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Found 25 results

  1. Anyone set up there 54 to tow a trailer? I recently aquired a 1964 traveleze 15 foot camp trailer thought it would be cool to use the buick as the tow vehicle. Was wondering what you guys use for a hitch? Helper springs? Brakes? Transmission cooler? Will the dynaflow handle it? Thanks
  2. Can anybody post for me a pic of a '54 Special rear axle showing the housing cover, please ? The question is about the filler plug: must the cover be positioned so that the filler plug is at the highest position, or is it shifted to the right ? (I didn't mind when removing it !). Thanks.
  3. Alright fellas...I've determined that my leak in my rear axle is from a faulty front pinion seal which is leaking slightly, but enough to warrant a replacement. Since it appears I'll have to remove the rear cover as well what are the best places to buy a front pinion seal as well as a rear axle cover gasket? I want to get this knocked out sometime before the salt hits the pavement (then it'll have to wait till spring).
  4. Hey guys newbie from SE Iowa here. My previous boss has bought an old 54 Buick Special 4Dr. I got it up and running last Saturday and been driving it ever since.....well right up till today. When giving it the once over I noticed that it was 3qts low on tranny fluid. Drove it about 80 miles then I noticed a whine or growl or whatever you want to call it coming from the rear end I think (almost feels like driving on gravel or rough road). It appears the rear end fluid needs changed badly and its too full.... also noticed that my tranny is about a qt low again. Ok need someone to point me
  5. Both rear brakes appear to have misaligned wheel cylinders or wrong brake shoes. Is what I'm seeing typical or not? In the attached photo if you look at the center-line of the wheel cylinder the push rods are both going up hill to the brake shoe anchor groove. In your experience should these be like the photo shows or is this incorrect and they should have nearly perfect alignment? Bill
  6. Well, the (20)yr anniversary just passed this summer and I am forced to sell the <99-2-Life>> Buick. Not so much of a life sentence, eh? A single father with (2) daughters, now that is forever special. Figured I would see if this collective group would be interested before I list it in other medias. Again, 10 years ago coming back from Paso Robles Car show, this came off the trailer and pancaked the roof. Fenders and doors are off a parts car that I bought. My intentions were to make this a fair weather convertible. I have all interior pieces as it was completely redone prior. Even
  7. Got the rear end out of the '54 Century with a goal to replace the gaskets and seals to stop all the leaking. Had to de-gunk it before I begin. Under the gunk I found the red oxide primer color on the differential housing as others have found. But the top 2 fins and the torque tube have yellow paint on them. Has anyone else seen this on their diff?
  8. The rear axle are hypoid gears correct? The manual transmission is synchromesh but not hypoid geared correct?
  9. Hey guys, Here is a cool looking 54 custom for sale on craigslist. Judging from the style of the door panel, I'm guessing this car was originally a 46R, but it looks like not much else is left original. For all of us wondering about rear bumper swaps, check out that 56 rear bumper. Looks pretty good on there if you ask me. Matches the top detail that is on the 54 front bumpers.
  10. Bill Bicknell aka 836Buick100 has offered to share with us some of his extensive knowledge about the mechanics of these wonderful 54 Buicks. So without further ado, here is "Professor Nailhead's" first installment entitled Buick 264/322 Engine Removal This article will cover the removal of 264/322 Buick V-8 engines with and without the transmission attached. *It is not intended to cover basics for any car such as disconnection of battery, radiator, removal of fluids, etc. * Rather, it is intended to cover those items unique to the Buick engine-transmssion-rear axle. *These procedures are ba
  11. Hi everyone need to know the correct colors to paint. Have 1954 buick special conv have painted inner fenders and frame satin black the the car is going to be white. Now the under side of hood, the under side of trunk lid, the inside of trun tk has undercoating in floor do not know if that is factory or not. Should the whole trunk area be white. The bell housing behind the engine. Is the radiator support the same as frame? Fan and fan shroud and radiator. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Guys, I've noticed when driving my 48D sedan that the oil pressure reads on the high side but goes back down towards normal when idling. Is this typical for these cars or do I potentially have a faulty gauge? If it isn't the gauge is there any way of reducing the pressure? It does seem to affect the car since it's runs very smoothly but it is a bit of a concern for me. Tim
  13. Hey guys, I couldnt find the how to in the manual just a few photos, on how to replace the seal on the torque tube. Can someone help me out. Basically I cant get the old one out. and dont want to hurt anything. Thanks, Dave
  14. Anyone know what rear ratios were in the 54's My Roadmaster had a 3.5 that was bad. I bought a good use one and it was a 3.7 Maybe the one I bought was not for a 54 ? Mike
  15. I have the repair manual for the 54 Buick but missing pages 1-1 1-3. The missing page contains the location of the manual transmission oil fill plug. Does any member know were the manual transmission oil fill plug is located? Thanks Chris
  16. Hi Ladies & Gents, It's been a while since my last visit, mostly due to my last move and having gotten really addicted to the forum and needing to ween off. I see plenty of new goodies to keep me busy now that I'm back!! My wife will love that!! haha So my torque tube had been making a nasty rubbing sound in reverse for some time. Then a month ago, driving to a concert one night, I noticed the car beginning to drag, just felt like it was pulling something. I took my foot off the gas there was little coast, then upon applying gas again, there began a god awful, loud as all get out, grindi
  17. 1. Fire extinguisher 2.Go head and buy your next tune-up kit and keep it in the trunk. 3. assortment of tools(socket set, wreches, screwdrivers,pliers,utility knife, ect). 4.Set of triangle reflectors.(for your safety). 5. Small floor jack and x wrench and 2-4 4x4 blocks. 6. Small tub with an assorment of cotter pins, screws, bolts and nuts, tie wraps and wire( coat hanger ) 7. Ass. of fluids, such as antifreeze,oil,power steering,and brake. 8. 2-3 small rolls of electical wire, fuses, electical tape, and duct-tape. 9. Fuel pump 10. Coil. If anyone can think of something else, jump in, all su
  18. I am in the progress of putting the engine and trans back in the frame should I first put the trans in and bolt it to the rubbers and cross beam and torque tube and then the engine ore both togetter in one unit what is the best way to lift an engine ? I have seen pic's that they bolt a hook to the manifold please tell me the best way thanks
  19. Hello, I live in the UK so parts can be hard to come buy. I have a 1954 Century and have just come across a rear axle and front suspension inc drums arms etc from a 1951 super and was wondering if anyone knows how similar they are to the 54 as would make good spares for myself?
  20. A couple more stories from our Professor Nailhead. These are great. What a life. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did. 1954 Skylark The place was California, the time was the mid-1960’s and I was in college. My daily transportation was a 1955 Buick Century 4dr hardtop. I had already been interested in Buicks, buying my first when I was 13 years old, a 1929 sedan. One of my activities was regularly visiting junkyards (I still like that term in place of today’s politically correct term) and one day discovered a 1954 Skylark in forlorn condition in Palo Alto. (Forlorn by California standar
  21. How much if any rear axle side to side play should there be? With the wheels off I can push and pull on a rear hub and it slides in & out the other side and vice versa a good few millimeters, maybe 3 or 4/16ths of an inch? Wanted to ask before I think I'm close to being done with my ghetto resto.
  22. hello everybody my name is jan and i am from the netherlands 19 years ago i bought a 1954 buick roadmaster 72R and took it apart i was planning a total frame off resoration but i've got problems with my health :'( now everything goes better i started on the buick again can you imagine what 19 years of neglect does with a car totaly taken apart even the engine is in parts i started at the frame and try to put the rear axle togetter again as soon as is posible i try to post pictures this site is going to help me a lot
  23. Someone earlier was inquiring about rebuilding rear knee action shocks. I have borrowed this excellant article from over on the BCA Forum that was written by Willie, aka Old Tank who owns a couple of sweet 55's. His pholosophy is pretty much "just do it like you know what you're doing". Hopefully he will join us and share more of these great tips. http://www.buickrestorer.com/lowtechrear.html
  24. Hi 54 Special Dynaflow front seal leaks. Transmission works fine runs strong as long as there is fluid. Transmission does not need rebuild, has 41,000 miles. Time to replace seals. Will replace both front and rear. I had seen some tips somewhere in Buick Club forum, can't find them now. Looking for parts to use. Recommendation where to get them from. Seen ad in Bugle. Any others? Lamar if you are near a phone I wouldn't mind a quick chat. I know to release rear shocks, use come-along to slide back rear end, then start with u-joint then work to front. Thanks Bill
  25. Since everyone here seems to like my patina'd special, I figured Id share my "new" truck with everyone. Its a 62 Ford F100 Unibody. Its a long bed, and I know that thats not desireable, but hell I dont care. Its been sitting out here in AZ for a LONG time. And Ive known about it for 5 or 6 years. Been working on it for about 3 weeks. It now runs and drives, but I am not going to start driving it regularly until its lowered. Here are the as found pics and some of it after I gave it a good cleaning. More has been done since these pics, like that hideous rear bumper has been aten off. It has a
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