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  1. The 1954 BUICK Highway Adventures in Roadmaster Aluminum Brakes Historical Note: I drove a ’54 Special on a daily basis from high school through grad school, and know well what brake fade is. On the fast freeways of SoCal, the old gal, “Louise” was good for the first quick stop, barely OK for the second, and frightening for the third. No matter how well I kept them adjusted, and that does make a big difference, you had to be careful until the drums cooled down. If a new car can stop on a dime, I old Buick needed two bucks and change. Even in the day, Buicks
  2. Ok, now she's lowered, has functional lakepipes and12" glasspack mufflers, wheels painted red and new 50's style flying saucer hubcaps.custom flame paint coming soon! Still drives like a dream!whatcha think fellas?
  3. I am ready to order a set of bias ply tires for my '54 Special 2 dr. HT and want to be sure that I get the correct whitewall width and also the correct (as original) size tire. I guess I will need a crossover size from the original size? At present I have a good set of whitewall radials, but for judging want to go for a set of the bias tires (and tubes), if correct. Also any vendor recommendations after I get the correct size and whitewall width? I saw a spare tire that Steve from I Motors had in his '54 Skylark and it had what appeared to be an original label attached to the tire, except t
  4. Has anybody had any feedback on the 800-15 General Dual 90 3" white wall sold by Lucas? Almost time for new shoes!
  5. Thought it would be fun to post some of your favorite videos. They can be songs, family or just plain weird. To post a video just clik the "Film strip" button above the box you type in and enetr the link. That's it! :popcorm2::popcorm2: I will start it off:
  6. I have owned many cars being in the hobby for over 20 years, I have owned Hotrods, Kustoms, Roadsters, Gassers, Lowriders, and more. Currently I own a 64 Impala ss, 62 f100 patina shop truck, and a BONE STOCK 54 Buick Special 2 Dr post. Just picked it up and it is very original. 264 3 speed Black on Black. Very nice car..... My intent is to go the mild custom route. Give it a stance, kustom Watson style flame job etc. Etc. My problem is I'm conflicted. I'm not a stock guy, I get too bored with a stock car. But this car is as original as it gets and has only 40k or 140k miles. I have
  7. guys look what we bought coming next month to the netherlands the green one is a 55 century is all original never touched, guy was drive it from manitoba to b.c in 1983 parked it in his garage and did nothing to it until a month ago we bought it original 50006 miles on it and the interior is in a amazing condition the blue one is a 55 too its a special, guy did the engine and transmission bodem and brakes he is 89 years old and lost interest can you believe it:laugh1: lol. i'm going to make some people very happy with these
  8. Howdy folks! After almost four years, my harddrives are full of Buick stuff. Too much to continue scanning for a couple of months. That gave me the opportunity to study which way would be the best to provide you - the 54 Buick Highwayers - all manuals, books and guides I have. Or if you all aren't interested in it. I tried many different technologies over the past weeks. One thing is absolutely sure: There isn't a perfect way to provide our type of literature. So every solution has advantages and disadvantages. I want to present you a way that has - in my eyes - many advantages: http://www.
  9. Hello. I am resurrecting a 1954 Roadmaster. The car runs, drives. The radiator has several leaks. Looks like previous owner dumped large quantities of stop leak in the cooling system without much success. I checked around my area [spokane] to have it repaired. Quotes coming in at around $700.00, about the same for a shipped new one. I'm considering going to an aluminum three core radiator. Some of my internet searching indicates that some have used 1950's [54, 55, 56?] Ford F pickup series aluminum replacement radiators. I know the purists will urge me to spend the $$$ and stay stock. I'm
  10. So back when I had my 54 Special I thought about a 50s GM inspired tattoo. Originally I was going to do something with the emblem from my 54 until it sold last summer. Since then I've been enjoying my 57 Cadillac which inspired me for the overall design. After 6 1/2 hours of sitting in a chair the end result is amazing
  11. Hi all, new to the forum, but have had a 54 super convertible for awhile now. To help with the rebuild on the convertible I just picked up a 54 super 4 door that I am driving back to Texas from Oregon. Will be under the car fixing the leak from letting a local oil change place do an oil change and figured I would replace the front shocks while there. I saw the old threads with the reference to two Monroe part numbers and a Napa part number (Monroe 2003 or 5002; also NAPA 5032B), but contacting the stores and talking to Monroe they said those weren't correct. I saw several online options,
  12. After getting stranded on the side of the road last week and watching fuel shooting out of a little hole on the firewall side of the carb, I discovered my 46R has a 726S Carter on the manifold. Didn't the Special series leave the factory with 2081S Carter carbs? Is there a major difference? I was debating whether to rebuild the one I have or try to find a 2081S.
  13. I was working on My '54 Century, and noticed that it did not have side view mirrors on the doors, or fenders. Were these optional equipment on the model 61 series??
  14. Hi, when I bought my Buick last year the trunk didn´t have either mat or divider against back seat. It still haven´t. I have tried many manufacturers but none of them have these parts for this particular model. Do anyone know a place where I can get these parts? Thanks!
  15. My muffler is shot on My '54 , and was wondering, what diameter the exhaust is on My Century, was thinking of just going with a straight pipe in place of the muffler, would this be detrimental to driveability??
  16. Ok, i found my way back to the 54 highway. Al has been a huge help pointing me in the right direction for my restoration. Thanks, Al. I'm needing to find parts and information to have the dynaflow transmission and ring and pinion gear repaired. Where can i find parts for the differential? I think my tranny guy can do the transmission but differentials are a different matter. Are special tools needed to rebuild the differential? Thanks. And how to i turn on email notification to know when someone replies to this thread? Sorry, not a forum guru...yet.
  17. Is there supposed to be a grommet/seal where the accelerator linkage that connects to the pedal goes through the toe board/firewall? Right now I just have a hole about the size of a quarter with nothing in there at all. I know there's a bellows that is currently missing and I intend to replace it, but is there another seal below it? I've looked through the catalogs from Bob's and Old Buick Parts, but can't find one that is called out specifically for this hole. I just put a new carb on and would like to get the linkage squared away at the other end as well.
  18. Besides the '54 Buick Special I also own a 1964 Ford Mustang Convertible and a 1982 Chevrolet Corvette Collector Edition, all of them good examples of American car history!
  19. Hello everyone and thank you letting me join the site , This is my 1954 Buick Special 2 door all org except for the A/c i had installed
  20. Hi everyone, this is a greeting from the High North, above the Artic Circle! I bought my 54 Special last summer. It´s well kept, but I have to restoriate it. There are some rust and the paint is worn. I will also fix it up inside, but that will be fun! It´s hard to find parts to the 54 here in Scandinavia and I think so in USA, too. In April it´s time to open the garage again and let the old wonder get out on the roads. I look forward to that!
  21. I have repair panels for sale that will replace the front section of the rear quarter on all 1954-56 Special and Century two door cars along with the 1954 Skylark. I have these panels made by a sheet metal craftsman using an English wheel with a NOS Buick quarter for a template. The panels are made form 18 gauge steel and cost $210 each plus shipping from Waukesha WI. Contact Gary at 1-262-549-9583 E-mail sonoma@execpc.com
  22. Hi guys, I need front inner and outer wheel bearings and seals for my 54 Century. Has anyone had luck ordering these (or other such parts) from any online parts dealer? There are lots of these on ebay, but no one to talk to to make sure I am getting the right stuff. Thanks for any advice... Kevin
  23. i want to cut 1.5 coils off the front and put a set of elcamino (gbody) coils on the rear. what is needed to adjust the rear shocks? anyone have before and after pics of their lowered 54's?
  24. 1954 Buick Century 4dr mild custom. rebuilt ('06) 322 nailhead and dynaflow tranny. recored radiator. edlebrock 4barrel cab w/ holly hvy duty fuel pump and summit fuel cell. seatbelts added. lowered and shaved. candy classics and lakepipes. $10K in so cal video http://www.myspace.com/tavoandtheflatblackthrillers/videos/54-buick-century/37007582
  25. Just got my first classic a 54 Special, 2dr sedan. It needs some work, but I'm excited to get started. Glad to find this site, I'm sure I'm going to have plenty of questions along the way.
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