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Found 24 results

  1. Anyone set up there 54 to tow a trailer? I recently aquired a 1964 traveleze 15 foot camp trailer thought it would be cool to use the buick as the tow vehicle. Was wondering what you guys use for a hitch? Helper springs? Brakes? Transmission cooler? Will the dynaflow handle it? Thanks
  2. Good evening all. I expect this question has been asked before but........... Has anyone rebuilt their transmission themselves? If so, did you need to purchase or make any special tools? I would like to have a go at rebuilding my transmission myself and I have heard that the 54's are a little easier than earlier models. The car has been rescued from sitting for several decades and thus I have no idea what the state of the transmission is. The engine was stuck, so I'm expecting the worst. The kits I have seen for sale are in the $270-300 range and are labeled 'Master' k
  3. guys look what we bought coming next month to the netherlands the green one is a 55 century is all original never touched, guy was drive it from manitoba to b.c in 1983 parked it in his garage and did nothing to it until a month ago we bought it original 50006 miles on it and the interior is in a amazing condition the blue one is a 55 too its a special, guy did the engine and transmission bodem and brakes he is 89 years old and lost interest can you believe it:laugh1: lol. i'm going to make some people very happy with these
  4. Fired up My '54 today to finish filling it with fluid, I looked down after shutting it off and noticed it dripping from near the hand hole cover on the bell housing. I put in a brand new seal and everything was done according to the shop manual. I added 4 additional quarts while it was running, put it about an inch past the full hot mark. Would this cause the leak?? Or could I have left a converter drain plug loose??
  5. Is there a transmission additive that can be added to stop transmission fluid from leaking? My leaks are not huge but I don't like the fluid on the driveway. Most is coming from the front of the transmission. Thanks
  6. Ok, i found my way back to the 54 highway. Al has been a huge help pointing me in the right direction for my restoration. Thanks, Al. I'm needing to find parts and information to have the dynaflow transmission and ring and pinion gear repaired. Where can i find parts for the differential? I think my tranny guy can do the transmission but differentials are a different matter. Are special tools needed to rebuild the differential? Thanks. And how to i turn on email notification to know when someone replies to this thread? Sorry, not a forum guru...yet.
  7. I want to replace My heater hoses on My '54 Century 4 door, they run from the engine, going under the driver's side underbody. How long are the hoses, so I know what I need to go buy?
  8. Proceeding to take out the bellhousing bolts on My '54 to drop the Dynaflow out for front seal work I have lower 2 on driver side,and lower one on pass side out. How many more are there? Also, is there a trick to get the remaining pass side bolts out? the road draft tube is in the way, and the drain tube for defroster. How in the world can those on pass side be removed? Shop manual does not say anything about removing anything else on that side to get to the bolts
  9. Looking for a good used rear transmission mount for My 1954 Century with Dynaflow. Reasonable priced,please PM Me if one is available
  10. I am having one helluva time trying to find type A fluid for My '54, is there an equivalent fluid that I can use in it?
  11. Hi guys. I thought I would replace my transmission front seal while the engine was out - In the course of dis assembly I found my sun gear yoke is cracked in two. One photo will show you that it appears its been broken a really long time, otherwise that would all be shiny metal (IMHO). The little bit that shines in the break would be the impact marks when the yoke is in use. The tranny worked fine for the previous owner, and my issues with the tranny were due to the mounts being bad. So this broken part was not related to any known issue. Given that there are currently none on ebay or an
  12. Can anyone confirm that the manual transmission and Dynaflow transmission thrust pads are the same. Thanks!
  13. What kind of automatic transmission fluid should I use in my Dynaflow transmission?
  14. Interesting. Would like to know more about the condition of this one. http://buffalo.craigslist.org/cto/5009112485.html 1954 Buick Super Conv, very good condition, older paint still in good shape, original interior in good shape, new top, original motor. Souther rust free car, original floor, trunk ect, this car has never been rusty, has the Ultra Rare Skylark wire wheels, a true original survivor car, very hard to find in the condition, I'm in Ontario, About 2 hours from the boarder, can deliver if needed, $ 40,000
  15. Guys: I know I've brought this up probably more than once but how hard is it to get a new pinion seal in a rear end for a 1954 Buick? The shop manual makes it look like you have to disassemble the whole rear differential and put it back together with the correct specs. Is this the case?
  16. This is my 54 century 3 speed manual, im interested to know how many other cars like this are still around, will update with the vin numbers at a later date.
  17. Josh, here is your Century. SOMEBODY needs to jump on this. Too late tonight to call but I will be calling in the morning just to see what it is about. But if it has floors and runs it's worth the asking. It's 4 hours from me but if anybody needs my eyes on it or help getting it let me know. This is a CENTURY folks, a 2 door hard top CENTURY!!!! http://chattanooga.craigslist.org/cto/4932228005.html 1954 Buick Century two door hard top, automatic, 322 nail head engine, car runs and drives. Good project car. 4500.00 obo. Milford 256 878 5563
  18. guys i,m looking for this can not find it anywhere need some help part number GM 1330678 B9A
  19. As I have a Century with one, here's hoping I don't someday regret letting this one go but have decided to sell a spare 6 bolt, 3 speed transmission and bellhousing. This is the heavy duty tranny that was used behind 322's in Century's and Supers in 1953, 54 and 55. Because it was so bullet proof, it was very popular with hot rodders of the time. Good part is that by using the furnished bellhousing this will also direct bolt up to a 54-55 Special. Asking $650 plus shipping. It IS heavy. Email me at 1954buick at gmail dot com if interested.
  20. Guys: So while its not a Buick, its certainly as nice and smooth as one. I recently came across a 1966 Mercury Monclair 4 door with a 390/manual transmission. Its 100% all original and in amazing condition. It even has all of its original stickers/decals throughout the car. Not a bit of rust! I should be taking ownership here before the 22nd of November. Enjoy!
  21. My Super seems to be slipping when put into reverse. It is a 3 speed on the steering wheel automatic (Park, Neutral, Drive, Low Gear, and Reverse). Whenever it is put into reverse, the whole car rumbles pretty ferociously. I have to be VERY slow when I shift yo reverse to get the transmission to make the car go backward. If I try to reverse up a incline, she will not go backward and will idle down the hill, sometimes rumbling here too. I just replaced the transmission fluid, but this did not seem to help. I was wondering if there is anything else I can try before tearing it apart to rebuild
  22. Hi there! Today I went for a drive in my dads Century Rivera 1954 equipped w/ a dynaflow transmission. The Buick drive very nice, but a lot of times the transmission automatically puts it in [L] low gear. Most of the time it happens when pulling away from a junkion or when you want to put your foot down. Then it jumps into low gear, what off course is very annoying! On a lift I can feel at the linkage that its very easy to change from Drive > to Low and back again. I would say there needs to be a type of safety feature preventing just that? Maybe its could be a little tweaking of th
  23. Hello, I wanted to know if someone could help me understand my Dynaflow transmission. This week I raised the drivers side of my 54 Buick special up on a jack stand to change out the two rubber coolant lines to the transmission and a day later I noticed a small leak of transmission fluid. I cleaned it up and the next day noticed it again and found that it was from an open metal line towards the back of the transmission on the passenger side. The line just comes down from the side of the passenger side of the transmission up to a circular looking attachment on the side of the transmission. When
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