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  1. This is my 54 Buick we won it on ebay a few years ago. The car was stock 264 with 3 on the tree. My husband and I drove it until the trany gave out. My husband tried to find someone to fix it but had no luck. So he decided to hot rod it. He is still working on it and I will try to post some pic's.
  2. Ok, now she's lowered, has functional lakepipes and12" glasspack mufflers, wheels painted red and new 50's style flying saucer hubcaps.custom flame paint coming soon! Still drives like a dream!whatcha think fellas?
  3. I am having one helluva time trying to find type A fluid for My '54, is there an equivalent fluid that I can use in it?
  4. My emergency brake is sticking. How do I correct this? Thanks for your help.
  5. Guys: I know I've brought this up probably more than once but how hard is it to get a new pinion seal in a rear end for a 1954 Buick? The shop manual makes it look like you have to disassemble the whole rear differential and put it back together with the correct specs. Is this the case?
  6. Alright fellas...I've determined that my leak in my rear axle is from a faulty front pinion seal which is leaking slightly, but enough to warrant a replacement. Since it appears I'll have to remove the rear cover as well what are the best places to buy a front pinion seal as well as a rear axle cover gasket? I want to get this knocked out sometime before the salt hits the pavement (then it'll have to wait till spring).
  7. Looks like another good car on CL. Located in VA. http://roanoke.craigslist.org/cto/4767853238.html
  8. I have recently bought a 54 Buick Special 4 Door Sedan and am looking at lowering it but dont want to use airbags. Does anyone know of any companies that offer lowering kits for this model? I havent been able to find any in my research.
  9. I drove the 54 Super to the Leadsled Spectacular in Salina last weekend which was a little over 400 miles each way and the slow oil leak I had became a pretty rapid one leaving an almost football sized oil slick under the car every time I stopped for gas. I always suspected the rear main seal but back in April I took it to a mechanic to have it inspected and he said after 15 minutes of watching through the inspection plate on the Dynaflow and with the car running and tilted slight front end up he could not see any oil coming through the seal. The valve covers were leaking pretty good though so
  10. Hey guys newbie from SE Iowa here. My previous boss has bought an old 54 Buick Special 4Dr. I got it up and running last Saturday and been driving it ever since.....well right up till today. When giving it the once over I noticed that it was 3qts low on tranny fluid. Drove it about 80 miles then I noticed a whine or growl or whatever you want to call it coming from the rear end I think (almost feels like driving on gravel or rough road). It appears the rear end fluid needs changed badly and its too full.... also noticed that my tranny is about a qt low again. Ok need someone to point me
  11. I read the post where rear springs were replaced by jacking up the body without involving the torque tube. Does anyone have the procedure of changing rear springs where the the torque tube is involved? I want to have as many options as possible in case one way doesn't work
  12. Does anyone have some pictures or an illustrated part breakdown to share of what the rear hand brake cable routing looks like and it's associated retaining hardware found on the torque tube? I have some missing parts and mounting retainer damage I'm sure of but I don't know how many missing parts or what a non-damaged retaining system would look like. Bill
  13. Today I replaced the rear coil springs on Irene. She had saggy bottom when passengers sat in the back seats. She sat level until weight was,added. I'm not sure how others tackled their coil replacement but I suspect dropping the rear/torque tube. I went the route of allowing the rear to stay intact and lifting the chassis/weight off the springs. By the grace of God, the securing nut and bolt on either end of the coils come off without fanfare. From there, a spring compressor and elbow grease turning a ratchet compressing the spring enough to remove. The new springs I compressed as well. I
  14. Shouldnt the torque tube pretty much just slide into the torque ball? Do I have to loosen everything up to get it together? I'm struggling, giving up and havin a beer or 5
  15. Got the rear end out of the '54 Century with a goal to replace the gaskets and seals to stop all the leaking. Had to de-gunk it before I begin. Under the gunk I found the red oxide primer color on the differential housing as others have found. But the top 2 fins and the torque tube have yellow paint on them. Has anyone else seen this on their diff?
  16. I am replacing all of the dynaflow seals and torque tube retainer. While doing so I unscrewed this plug and the spring is all busted up. The identical one on the other side of the transmission has the big spring but doesn't have the smaller spring. Any ideas what went wrong and how I could find replacements?
  17. The rear axle are hypoid gears correct? The manual transmission is synchromesh but not hypoid geared correct?
  18. Hey guys, Here is a cool looking 54 custom for sale on craigslist. Judging from the style of the door panel, I'm guessing this car was originally a 46R, but it looks like not much else is left original. For all of us wondering about rear bumper swaps, check out that 56 rear bumper. Looks pretty good on there if you ask me. Matches the top detail that is on the 54 front bumpers.
  19. Bill Bicknell aka 836Buick100 has offered to share with us some of his extensive knowledge about the mechanics of these wonderful 54 Buicks. So without further ado, here is "Professor Nailhead's" first installment entitled Buick 264/322 Engine Removal This article will cover the removal of 264/322 Buick V-8 engines with and without the transmission attached. *It is not intended to cover basics for any car such as disconnection of battery, radiator, removal of fluids, etc. * Rather, it is intended to cover those items unique to the Buick engine-transmssion-rear axle. *These procedures are ba
  20. I have had a vibration in the drive line that will occur from time to time. It is most noticeable at 45-50 MPH. I'm have been studying when the issue is most prevalent. When very cold and at speed. Today I started the process of elimination. I decided to drop the axle cover for a look. The gear oil was black as coal. Thicker than syrup at subzero temperature. To be honest, I'm not sure if anyone has cracked open the rear since 1954. As a side note, the bolts had the reddish brown paint apparently used at the plant. Anyway, the gears are in good shape. No oddity seen. I preceded t
  21. Will a 55-57 Chevy rear end work for the swap on a 54 Buick? How much hp will it hold up to? There is a guy here in town selling a few for 150 a piece so I figured it might work for what I needed. Any input would be appreciated.
  22. Guys, I've noticed when driving my 48D sedan that the oil pressure reads on the high side but goes back down towards normal when idling. Is this typical for these cars or do I potentially have a faulty gauge? If it isn't the gauge is there any way of reducing the pressure? It does seem to affect the car since it's runs very smoothly but it is a bit of a concern for me. Tim
  23. I kinda tossed this out, so I want to make this a little more formal. $3000.00 This is a Smoking deal, and there is a reason. If you follow the forum, Earl found this car on Craigslist. It's a dessert car that lived in Colorado all it's life. The big up side to this car is the body is virtually flawless. Now this is a dream donor car but it was just too nice to part out. It was also an easy car to paint, being it was never repainted nor did it have any wrecks, just a dented door. My friend is putting in a paint booth so he shot the car at a discount, and I had lots of 4 door stuff from a rust
  24. Hey guys, I couldnt find the how to in the manual just a few photos, on how to replace the seal on the torque tube. Can someone help me out. Basically I cant get the old one out. and dont want to hurt anything. Thanks, Dave
  25. Here's my boat. I picked her up last year and have been driving her everyday since then. I found her on craigslist about 1 1/2 hours north of me. I got her from a friend of the original owner. She was bone stock except the original owner replaced the locked up nailhead with an olds 350. I absolutely love this car and cannot see myself selling her anytime soon. Things I've done to her include: Firestone wide whites, vintage dress up parts for the motor, new trans, hidden radio that uses the ipod, slammed with Jamco springs out back and cut coils in the front, etc. I just put on the lake pipes t
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