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  1. This is my 54 Buick we won it on ebay a few years ago. The car was stock 264 with 3 on the tree. My husband and I drove it until the trany gave out. My husband tried to find someone to fix it but had no luck. So he decided to hot rod it. He is still working on it and I will try to post some pic's.
  2. Ok....a much smaller idea to my other brain buster of listing all restoration parts and their finish. I want to start assembling together what needs to be done so I can have it done. Help me make a list of all the parts on a 1954 Buick that should be plated. First off, the hardware....should all the bolts be plated? Break Backing Plates Brake booster Carb links Pulleys/Gen fan Is this a matter of if not Chassis Black then its plated? Maybe I should approach it a different way... Just take a pic of every part in my "Pulled Part" inventory and indicate how its to be refinished......yeas
  3. I'm in the process of a complete brake system overhaul/replacement. I've installed a front disc kit from Wilwood on the front, and replaced the shoes and wheel cylinders on the rear. In the process of running all new lines to a new dual master cylinder, but had to order a new junction block for the front and a longer pushrod for that master cyl. While I'm waiting for that to get here, I want to get the emergency brake functioning properly. Right now my pedal does not return to the disengaged position when the release lever is pulled. I think I'm missing a return spring, and a small plate that
  4. I am having one helluva time trying to find type A fluid for My '54, is there an equivalent fluid that I can use in it?
  5. WTB: hi guys, I am after a 322 engine, preferably running to change out the 264, if anyone knows of any for sale that would be great. Would especially love it if it were in Australia somewhere. Or even if u know of a 401 for sale let me know, and i may look into this path also. Thanks Regards rob...
  6. My emergency brake is sticking. How do I correct this? Thanks for your help.
  7. I want to replace the shocks on my 1954 Buick Century, but my local parts stores have no idea what to sell me. What shocks will work on my 54 Buick?
  8. Guys: I know I've brought this up probably more than once but how hard is it to get a new pinion seal in a rear end for a 1954 Buick? The shop manual makes it look like you have to disassemble the whole rear differential and put it back together with the correct specs. Is this the case?
  9. Anyone with a '54-'56 Buick knows two things: They came from the factory with a front sway bar, and the front sway bar is a Tinker Toy. Stock bars are .69-inch diameter, with a 113lb/ft spring rate. Wanting something that kept me in the seat around corners, I started manufacturing 1.00-inch bars for these cars, with a 500 lb/ft spring rate. I could have gone up in diameter, but 1.125-inch bumps it up to an 800-lb spring rate, which I thought was too stiff for our Buicks. These are true bolt-ins, attaching to the frame and control arms with the factory mounting points. I've test-fitt
  10. Alright fellas...I've determined that my leak in my rear axle is from a faulty front pinion seal which is leaking slightly, but enough to warrant a replacement. Since it appears I'll have to remove the rear cover as well what are the best places to buy a front pinion seal as well as a rear axle cover gasket? I want to get this knocked out sometime before the salt hits the pavement (then it'll have to wait till spring).
  11. Hello my name is jim I live in lenox mi about 45 miles south east of Flint. I retired from general motors after 36 years. I have owned a buick since 1970. I restored my first buick in 1995 it took 6 years to do, its a 1956 buick special 46c. I still drive and show it. I am almost done building my 2nd buick a 1954 special 48d I call it the buillac, it was going to be a quick driver build and 6 years later its almost done.
  12. Hey i'm trying to figure out a way to modernize my Buick Century under $5,000 I want to get rid of the drum brakes and suspension i wasn't sure if anyone has done it or has any ideas let me know thanks! -Alex Eilers
  13. I wanted to start off by saying that I am thankful to you Buick crowd on this site since you have been informative and helpful. Thank you. I picked up my special last summer as a project car and noticed that it looked lowered in the front. I was just able to work on it this summer when we returned to the States and I ordered new tires and wheels. I went with chrome smoothies and wide white walls 215/70/15 on the front and 225/75/15 on the rear. When I checked the stance, the driver's side sits about an inch lower than than passenger side. I checked the front springs and they looked to be cut
  14. I have recently bought a 54 Buick Special 4 Door Sedan and am looking at lowering it but dont want to use airbags. Does anyone know of any companies that offer lowering kits for this model? I havent been able to find any in my research.
  15. I had an offer to trade my 322 nailhead from parts car for a 364. Is this motor able to be put in my other century? Would it be worth effort and time?
  16. I was given a lead on a 1954 Special 2-dr. hardtop by a friend a few weeks ago. He showed me photos of the car--it is about 55 miles away--and told me that the seller's asking price was $6300. My first thought was that the car is over-priced, even if the body is perfect. It has been in long storage, will run, but has no brakes and is not driveable. I do not need another car, especially another project, so I forgot about it. Then my "buddy", Mr. Earl, starts asking me if I am going to go look at it and when, and that it sounds like it is worth the money if it runs, has no dents, no rust, etc.,
  17. Hey guys newbie from SE Iowa here. My previous boss has bought an old 54 Buick Special 4Dr. I got it up and running last Saturday and been driving it ever since.....well right up till today. When giving it the once over I noticed that it was 3qts low on tranny fluid. Drove it about 80 miles then I noticed a whine or growl or whatever you want to call it coming from the rear end I think (almost feels like driving on gravel or rough road). It appears the rear end fluid needs changed badly and its too full.... also noticed that my tranny is about a qt low again. Ok need someone to point me
  18. I am trying to slip the steering column cover back over the steering shaft. The shift lever, mechanism and turn indicator are installed on the column. I have removed the horn contactor. The column slips over but it is not going all the way home. There is a slot on the bottom of the cover. There is a brad/button on the steering gear. I am guessing that the cover should go untill the slot engages the button/brad on the steering unit. That is about 3/4" further down. Help!!
  19. Finally found another car to mess with problem is its not a buick. But its almost as cool. 1937 Lincoln Zephyr 3 Window Coupe. Plan to make it a RestoMod. Looking old but driving like a new car. Complete Chassis will be from FatMan Fab. Still need to figure out the engine trans combination. Kind of thinking about a Ford Coyote engine and Tremec 6 Trans. Joe
  20. Today I replaced the rear coil springs on Irene. She had saggy bottom when passengers sat in the back seats. She sat level until weight was,added. I'm not sure how others tackled their coil replacement but I suspect dropping the rear/torque tube. I went the route of allowing the rear to stay intact and lifting the chassis/weight off the springs. By the grace of God, the securing nut and bolt on either end of the coils come off without fanfare. From there, a spring compressor and elbow grease turning a ratchet compressing the spring enough to remove. The new springs I compressed as well. I
  21. I am going out on Sunday to look over a drivetrain from a '54 Super. Anything in particular you are looking for, I will be happy to work out a deal with the guy. I have first dibs on Dynaflow and rear end. Let me know what you want and price range. If it is heavy, I can deliver to the Nationals in Portland.
  22. Looking to bring back to life this 54 Skylark. A previous owner took out the power windows and power seat along with changing the whole rear from Skylark to Century. I have the trunk and tail lights to put back to original but I am in need of the seat and windows. I also need a 54 dash and hood ornament base to replace. This will be a frame off restoration when I finish a couple of other projects I am working on. Probably 2015. Although I may change the rear end a lot sooner than that so it looks right. Call me anytime. 603-315-4732. Norm
  23. Shouldnt the torque tube pretty much just slide into the torque ball? Do I have to loosen everything up to get it together? I'm struggling, giving up and havin a beer or 5
  24. Got the rear end out of the '54 Century with a goal to replace the gaskets and seals to stop all the leaking. Had to de-gunk it before I begin. Under the gunk I found the red oxide primer color on the differential housing as others have found. But the top 2 fins and the torque tube have yellow paint on them. Has anyone else seen this on their diff?
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