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  1. Great article about a '54 Super steaming through the west. In the September 2017 issue of Hemmings Classic Car magazine. Hope you can read it from the picture.
  2. First time Buick owner. My wife has had a long fascination with old Buicks and I searched several years for an affordable Convertible. Found the 1954 Super Convertible locally from an elderly woman who's late husband was the original owner. In fact he met her while driving the car in Las Vegas on the Strip. He pulled over and started a conversation and a romance blossomed. They were married in Vegas and were together over 40 years until his passing about 7 years ago. She is thrilled that we now own the car and intend to restore it to its original glory! I bought the car as a surpri
  3. So i have the 54' super and i just rebuilt the carb and it works like a charm!!!!!! But now my generator is making some concerning noises, so i was wondering what you guys though was the best option ??? any input would be appreciated thank you so much guys!!!!
  4. Very good condition front and rear seats from a two door Century. Owner says they were recovered not long ago with a heavy fabric. Would sure hate to see these go to the dump >>>>Lamar, I am renting out, long term, my condo in Pacific Grove, Ca. That is about 100 South of San Francisco. The rental agent, and my son say I HAVE to have the garage empty. Up in the rafters is the front and back seat for my 54 Century riviera which I turned into a La Carrera car. Also there is a serviceable gas tank. Shipping them to you is cost prohibitive. Do you know anyone on the left coast
  5. I was working on My '54 Century, and noticed that it did not have side view mirrors on the doors, or fenders. Were these optional equipment on the model 61 series??
  6. Need 2 of the spark plug wire retainers (that fit inside the brackets on the rear of the valve covers) and a Century emblem for the driver's side quarter panel. I also need the large black duct hose that runs from the blower motor on the RH side I have an emblem off of the quarter panel from a '54 Super I can trade for these items
  7. Hi everyone, this is a greeting from the High North, above the Artic Circle! I bought my 54 Special last summer. It´s well kept, but I have to restoriate it. There are some rust and the paint is worn. I will also fix it up inside, but that will be fun! It´s hard to find parts to the 54 here in Scandinavia and I think so in USA, too. In April it´s time to open the garage again and let the old wonder get out on the roads. I look forward to that!
  8. In October, I flew to Dayton, OH to pick up a brand new 2015 Chevy SS. Made in Australia, it has a 415 HP Corvette engine (LS3), is rear-wheel drive and has a 6-speed manual shift gearbox. These are actually Holden Commodores badged as a Chevy. Chevy imported only about 3,000 of them in 2015 and same in 2014. Only about 20% in 2015 are manual. 2016 will be the last year for them as Holden is ceasing manufacturing in Australia. It was hard to find the exact car I wanted in the color I wanted, so I made a deal over the phone and flew to Dayton and drove it home to Virginia. Got about 2,00
  9. I put lowering springs in the rear but want to adjust my rear shocks. Has anyone done this?
  10. It's on Flint Craigs List; did anyone call on this one or ask for additional photos? It has 2 bad photos which show a crumpled right rear fender and looks like it has been there for years, wants $2800. I called once and he called me back but we never made a connection.
  11. I don't like to badmouth... But I have to vent - I'm a super nice kinda guy. I always turn the other cheek, and go out of my way to be nice - often give away parts and my time or even stuff I put up on Kijiji (local version of craigslist) for free for good karma. I figure pay it forward and what goes around comes around. Hell a few years ago I had a brake job done, and pointed out they forgot to charge me for for the wheel cylinders. (yes, I am dumb too... but a loveable kind of dumb according to my wife) I had crappy encounter with a classic part nos vendor - maybe you can figure out
  12. http://scottsbluff.craigslist.org/cto/5267550252.html I can use one but not both and yes I know the 2nd one would be good for parts but I don't have the room.
  13. Wow! What a great time! Thanks to Kevin, Chris, and the others who met up at the crack of dawn this morning to make this one of the best car shows yet! I'm still going through my photos but at least here is one I've downloaded so far. Chris...Kevin...if you guys have photos of the event please share!
  14. Not a Buick post but just an update. I finally had a chance to drive my Cadillac after a few weeks of waiting due to saving up for the registration costs. Wow...quiet...fast...and comfortable! The only thing I can say is that the Buick Dynaflow is far superior to the Hydramatic. I miss being able to drive from 0-70 and feel nothing in the sense of gear shifts. My new car kinda lags from 1st-2nd but then its smooth. Turns out this is common for the Hydramatic trans. The power brakes are alright but they are super sensitive...which is also common for the Treadlevac brakes. I'm in love wi
  15. Blue steering wheel and horn ring. Few cracks and patina $200 Steering Coulmn. Auto, good shifter and turn signal, gear indicator. Coulmn has been cut, Will NOT fit a factory car. Good for pieces $150 Left and right 1/4 trim for a Special. $75.00 each, pass side has a dent. Driver side is good If interested leave a message with a zip code for shipping estimate Will post pics soon
  16. Welp after a month long transaction and 2317 miles "The Shark" has arrived. I'll be looking forward to seeing the local 54 Buick owners soon at the October GM show in Rockville! -Tim
  17. This is part two of my '54 Buick Super. Not only the the front end need to be replaced but the steering gear is shot. There is so much play and I am not able to adjust it any more. It is a power steering unit. Where can I get a gear to get my buick going? Thanks
  18. Hey guys, got a quick question. Duke is running hot with the temps getting above 100's here in Texas. The water pump doesn't seem to be putting out much flow. I can undo the top radiator hose, and hold it at the level of the radiator inlet and water comes out, but if I raise it about 2 inches it stops. Even reving the engine doesn't get it flowing. I'v e pulled the radiator and flushed the block and all seems to be open and flowing. My question is about the water passage between the t-stat housing and the back of the water pump housing. It seems like it would let the water flow bypass all th
  19. I need a set of sill plates for a Super Riviera. I have been working on the car for the past three years. I am ready to put in the carpet. But I don't have the sill plates. I have looked every where. Check around and see if you have an extra set. I don't mind the condition. Thanks.
  20. Each year I participate in the Chrome City Run that supports the St Benedictine School for kids with disability(Ridgely MD). Wonderful turn out. $85,000.00 raised. My wife and I met Bo Hopkins (Pharaoh Joe) American Graffiti. Candy Clark was also in at the show. Super nice guy! Going over the Bay Bridge. I won't lie....we were rolling at 75 mph and the 264 was still pulling when this picture was taken. I can't help it....guilty as charged....lead foot. If I truly was a teenager with a license to drive in the 50's I most certainly would be hot rodding the family cars.
  21. Reluctantly selling my Willow Green Super Model 52 due to needing space for a more senior car. The Super is in overall very good condition, 53,000 actual miles; new brakes, tires, starter, hoses, battery, Dynaflow gone through and new seals throughout. The car is in top shape mechanically and will drive anywhere, no need to ship, just drive it home. Its been my nice weather car for over 10 years. Very solid body with presentable paint and chrome. Asking $12,900. For any additional photos or information which will be promptly shared. please contact me at my email address: fift8imperial@yahoo.c
  22. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Buick-Other-2-Door-/252015894676?forcerrptr=true&hash=item3aad516094&item=252015894676
  23. There was a discussion a few days ago concerning wet carpet and a service bulletin that recommended a J seal. I purchased the J Seals. On my door jams there was drilled holes. These appeared to be the place to install the J portion of the seal. Let me know if this appears correct. It only seemed the logical place to put the seal.
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