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  1. Yesterday @ WPB, FL for $155,000, if anybody knows the guy in the orange shirt, please let him know of the Highway!
  2. Well early this morning I woke up and decided to restore the gas pedal starter feature on my Buick. The solenoid looked new so I figured it should work. After removing the old contacts from the push button feature the previous owner installed it fired RIGHT UP! Kinda shaking my head thinking "Why didn't I do this earlier!". Its so nice to be able to turn the ignition to on...then hit the gas pedal half way and hear that lovely 264 come to life! Thanks to Chris and Kevin for helping me with photos of their set up!
  3. My 54 Buick Century 4-door is pretty original as it sits today. It has been painted once, the carpet has been replaced and the engine has been rebuilt. It also has a new battery, new brakes and last year, the original tires were finally replaced. Other than that, it is all original. It has just over 39,000 miles. My dilemma is whether to replace the upholstery. There is some fraying of the original fabric at the driver's seat and a few small holes here and there, also a few places where the vinyl could be replaced. (see photos -- more in my profile album) I have to have the underlying
  4. Greetings, I recently purchased a 1954 Buick Special as a parts car in order to help complete another restoration. I have a few questions which I have not been able to find answers to regarding restoring and refurbishing certain parts. Here we go... 1. Is there any reputable company that can restore the speedometer, cluster gauge (gas, temp, oil pressure and amp meter) and clock to my Buick? I can not seem to find anyone by doing a Google search. 2. Is there anyone who rebuilds the generator and and starter for these cars? It seems very wasteful to throw out the old generator an
  5. What's going on fellas? Anyways I decided to finally restore the oil bath for my 54 Special. The paint was original and it was starting to flake off all over the damn place. So I brought it home with me today after driving around to get started on it. Its AMAZING how much crud comes off these things! I removed 61 years of oil, dirt, grime, paint, bugs, crap...you name it. Brought both pieces down to the bare metal and prepped them for primer. You'd be surprised at how sharp some of those edges are for the interior piece!! I sliced my finger wide open trying to get the grease out of som
  6. Welcome to the Skylark section of this forum! Because of the low production, the 53/54 Skylarks are very rare and every existing car is amazing. Let us know that your Skylark has survived and what history it has! Here a list of 54 Skylarks I have seen on the web: 7A1063370 7A1063697 7A1078118 7A1097299 7A1090832 7A1068818 7A1090494 7A1077017 7A1071197 7A1116166 7A1118345 7A1060929 7A1047079 7A1098771 7A1132914 7A1053150 7A1138725 7A1132970 7A1047340 7A1098112 7A1091842 7A1044429 A thread for each car would be fun!
  7. Hi All i recently joined this forum. I am living in Holland and restoring at the moment (frame off) a 1941 Buick . So what i am doing on this forum ? well i a nearly purchased a very nice 1954 two door Roadster ... ii really liked it ...... so hope to find here the information that helps me to purchase the right car . Paul
  8. I need to have my turn signal lever chromed but cannot get it out of the steering column. Does anyone know if there is a trick or does it just unscrew counter clockwise? I have tried to unscrew with no luck even after spraying it with a bolt release solution and am afraid I may break it off with more force. Thanks for any suggestions! 1954 Buick Special Convertible Model 46C.
  9. Hello everyone I just joined the forum and here is little facts about myself. I live close to Gothenburg the 2:nd largest city in Sweden. Approximately one year ago I bought a Skylark that I currently are restoring. I am more or less a car geek but I have never owned a Buick. I also own a Pontiac GTO conv I restored during 4 years. I will do a complete restoration of the Skylark so it will take some time. Best regards Mats
  10. I was quoted 5300 for all 36 chrome pieces on the car... Anyone have this done? Is this a reasonable cost? Thanks!
  11. hello, my name is andreas wolff and i am living in good old germany near our capital "berlin". i searched for a while a 54 2dr riviera, but did not found one in good condition or reasonable price. so i got a hint for a decent 55 2dr riviera for a price were everyone bought it. that was in december 2013, the car arrived caused of the horrible weather during the winter in the US in april 2014. it was partial in parts but nearly complete and for a 60 years old car in good condition. most of bodywork was done, many new parts with it. right now i am going to restore the car... but i never will
  12. http://fortdodge.craigslist.org/cto/4503697417.html Pretty close to me. No title. Not the end of the world but still looks like a decent project. **Not Mine ** I am selling a 1954 Buick Special 2 Door Hard Top. Body is sound with very little rust on body but the trunk lid and doors have rust. Car was running when we parked it 4 years ago. Carburetor is missing in the picture but I do have it. I do not have a title. This would make a good parts car or if you are looking to restore a car. Would be a good rat rod. Please call Roger at 712-210-6110
  13. I am looking at a 54 Special 2 door hardtop with NO TITLE in Iowa. (See Buy/Sell section). It is supposedly a car with a rust free body (subject to my inspection). In Minnesota there is a long time seller on here with 2 1954 Centurys for sale. Even at $800, no sale, which shows maybe how cautious folks are being taking on major projects. I just spoke with Roger who has the 54 Special up in north central Iowa and he sure was a nice fellow. Bought the car to help restore a 54 Special with 3 speed manual. I need to go look at the car BUT what is the practical ownership difference between
  14. I started this in the wrong place. So here I go again. I purchased my Special here in Australia. This one had been painted in the U.S. 20 or more years ago. It started off green then blue now it's two tone matt black and gloss bone. Ha! It was never my intention to spend much on it but.... you know.... Start of build Oct 2013.
  15. Well here we are in a new year. There is always a sense of renewal and hope for me this time of year and this year is no different. Some of you may have noticed my lack of participation these last couple of months, please know that I am ok. I have had some personal difficulties and I needed to detach myself from my routine and shake up my life a bit. Its not as dramatic as it sounds...just needed to take a pause. I am a very fortunate individual, starting with my beautiful wife and healthy children. I have everything I need and want, even enjoy my work. Add in great friends at home and here
  16. The Landau got a special invitation to return to the 17th annual Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance, March 11. Come by and chat with mrearl. Next show will be at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, displayed in the Nationwide garage April 18 - 22 Bob
  17. This is Clarabelle. She's a beaut. The guy I bought her from had, over the years, purchased everything needed to restore her but, due to a family member dying, had to let her go. He had all of the panels, rebuilt engine, rebuilt trans, tons of nos and oem parts, three extra radios, old ads, manuals, parts books, and he even through in a welder to boot. I have torn the car down to a frame off restoration as you'll see in the pics that follow. It has been very encouraging, to say the least, to watch Andre complete his awesome Buick. Right now I am waiting on the body to get back from t
  18. Hey wagon fans, this one is in the southwest, but sounds like it is pretty solid. http://elpaso.en.craigslist.org/cto/4310596504.html
  19. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1954-Buick-Super-/181312988093?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2a3718a3bd#ht_41wt_1120
  20. Hey guys, Don't know if these are original KH spokes or not, but might be worth a look. https://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/for/4300564222.html
  21. Greetings from the bitter cold of Michigan! I have been doing a lot of looking around here but figured it was time to say hello. I work as a graphic designer/sign guy at a growing shop in central MI. I grew up in my dads body shop and eventually moved on to do a ton of custom paint when the American Chopper craze was in full force, working/apprenticing for a local pinstriper/airbrush artist/sign maker. Im still working in the same shop today (right now actually) but now the business concentrates on high end custom signage almost entirely. I do hand pinstriping, leather tooling, bodywork, a
  22. Hi everyone! This is a rather bitter-sweet sign-in for me, as I discovered this website shortly after I sold my 1954 Buick Roadmaster Convertible that I had owned for 34 years. Here's the story, hope you've got a couple minutes! :-) Bought it in 1978. Drove it from northern Illinois to Las Vegas, NV. Daily driver for a couple years. Move to Missouri. Due to several unfortunate circumstances (tree branch through top during ice/snow storm, shoddy workmanship on repairs, tranny goes out, divorce, poverty, vandalism), the condition of the car goes downhill. But, I can't bear to part with my 54, al
  23. First I apologize if this sounds too sentimental. Second its important to state that cars have been in my blood since I was born. The firts three words in my baby book are "Mama" "Dada" and "CarCar". Ok so here's the story. I was about 10 when this happened, so that would be about 1970-71. Dad used to feed my cars craziness by taking me to used car lots and wrecking yards. There was this one yard about six miles from our house. We were there on a Saturday. The owner didn't mind me walking around and looking as long as Dad was with me. I saw it first from the rear. At first I thought it was so
  24. Hello everyone , Working on 54 buick special conv. and looking for the side pieces on the front seats one missing the other broken. Any one have any or info to locate some would be helpful. Thanks Don
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