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  1. Edith is in need of a new headlight switch. Anyone have one for sale? Thanks,
  2. Anybody switched to electric wiper motor and retained the look of the stock wiper switch? Most of the electric motor kits I've looked at come with a universal type switch to replace the vacuum switch. I'd like to keep the look of the original bezel ring and switch. Not sure how easily it can be adapted.
  3. Was checking out things on My '54 today, and found the following problems Non working oil pressure, or temp gauge, no brake lights, tail lights or turn signals on rear, only right front turn sig light works. Any ideas what to check? I'm also browsing thru My shop manual
  4. Was checking over things in prep for starting My '54 again, and found this yellow wire disconnected. I looked in the wiring diagram section inMy shop manual, bit could not make out, where it even went. (The disconnected black one I found, goes to BAT term of regulator) Any idea where the yellow one hooks to?
  5. i want to cut 1.5 coils off the front and put a set of elcamino (gbody) coils on the rear. what is needed to adjust the rear shocks? anyone have before and after pics of their lowered 54's?
  6. Just got my first classic a 54 Special, 2dr sedan. It needs some work, but I'm excited to get started. Glad to find this site, I'm sure I'm going to have plenty of questions along the way.
  7. The windshield washer control does not operate properly. I have rebuilt the pump and it works quite well. The rubber tubing has all been replaced and properly reconnected to the control. The problem is that the vacuum supply can not be fully shut off allowing for a constant application of vacuum to the pump.This activates the pump with each start up of the engine. I removed the control knob\lever and found that vacuum will draw air from the center opening of the inner rotating shaft. This is the shaft that when turned moves the control wire to the wiper motor. The control knob has a rod attach
  8. Back on the Forum after a summer break.... Madam Maybelle is making progress again. We have gotten started on the interior after a long wait for materials from (unmentionable!). Mark spent a lot of time fabricating new A/C ductwork to go into the ceiling. Funky former rodent habitats had to go! Bob finished the power antenna work before he passed away with a lot of help from Father Buick and Mr Earl with parts and advice. The internal cord was sent to us by a company who used to manufacture it back in the day. Not sure of all of the details on that. The shop has also posted several new
  9. I went to change a turn signal bulb up front and one of the barrel screws snapped the stud. So tip for the day, put some anti-seize on those little buggers. Does anybody have an extra barrel screw and stud?
  10. Well, I vapor locked for the last time. I figured that new valves and diaphram in the fuel pump would do the trick. Mechanical fuel pumps look neat, but they just won't quite cut it in the summer. Going uphill, the car sputtered out- fortunately I managed to glide off the road. Then I drained the battery trying to restart it.:dash1:The fuel also leaks back down the pump if it sits a week or two, and the carb will loose prime. I figure the starter fluid was just standard equipment if the car sits a couple weeks. Facet has a nice little fuel pump at NAPA that doesn't need a pressure regulator.
  11. My brake lights don't work. The turn signls work. Where it the brake switch located? I looked from the top but could not find it. Any help will be appreciated.
  12. Hi, I have a question. After some small TLC of the Buick engine compartment i discovered that a few parts are ended there lifetime. The plastic insert of the Vacuum starter switch and the Vacuum advance is leaking. I searched the internet but without results for the little tiny plastic insert . The vacuum advance i found as a core at Bob's . But is there a company wich makes the inserts of the starter switch . Its so much nicer to start the Buick with that switch . Hope you can help me . Paul
  13. I am restoring a 2 door special convertible and the black courtesy light switch located on the back seat left arm rest has deteriorated so bad I can not detect what I should replace it with. Does anyone know where I can get one and can someone take a picture of it? I found chrome ones but this is all black with a slider switch that has ribs. Thanks for any help!
  14. Hello I'm asking if someone could help me out on my 54 special starting system. Every time I try to start the car, I have to depress the accelerator several times which I hear a click, then sometime after the 5th or 10th time, sometimes more, it catches and starts up. Has any one else had this issue? Is my solenoid going bad? Should I just go with some electronic ignition and has someone been successful with it in their Buick? How do you go about changing it if that's the best route? Any specific instructions and advice would be much appreciated. I'm really trying to make it more reliable and
  15. Just out of the clear blue, the turn signal arrows on my 54' Roadmaster stopped working. I replaced the flasher (#550), checked the fuses, and replaced the bulbs in the dash. The front/rear signals flash normally, but the arrows won't. Any ideas? Thanks Phil
  16. I have recently bought a 54 Buick Special 4 Door Sedan and am looking at lowering it but dont want to use airbags. Does anyone know of any companies that offer lowering kits for this model? I havent been able to find any in my research.
  17. I tried myself and have finally given up. Unit powers on, but I was unable to figure out what was causing the radio to not work. Suggestions?
  18. Am asking if someone understands and can help me solve a problem on my 54 special starting system. The engine just clicks like it has a bad battery. I got a new battery and that solved the problem but then I drove it and went to start it up and it did the same thing. I took the battery back which was fine but got a bigger one with more cranking amps but the car still clicks. I do have to say that the wiring is hacked up by the previous owner who bypassed the ignition and the way I have to start it is by connecting the battery and then an alligator clip under the dash and then I press the accel
  19. my fuel gauge is not working has anybody a replacement for sale how low or high is the ohm on the original gauge does anybody know that??
  20. So, I took the 322 to a local machine shop to get cleaned and checked out. I get the call today that the block is clean and is free of any cracks! Now to decide on what to build. I can do 2 things, bore it out and spend $2300.00 on parts and labor, I will still need to assemble it myself. Or Hone out the verticle lines buy new bearings and put it together. I need a new cam and all the bearings no matter what I do. The crank needs to be ground, the rods need to be checked out which will most likely need .010 oversized bearings. I gave approval for a little more machine work. Pistons i
  21. http://kansascity.craigslist.org/cto/4413923477.html Not sure if this was previously posted or not.
  22. I parked my Buick 15 years ago. I am getting it ready for the road again. I drained the gas tank and blew out the lines, but am not getting any fuel. I'm ready to order a fuel pump kit? do I need to prime the pump somehow??
  23. As my truck project is getting closer to finish, I'm planning the next build. I have access to a 425 out of a mid sixties Wildcat. My question is, are there manual transmissions that will bolt up to the nailhead, or would I need an adapter? I really don't want to run the auto that is attached to it. Any thoughts?
  24. My switch shaft went missing during restoration. Does anybody have a burned up switch I could buy a shaft from?
  25. Hello everybody! I have huge problem with Buick Super wipers and washer. They won't work at all. I have all ready made new vacuum lines. Now I take a look to the switch. Should there be two or tree vacuum lines? I have only two vacuum lines (maybe for washer?) and also wire to the wiper motor. There are pic about my wiper/washer switch: http://s1049.photobucket.com/user/rojektori/media/Mobile%20Uploads/WP_20140407_002_zps7788473d.jpg.html
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