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  1. The restoration of the Buick super 2 door hardtop is going quite well except installing the side windows. The worst part of this restoration has been installing new window glass. I have already broken three pieces of glass. The side window frames came back from the chromer and for some reason they were off square and the glass would not fit. I had to buy new window frames from Cars. Now, the question is: there is a track in the door where the window frame slides down into the door but there isn't anything on either side of the inside of the track to keep the window frame from rattling bac
  2. I have owned many cars being in the hobby for over 20 years, I have owned Hotrods, Kustoms, Roadsters, Gassers, Lowriders, and more. Currently I own a 64 Impala ss, 62 f100 patina shop truck, and a BONE STOCK 54 Buick Special 2 Dr post. Just picked it up and it is very original. 264 3 speed Black on Black. Very nice car..... My intent is to go the mild custom route. Give it a stance, kustom Watson style flame job etc. Etc. My problem is I'm conflicted. I'm not a stock guy, I get too bored with a stock car. But this car is as original as it gets and has only 40k or 140k miles. I have
  3. Just got my first classic a 54 Special, 2dr sedan. It needs some work, but I'm excited to get started. Glad to find this site, I'm sure I'm going to have plenty of questions along the way.
  4. not mine http://kansascity.craigslist.org/cto/5295949813.html
  5. been very busy with a few projects. Picked up a frame off restored star chief that a fellow bailed on. Pretty much a paint and assemble. After doing Buicks, this car is a breeze. Tri-5 chevy parts are readily available cheap. Motor was already rebuilt and I hooked it to a 200R4 (excellent choice, smaller than a 700R4) Next on the docket is a 56 convertible. picked up basket case for 3K, but the body needs very little. I couldn't make the 56 sedan work out from a cost standpoint but it has all the parts to finish the convertible. I would like to put a 54 front clip on it- you never know!
  6. Hello, everybody. I have posted some new restoration pics in my album, showing my restoration of a rear door and of the trunk floor, for my '54 Special 4-door sedan. Enjoy !
  7. Reluctantly selling my Willow Green Super Model 52 due to needing space for a more senior car. The Super is in overall very good condition, 53,000 actual miles; new brakes, tires, starter, hoses, battery, Dynaflow gone through and new seals throughout. The car is in top shape mechanically and will drive anywhere, no need to ship, just drive it home. Its been my nice weather car for over 10 years. Very solid body with presentable paint and chrome. Asking $12,900. For any additional photos or information which will be promptly shared. please contact me at my email address: fift8imperial@yahoo.c
  8. Anyone with a '54-'56 Buick knows two things: They came from the factory with a front sway bar, and the front sway bar is a Tinker Toy. Stock bars are .69-inch diameter, with a 113lb/ft spring rate. Wanting something that kept me in the seat around corners, I started manufacturing 1.00-inch bars for these cars, with a 500 lb/ft spring rate. I could have gone up in diameter, but 1.125-inch bumps it up to an 800-lb spring rate, which I thought was too stiff for our Buicks. These are true bolt-ins, attaching to the frame and control arms with the factory mounting points. I've test-fitt
  9. This sedan has a near perfect body and runs like a top. Trying to see if I can talk my friend into driving it to the nationals. We have the beefed up sway bar and a set of coil overs for the back, I think it is quite roadworthy. But it needs a title, anyone happen to have a 54 title needing a home? I suspect a 54 special sedan would not be too hard to find, but anything 54 will work. I can do a title but the process is a bit too much, at least for a sedan. Interior needs help but no way I'm helping do a headliner:sorry:
  10. This weekend I participated in a Easter parade that helped promote a new classic car museum in St. Michaels MD. https://chesapeakejournal.wordpress.com/ [Click the link for larger pic] Yours truly:
  11. Hi all, In November, I became the proud owner of a 1954 Buick Century Tourback 4-door sedan. I bought it in Salisbury, MD and drove it 130 miles to home without a hitch. It has 39,000 original miles on it. Was a little old lady that owned it until she passed in 1990, and a collector had it until I became the new happy owner. It has been painted once and the engine rebuilt, new carpet, new tires, but all original otherwise. In fact, the original tires were just removed in 2014. I had a '55 Buick Special as my first car at age 17 and always wanted another. I have come to like the '54 sty
  12. Today I said farewell to a very close friend. His wife asked me to bring an old Buick along so Irene my 54 Roadmaster 76R ( and I ) got the pride of leading the funeral cortege to the cemetery. In 105 degree heat she performed without complaint even with all the walking pace driving within the grounds. I thought the electric pump might be needed, but no vapour lock fortunately. One thing I did do when I got the car was take out the radiator and "cook" it with caustic soda solution and backflush. Never had a problem since. I also use a piece of old panty hose in the top radiator hose to c
  13. The garage does not have enough room for another car and I have the opportunity to buy a 1937 Buick Century Model 61 four door sedan. I have wanted a 1937 Buick four door sedan for over 30 years. It is on my list of cars that I plan to own some day. Some day seems to have finally arrived. My 1954 Special 41D is for sale. It is currently at a local used car dealership owned by one of my friends. If anyone is interested, please let me know. I would really like to see this car go to a good home. Here is a link to some photos of the car. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0Bwkvul_TyYjS
  14. Would the glass interchange or are they different sizes for 4dr vs 2dr? Also would the wing window interchange?
  15. I have recently bought a 54 Buick Special 4 Door Sedan and am looking at lowering it but dont want to use airbags. Does anyone know of any companies that offer lowering kits for this model? I havent been able to find any in my research.
  16. My Super sedan is up for new paint and interior this year for it's 60th birthday. The body is Baffin green with a green interior in "standard" form. The under hood tag indicates: style 4519; body BC478; trim 51;paint 12; the body has a tag at the drivers door that has: A2003085. The interior is somewhat "plain" and resembles the interior often seen in a 41D or 48. Here on the forum the 'build yours ' program offers a custom interior with a light green vinyl used as a bolster material. This information is helpful but incomplete in that it offers no guidance as what the interior looks like an
  17. I seen a thread that everyone said the car was too rusted out on the floor. Mine has about half of the driver floor board rusted out. From the door to the middle of the driver side. Seat to 6 inches from pedal. Is that too much corrosion to try and fix with new floor pan?
  18. Did anyone else see or perhaps buy the gray and white 4 dr Roarmaster that was on eBay this morning. It was an 85K mile, very nice, clean looking car with from what I could tell original interior and AC!!! It had a Buy it Now of only $5000 or Best offer. It had 3 offers when I saw it. I got off ebay to check my online bank account to see if I had enough to buy it and when I went to get back on I could not find it and still have not found it even in the Completed Listings. I noticed it was for sale by a first time ebayer so perhaps it was a scam.
  19. Call me crazy, but I really wish Buick had made a skylark hardtop. Not that I don't love the look of the 54 66R and 46R, but seeing a skylark with that small body style hardtop would be real perfection. I have heard about the supposed one in cuba, but the picture I've seen of it has a home-made looking top on it. I guess if I ever strike it rich for some reason, I might just convert a 66R with a wrecked rear section by adding a fabricated rear skylark section and have the only one around!!! LOL! Wishful thinking!
  20. I am too old to do projects. But my income is decent right now. I would like a 54 Buick to take to the *** Nationals in Springfield Missouri in the summer of 2015. It's almost May 2014 now. I saw 2 spectacular 54's on this forum - one that green Century Mr. Earl found and another a Roadmaster for - interestingly - the same price (asked) $18,500. Assuming I have 13 months to save to buy a 'nice' driver 54 Buick, what should be my budget monthly to set aside to buy one in May or June of 2015 to be able to sort out a little if needed, and drive it to Springfield Missouri in (what I am assum
  21. I have an opportunity to buy four wide whitewalls for my super at a very reasonable price. The book says that I need a 7.10 tire and these tires are 6.70. Any problem using a 6.70 tire on a super that is driven locally at 50 mph speeds. Thanks
  22. I'm new in the world of Buicks and I started to search for a 66R, non running but in fair condition, and I see that the Special 46R is very similar, What is the main difference between the two models?
  23. The larger series, the 50 (Super) and the 70 (Roadmaster) were Fishers new C-bodies for that year and share many of the same style and parts especially windshields and door parts as the 54 Cadillac. They were in fact a tad bit longer than the Cads. The smaller Fisher B-Series were the 40 (Special) and the 60 (Century). The Century was returning from back before the war and was in many minds the first “muscle car”. I think the first difference anyone sees when they look at the two different series besides the size ( C’s are 10 inches longer and 3 inches wider) is the roof line of the two door
  24. I'm trying to help find a running and driving 1955 Buick for a solider returning from the middle east. He is in a local car club here in Colorado Springs that I hang out with and will be processing out of the Army in the next 2 weeks and he would like to pick up another classic after selling his a few years ago to get married. I think a Super, Special maybe a Century 2 door would suit him best. Please let me know if you know of anything. Budget is probably under 10k. I've done the nation wide searches on Craigslist but would like to find something closer to Colorado if possible. Thanks. Jon
  25. OK, now I don't mind that somebody out-bid me, as long as those AC hose clamps on EBay went to a good home, but who the heck is "a***j" ? Stand up and identify!! By the way, I didn't really need the parts, so no hard feelings... Seriously, if they are playing with AC, I would love to make contact and help promote a good flow of parts and experience. There are only four of us in the US that I know of. Do we have somebody new to add to our exclusive little bunch?
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