoring my Skylark and the paint code is 16 ie Lido Green. Is there anyone who knows how to get the correct color for the Lido Green and the upper dark green for which I dont know the number or the name. The old paint it probably not authentic so I cant use it for the formula. Many thanks for advice.
  3. Fired up My '54 today to finish filling it with fluid, I looked down after shutting it off and noticed it dripping from near the hand hole cover on the bell housing. I put in a brand new seal and everything was done according to the shop manual. I added 4 additional quarts while it was running, put it about an inch past the full hot mark. Would this cause the leak?? Or could I have left a converter drain plug loose??
  4. Hi all, new to the forum, but have had a 54 super convertible for awhile now. To help with the rebuild on the convertible I just picked up a 54 super 4 door that I am driving back to Texas from Oregon. Will be under the car fixing the leak from letting a local oil change place do an oil change and figured I would replace the front shocks while there. I saw the old threads with the reference to two Monroe part numbers and a Napa part number (Monroe 2003 or 5002; also NAPA 5032B), but contacting the stores and talking to Monroe they said those weren't correct. I saw several online options,
  5. Was checking out things on My '54 today, and found the following problems Non working oil pressure, or temp gauge, no brake lights, tail lights or turn signals on rear, only right front turn sig light works. Any ideas what to check? I'm also browsing thru My shop manual
  6. Brakes are on hold for a couple more days until some additional fittings come in that I had to order. So, on to the next item on the list... defrost/aux. heater. Nothing was hooked up when I got the car, so condition is unknown. I pulled the blower motor, housing, and vent cover off the firewall yesterday. The wire to the motor had been cut, and when I put some power to it, nothing happened, so I pulled it apart. Inside of the motor looked really clean, and didn't smell burnt, then I found that the power wire was broken inside the housing, but still hanging on by a thread of the brittle old wi
  7. Considering the low production number of these wagons, I never can understand how new ones keep popping up for sale. http://springfield.craigslist.org/cto/5469199158.html
  8. Is there supposed to be a grommet/seal where the accelerator linkage that connects to the pedal goes through the toe board/firewall? Right now I just have a hole about the size of a quarter with nothing in there at all. I know there's a bellows that is currently missing and I intend to replace it, but is there another seal below it? I've looked through the catalogs from Bob's and Old Buick Parts, but can't find one that is called out specifically for this hole. I just put a new carb on and would like to get the linkage squared away at the other end as well.
  9. Anyone need a side emblem for a century? Came across one in my pile of extra stuff. This one has good red paint nod all the tabs log good. Part number 1165478. No apparent pitting. Make offer
  10. Looking for a good used rear transmission mount for My 1954 Century with Dynaflow. Reasonable priced,please PM Me if one is available
  11. I have a century wagon that is missing both front and rear bumper guards - anyone have any spares sitting around also, like just about every other 54 on the planet, my hood spear is broken anyone have anything?
  12. I noticed, there are brackets on the rear of the valve covers ,that hold the plug wire separators. Are there ones available thru parts stores,that I can use? Seems to be some holding them apart, along the cyl head too, according to My shop manual
  13. Hi guys, I need front inner and outer wheel bearings and seals for my 54 Century. Has anyone had luck ordering these (or other such parts) from any online parts dealer? There are lots of these on ebay, but no one to talk to to make sure I am getting the right stuff. Thanks for any advice... Kevin
  14. i want to cut 1.5 coils off the front and put a set of elcamino (gbody) coils on the rear. what is needed to adjust the rear shocks? anyone have before and after pics of their lowered 54's?
  15. Hi guys. I thought I would replace my transmission front seal while the engine was out - In the course of dis assembly I found my sun gear yoke is cracked in two. One photo will show you that it appears its been broken a really long time, otherwise that would all be shiny metal (IMHO). The little bit that shines in the break would be the impact marks when the yoke is in use. The tranny worked fine for the previous owner, and my issues with the tranny were due to the mounts being bad. So this broken part was not related to any known issue. Given that there are currently none on ebay or an
  16. For all the 1954 Buick Skylark enthusiasts out there. Ran across this on the H.A.M.B. site. Talent extraordinaire in both the wire wheel builder and the Model Builder. Check out all the pictures. http://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/1954-buick-skylark-convert-wire-wheel-project.938258/ As long as I have your attention and for those who don't get THE BUICK BUGLE, I would like to add your name and Skylark Body Production Number/info (if I don't have it already) to my 1953-1954 BUICK SKYLARK OWNERS REGISTRY project as advertised. Let me know if you want to be included in the next editio
  17. I'm lucky enough to have three beautiful collector cars. Two of them have very complete packages of Ownership history, receipts, photos, awards,etc. Unfortunately, The car most important to me, my "54 Skylark, has none. I was told the car was owned and restored by a Buick dealer in the Chicago area. Does anyone know of a service or a way to track down previous owners so a current owner might obtain any history of the car? Thanks for anything
  18. I think this has been on here before, I like lookin at the runnin fitty fo's http://youtu.be/BcbYIJvlmVQ The things they do for TV Start with the key? What are the things on the fenders? They aren't from a 54, are they?
  19. Where does the time go? I bought Cali in 2000, hoping to have it restored for 2004 - the 50th anniversary of both the car, and my parents wedding (yep, they were married in 54). I had hoped I could chauffeur them to their reception, but of course, in 2000 I was 30, young family, house, payments, savings, and of course, no money and no time. At least I was able to borrow a 54 Chev to chauffeur them in on their 50th, but I digress. Fast forward 13 years, and while I have dabbled with the Buick, at my current rate of progress I can expect to drive it when I am 137 years old. Given a recent h
  20. I need my steering wheel restored. No cracks but scratched from normal use. One guy wanted $1,100 and another $350. Has anyone used someone that is reliable and does good work? Thanks
  21. Can anyone confirm that the manual transmission and Dynaflow transmission thrust pads are the same. Thanks!
  22. Looks like the Buick buyer just pulled out as of this afternoon. My 1954 Buick Special is back up for sale as of today. If anyone is interested please let me know. Tim
  23. I found a March, 1972 issue of the Bugle, vol. VI, number 11 at a swap meet today. If anyone is collecting these and needs the issue, it is yours for the asking.
  24. Here's hoping you have a Buickful one!!!
  25. I had my upholstery redone recently and found 3 papers stuck in the seat springs that have some of the same information as my build sheet I found a while back. See the photo attached. Two were in the back seat and one was in the front seat. They all have the same build letters that my build sheet has on them - A I M Q B D F, which all mean different options (see build sheet- also attached), and they all have the same sequence number of my build sheet - 4346, which I am still not sure what that is. Also, these sheets all say PERRYS SANFORD NC. I am not sure if that is a dealer name, or som
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