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  1. I am ready to order a set of bias ply tires for my '54 Special 2 dr. HT and want to be sure that I get the correct whitewall width and also the correct (as original) size tire. I guess I will need a crossover size from the original size? At present I have a good set of whitewall radials, but for judging want to go for a set of the bias tires (and tubes), if correct. Also any vendor recommendations after I get the correct size and whitewall width? I saw a spare tire that Steve from I Motors had in his '54 Skylark and it had what appeared to be an original label attached to the tire, except t
  2. The restoration of the Buick super 2 door hardtop is going quite well except installing the side windows. The worst part of this restoration has been installing new window glass. I have already broken three pieces of glass. The side window frames came back from the chromer and for some reason they were off square and the glass would not fit. I had to buy new window frames from Cars. Now, the question is: there is a track in the door where the window frame slides down into the door but there isn't anything on either side of the inside of the track to keep the window frame from rattling bac
  3. Downsizing all my Buick's i have two 54 Century 2 door hardtops that must go both of these cars have current Minnesota titles - both have drive trains update - April 24 2014 price dropped to $800 each for the Century' located just west of Minneapolis Mn about 25 miles from Kansas old photos - from North Dakota old photos - if your interested pm or email Thanks
  4. For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by seeing these old travel decals on vehicles and campers. It probably goes back to growing up in the back seat of the family cruiser on road trips. The difficulty nowadays in getting these things to work is that they are all old and most of the glue is not useable. It might take a few vintage ones to get one that actually sticks, but as all of you know, there's no substitution for original. Now I know that they reproduce some of these in a convenient vinyl sticker, but where is the soul in that? I wear them like badges, showing places wher
  5. Guys: I haven't taken a look at this yet but this is one thing I'd like to do to my Buick this year. How difficult is it to replace the front window vent gaskets? Is this something that can easily be done or should I take it to a shop?
  6. I'm not sure if I wanna do this or not but I think it's time to move on from my 54. I hate to do it but I have a 54 buick century wagon it has a fresh rebuild on the 322 and the tranny. Body work it about 99 percent done all come and taillight cones are there. Some windows are cracked and the interior needs some work. I'm not sure what it's worth so throw me a offer I'm open to trades. Feel free to call or text me at 803 394 1819. I'm at ft bliss in El paso tx. And the car has been in the southwest it's whole life. It does run and drive Thanks tanner
  7. I would like to find a complete weatherstrip kit. Any suggestions?
  8. Would the glass interchange or are they different sizes for 4dr vs 2dr? Also would the wing window interchange?
  9. I was quoted 5300 for all 36 chrome pieces on the car... Anyone have this done? Is this a reasonable cost? Thanks!
  10. Can anybody tell me how to remove the inside door and window handles in my '54 Special ? I can't find anyway to do it, and I dare not use a pryer... Thanks !
  11. Hey everyone, I'm trying to replace some broken front door windows on my Super, and am stuck. I have all the cranks, handles, and interior panels removed, but am not sure bow to continue to get the glass out without damaging anything in the process. Can anyone help me through or show me where to find instructions for this? So far, there is nothing I've found on the web that outlines removal of the window from the track. I'll include a picture to show you where I'm at.
  12. Sometimes when I try to edit a post and after I have typed new text and hit the submit changes button I get the message. C:\DOCUME~1\LAMARB~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\puk+nYgC.php.part could not be saved, because the source file could not be read. Try again later, or contact the server administrator. Anybody else have this problem? blah blah blah. well it is working now
  13. In search of 54 century windows. In need if driver and passenger door and a wing also. Does anyone have any spares?
  14. My roadmaster buick from hoping to get it going soon with the help from this forum
  15. Today I replaced the rear coil springs on Irene. She had saggy bottom when passengers sat in the back seats. She sat level until weight was,added. I'm not sure how others tackled their coil replacement but I suspect dropping the rear/torque tube. I went the route of allowing the rear to stay intact and lifting the chassis/weight off the springs. By the grace of God, the securing nut and bolt on either end of the coils come off without fanfare. From there, a spring compressor and elbow grease turning a ratchet compressing the spring enough to remove. The new springs I compressed as well. I
  16. The larger series, the 50 (Super) and the 70 (Roadmaster) were Fishers new C-bodies for that year and share many of the same style and parts especially windshields and door parts as the 54 Cadillac. They were in fact a tad bit longer than the Cads. The smaller Fisher B-Series were the 40 (Special) and the 60 (Century). The Century was returning from back before the war and was in many minds the first “muscle car”. I think the first difference anyone sees when they look at the two different series besides the size ( C’s are 10 inches longer and 3 inches wider) is the roof line of the two door
  17. Looking to bring back to life this 54 Skylark. A previous owner took out the power windows and power seat along with changing the whole rear from Skylark to Century. I have the trunk and tail lights to put back to original but I am in need of the seat and windows. I also need a 54 dash and hood ornament base to replace. This will be a frame off restoration when I finish a couple of other projects I am working on. Probably 2015. Although I may change the rear end a lot sooner than that so it looks right. Call me anytime. 603-315-4732. Norm
  18. OK, now I don't mind that somebody out-bid me, as long as those AC hose clamps on EBay went to a good home, but who the heck is "a***j" ? Stand up and identify!! By the way, I didn't really need the parts, so no hard feelings... Seriously, if they are playing with AC, I would love to make contact and help promote a good flow of parts and experience. There are only four of us in the US that I know of. Do we have somebody new to add to our exclusive little bunch?
  19. Just brought my Buick home, out of storage, where it has been for many years. I have been reading comments about the wire harness and am thinking maybe I should replace it. It seems YNZ is the place to go. I have a Century convertible. YNZ lists a main harness, a taillight harness and a Power seat & window & top harness. To do a bumper to bumper do I need all three? about 2k
  20. The Buick Highway has several manuals for sale, which one would be the best one to find all the information on weatherstripping and all of the hardware, runners, channels, etc for the windows. I have a 1954 Buick Special Estate Wagon and it would be nice to have an idea what I'm looking at before I start taking things apart. Steele rubber products seems to have a good selection, any advice on suppliers would be appreciated.
  21. Hi Guys, I have a driver-side power window switch that works when it wants to. I have a 54 Special 2 Door Riviera . The passenger-side switch works ok. Do i have to remove the panel to repair or fix it.? If so how to do that without damaging it. ( problem started after i washed the car with a hose.). Thanks for the Help DEW
  22. How do you bend the channel run to fit the rear windows of a sedan. The front door was a job, but the back window makes a sharper bend. There must be a tool to pre-bend with.
  23. Our house was a victim of the Black Forest fire here in Colorado. The garage survived, but will need extensive repair. The contents, including Laura's 54 Super were unscathed. However, as you can see from the attached pics, the cars outside didn't fare so well. This was a project Roadmaster from her dad. At this point I am considering just saving the rear quarters for her Super and dumping the rest. But, since the car got hot enough to burn all the paint off, would the sheet metal still be usable? It got hot enough to burn the two tires stored on the back seat down to the rims. The qua
  24. .......I have one already so I will pass. http://raleigh.craigslist.org/cto/3955369242.html
  25. As you all probably know, Skylark rear bumper guards are unique to this car specifically!! Mine are so beat up that my chrome shop couldn't repair them(they are FLAT on the outsides from banging into other cars!). As all Skylarks started life as a Special/Century small body i naturally ass u me d that the small body guards would be able to be modified to work. WRONG!!!! I purchased a set to find out that they are too narrow, and don't have enough meat on them to be cut down. Mr. Earl was kind enough to send me a set of Large body Guards from a Roadmaster. VOILLA!!! They are plenty wide enough
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