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  1. Thought it would be fun to post some of your favorite videos. They can be songs, family or just plain weird. To post a video just clik the "Film strip" button above the box you type in and enetr the link. That's it! :popcorm2::popcorm2: I will start it off:
  2. Hey guys, this looks like a great car for someone. Just posted about an hour ago. http://atlanta.craigslist.org/nat/cto/5222209090.html
  3. I need my steering wheel restored. No cracks but scratched from normal use. One guy wanted $1,100 and another $350. Has anyone used someone that is reliable and does good work? Thanks
  4. Blue steering wheel and horn ring. Few cracks and patina $200 Steering Coulmn. Auto, good shifter and turn signal, gear indicator. Coulmn has been cut, Will NOT fit a factory car. Good for pieces $150 Left and right 1/4 trim for a Special. $75.00 each, pass side has a dent. Driver side is good If interested leave a message with a zip code for shipping estimate Will post pics soon
  5. Needs lots of work but looks pretty nice: https://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/cto/5126215808.html
  6. Thank you Father Buick for your input to my previous post...you were correct that the air duct did not have to come out to make the steering box change. Thank you to imotors, I found the screw holding the air duct to the fire wall, and with a couple of turns, the duct came out with ease. Following previously posted advice from Professor Nailhead and others, we were able to get the standard steering box out today. Based on previously posted advice, I expected that the new power steering shaft would be the same as what we removed from our Special.....or longer. But the new shaft seems to
  7. There is a bracket that holds steering column to dash. The dash has two slots to use to attachment. I had attached by fishing two bolts through these slots and putting nuts on the bracket to secure assembly. I feel sure this is not the way Buick intended. The bracket is counter sunk (looks like should use a round Phillips head bolt) but I can't imagine how to get a nut under the dash. How should this fasten? Thanks
  8. From what I can tell the seal in the power steering valve cover (casting that steering column goes over) is leaking. It is a pretty good one about a drop every 10 seconds. In looking at the situation I was thinking I might, pull steering wheel and column, remove three bolts (holding cover to valve casing) and slide the valve cover up and out over end of steering shaft (inside of car). At this point should be able to replace seal and (carefully) slide back down the shaft and reattach. Looks like there may be an O-ring on the inside end of cover. Has any one done a repair to this seal without
  9. Thought I'd start a tech thread for talking about paint colors and paint for our beloved 54's. Thoughts and opinions on certain colors, color combinations, correct/incorrect colors and color combinations. Experiences with painting, mixing colors, etc etc. Maybe some polls for helping people decide and maybe even gain a statistical count of how many colors were produced in a year. I'll kick it off with....... *
  10. Hello my name is jim I live in lenox mi about 45 miles south east of Flint. I retired from general motors after 36 years. I have owned a buick since 1970. I restored my first buick in 1995 it took 6 years to do, its a 1956 buick special 46c. I still drive and show it. I am almost done building my 2nd buick a 1954 special 48d I call it the buillac, it was going to be a quick driver build and 6 years later its almost done.
  11. My Super seems to be slipping when put into reverse. It is a 3 speed on the steering wheel automatic (Park, Neutral, Drive, Low Gear, and Reverse). Whenever it is put into reverse, the whole car rumbles pretty ferociously. I have to be VERY slow when I shift yo reverse to get the transmission to make the car go backward. If I try to reverse up a incline, she will not go backward and will idle down the hill, sometimes rumbling here too. I just replaced the transmission fluid, but this did not seem to help. I was wondering if there is anything else I can try before tearing it apart to rebuild
  12. That big old steering wheel is right up against my body even with the seat all the way back. I have considered a smaller ateering wheel but without power steering I wouldn't want to go too small. I will be putting radial tires on but that only helps so much. any ideas?
  13. From the Buick Product Service Bulletins 1954 Abridged Addition sorry these aren't able to be magnified. Not sure why not but will try to fix.
  14. Well here we are in a new year. There is always a sense of renewal and hope for me this time of year and this year is no different. Some of you may have noticed my lack of participation these last couple of months, please know that I am ok. I have had some personal difficulties and I needed to detach myself from my routine and shake up my life a bit. Its not as dramatic as it sounds...just needed to take a pause. I am a very fortunate individual, starting with my beautiful wife and healthy children. I have everything I need and want, even enjoy my work. Add in great friends at home and here
  15. I have a running 54 Dynaflow car and a complete 54 3 on the tree parts car. Can I make the swap and use the 3 speed manual in place of the dynaflow and just swap flywheels or are the cranks shafts different from the dynaflow to the 3 speed ? I would need to rebuild the parts car engine to use it and would much perfer to use the good engine now in the dynaflow car. HELP Thank you very much for your time! Tony
  16. Got body back from paint this week. Painted 2 stage black. She is beautiful! Installed tail lights (had to see what they would like) first. I have completed first (rear) wire harness. Motor and tranny installed. All chrome, wheels and steering wheel redone and ready for install. Hope this old guy is up for the job.
  17. First I apologize if this sounds too sentimental. Second its important to state that cars have been in my blood since I was born. The firts three words in my baby book are "Mama" "Dada" and "CarCar". Ok so here's the story. I was about 10 when this happened, so that would be about 1970-71. Dad used to feed my cars craziness by taking me to used car lots and wrecking yards. There was this one yard about six miles from our house. We were there on a Saturday. The owner didn't mind me walking around and looking as long as Dad was with me. I saw it first from the rear. At first I thought it was so
  18. I scored a full set of these caps at Greaserama this year for the measly price of $25. Can anyone tell me the year and model without cheating and looking it up online?
  19. Not a fan of some of the interior but that stance/wheels combo looks amazing. http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ank/ctd/3969714367.html
  20. The power steering on my 54 century seem to have way to much freeplay, ive diconnected the pitman arm and with the engine off i can turn the steering wheel 8-9in around its circumference before the pitman arm even moves, the high point adjustment is correct but im not sure if this amount of play is normal, are there any places over there that can rebuild these units. thanks
  21. Just picked up frame from blast and paint. Now the reassembly fun starts. Hope I remember where everything goes!!
  22. Just to let you guys know....I am now back in the garage. I have been absent from all things Buick lately and would like to assure all that I am fine now and will soon be getting Harriet on the road. I just got a shipment of parts and my Dad is on his way over as well, should be a great weekend. On the schedule this weekend is: Replace upper and lower rad hoses (top one leaking, still has original high top clamps) Replace rear shock links (one has separated) Inspect brakes,they actually work great however De-sludge engine including removal of oil pan. (have two new filters) Replace b
  23. I could not find this information in old posts so here goes. I am painting my 54 Skylark Black (not the orig color). I believe the center of dash and steering wheel are usually red with black exterior. I saw a paint chip of a dark red in a previous post by Mr Earl. Would that be a good color to shoot for? Thanks
  24. Hi everyone, let me shortly introduce myself: I'm Timo from Frankfurt/Germany, have been into Kustom Cars, Hot Rods, Bikes for over 15 years. I currently drive a 1934 Ford All Steel 5W Coupe and recently imported Rigo's 54 Buick Super Riviera from San Diego to Germany. I am currently preparing the car for technical inspection here in Germany. I am also looking for the "lower frame" of the driver side window. The one that came with the car was unfortunately for the passenger side. -I am talking about the frame the glass sits in with its lower side (hope you understand what I mean). Maybe so
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