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  1. Finally got a lift. I love it. The Buick had no leaks till I put her on top. Now she wants to drop stuff on her brother. I believe it is a case of sibling rivalry.
  2. Well here goes. This here is a take off of a thread I started sometime back over on the BCA Forum called "GIRLS ON BUICKS". It was a big hit and has been imMENsely enjoyed. http://forums.aaca.org/ubbthreads.php/ubb/showflat/Number/318819/Searchpage/12/Main/76783/Words/%22Girls+on+Buicks%22/Search/true/Girls_on_Buicks#Post318819 * I have had several requests off and on line to carry it over to here. So with no further ado, here it goes. PLEASE feel free to add your own "Girls on '54 BUICKS" Remembering of course that this is a family oriented site and to keep your comments gentlemanly (and lad
  3. The 1954 BUICK Highway Adventures in Roadmaster Aluminum Brakes Historical Note: I drove a ’54 Special on a daily basis from high school through grad school, and know well what brake fade is. On the fast freeways of SoCal, the old gal, “Louise” was good for the first quick stop, barely OK for the second, and frightening for the third. No matter how well I kept them adjusted, and that does make a big difference, you had to be careful until the drums cooled down. If a new car can stop on a dime, I old Buick needed two bucks and change. Even in the day, Buicks
  4. Anybody know where I could find a male snap for the boot attachment on 1954 Skylark? Thanks
  5. Here are a couple of Craigs List links I use while cruisin the internet for 54's for sale. This one just pulls up "all" 54 Buicks on Google. Type this into Google - 1954 buick site:craigslist.org or http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=navclient&aq=t&ie=UTF-8&rlz=1T4ADBF_enUS247US248&q=1954+buick+site%3acraigslist%2eorg You may need to refresh
  6. Yesterday @ WPB, FL for $155,000, if anybody knows the guy in the orange shirt, please let him know of the Highway!
  7. I am ready to order a set of bias ply tires for my '54 Special 2 dr. HT and want to be sure that I get the correct whitewall width and also the correct (as original) size tire. I guess I will need a crossover size from the original size? At present I have a good set of whitewall radials, but for judging want to go for a set of the bias tires (and tubes), if correct. Also any vendor recommendations after I get the correct size and whitewall width? I saw a spare tire that Steve from I Motors had in his '54 Skylark and it had what appeared to be an original label attached to the tire, except t
  8. Hello I am restoring my Skylark and the paint code is 16 ie Lido Green. Is there anyone who knows how to get the correct color for the Lido Green and the upper dark green for which I dont know the number or the name. The old paint it probably not authentic so I cant use it for the formula. Many thanks for advice.
  9. Ok....a much smaller idea to my other brain buster of listing all restoration parts and their finish. I want to start assembling together what needs to be done so I can have it done. Help me make a list of all the parts on a 1954 Buick that should be plated. First off, the hardware....should all the bolts be plated? Break Backing Plates Brake booster Carb links Pulleys/Gen fan Is this a matter of if not Chassis Black then its plated? Maybe I should approach it a different way... Just take a pic of every part in my "Pulled Part" inventory and indicate how its to be refinished......yeas
  10. 1954 Buick Skylark I have not set a specific number but I think 30's is a reasonable number. The car is unrestored, It comes with all parts. Body looks terrible because of multiple layers of paint pealing but it is solid. The chrome is good. I have a set of Kelsey Hayes wires that are show quality that go with the car. Located in Durango, CO 81301 Send me an email Joeri0987@gmail.com if you are interested or additional questions. Pictures are coming. I may have the cars exterior media blasted before I post pictures. 1953 Buick Skylark The pricing for t
  11. I've had quite a backlog of projects, Jeeps, Vw's and just finished a Pontiac. Well, I have 2 projects coming up. I picked up a 1956 Century convertible- very good body but missing all the interior parts, so my 56 hardtop has all the parts I needed. Then I have another Skylark. The Skylark is a big project, being a basket case so I'll probably hit the 56 first. I'll start a thread on that. Betty has a perfect cloth interior for the 56, the SKylark needs leather. I'll also post a thread on the new interior for Betty. I have some ideas for a custom interior for Betty, the cloth interior was nic
  12. Ok, i found my way back to the 54 highway. Al has been a huge help pointing me in the right direction for my restoration. Thanks, Al. I'm needing to find parts and information to have the dynaflow transmission and ring and pinion gear repaired. Where can i find parts for the differential? I think my tranny guy can do the transmission but differentials are a different matter. Are special tools needed to rebuild the differential? Thanks. And how to i turn on email notification to know when someone replies to this thread? Sorry, not a forum guru...yet.
  13. Hi guys, I know that this isn't a 54, but for those who like the smaller buicks, this 63 Skylark would make a cool ride. Seller claims its all original including paint. Even has AC! http://atlanta.craigslist.org/atl/cto/5436253500.html
  14. I have repair panels for sale that will replace the front section of the rear quarter on all 1954-56 Special and Century two door cars along with the 1954 Skylark. I have these panels made by a sheet metal craftsman using an English wheel with a NOS Buick quarter for a template. The panels are made form 18 gauge steel and cost $210 each plus shipping from Waukesha WI. Contact Gary at 1-262-549-9583 E-mail sonoma@execpc.com
  15. For all the 1954 Buick Skylark enthusiasts out there. Ran across this on the H.A.M.B. site. Talent extraordinaire in both the wire wheel builder and the Model Builder. Check out all the pictures. http://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/1954-buick-skylark-convert-wire-wheel-project.938258/ As long as I have your attention and for those who don't get THE BUICK BUGLE, I would like to add your name and Skylark Body Production Number/info (if I don't have it already) to my 1953-1954 BUICK SKYLARK OWNERS REGISTRY project as advertised. Let me know if you want to be included in the next editio
  16. I'm lucky enough to have three beautiful collector cars. Two of them have very complete packages of Ownership history, receipts, photos, awards,etc. Unfortunately, The car most important to me, my "54 Skylark, has none. I was told the car was owned and restored by a Buick dealer in the Chicago area. Does anyone know of a service or a way to track down previous owners so a current owner might obtain any history of the car? Thanks for anything
  17. I think this has been on here before, I like lookin at the runnin fitty fo's http://youtu.be/BcbYIJvlmVQ The things they do for TV Start with the key? What are the things on the fenders? They aren't from a 54, are they?
  18. Wow! What a great time! Thanks to Kevin, Chris, and the others who met up at the crack of dawn this morning to make this one of the best car shows yet! I'm still going through my photos but at least here is one I've downloaded so far. Chris...Kevin...if you guys have photos of the event please share!
  19. Are the front seat surrounds on a skylark plastic or aluminum? The surrounds on my previous road master was plastic. On this 54 skylark they are aliminium.
  20. Hey guys, I think I just saw a new episode of Fast and Loud with our very own Steve Apter (aka imotors) selling a '67 Red Cadillac convertible to Gas Monkey Garage!!! If you look close, you can just spot that sweet blue 54 Skylark of his just inside the garage doors!!!
  21. Hello, The hood latch release on my Skylark seems to be disengaged, which won't allow me to open the hood. Is there an emergency release lever which will unlock the hood? Thanks, CKC
  22. Welp after a month long transaction and 2317 miles "The Shark" has arrived. I'll be looking forward to seeing the local 54 Buick owners soon at the October GM show in Rockville! -Tim
  23. I noticed that half of one of my heater control knobs popped off and is missing. Any one have these for sale? Thanks, Rob 561-248-5435
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