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  1. Anybody switched to electric wiper motor and retained the look of the stock wiper switch? Most of the electric motor kits I've looked at come with a universal type switch to replace the vacuum switch. I'd like to keep the look of the original bezel ring and switch. Not sure how easily it can be adapted.
  2. The windshield washer control does not operate properly. I have rebuilt the pump and it works quite well. The rubber tubing has all been replaced and properly reconnected to the control. The problem is that the vacuum supply can not be fully shut off allowing for a constant application of vacuum to the pump.This activates the pump with each start up of the engine. I removed the control knob\lever and found that vacuum will draw air from the center opening of the inner rotating shaft. This is the shaft that when turned moves the control wire to the wiper motor. The control knob has a rod attach
  3. I can't believe it, I've been dreading it, but I just buckled up and jumped in. I took the wiper motor out of Mary Jane and took it appart. Cleaned it all up and regreased the edges of the vaccum paddle to help with the vaccum. I was going to put an electric motor if I couldn't it to working. But what do you know, it works as new. (Which isn't saying much) So don't be afraid you-all, just jump in and get-her done. Took the pics as I took her apart.
  4. Greetings, I am trying to locate a 54 Buick dash radio with knobs and dash clock, and wanted to know if someone might know about how to get one or may have one and how much it would cost. I have the 54 Buick special and would like to complete the dash. I live in the Oregon area and would appreciate some info. Thank you!
  5. I have attached a pic showing the location of a hole aprox 3/8 inch in diam. he punch is in the hole. The hole is on both sides of car. It goes through to inside the cabin. I imagine itis a drain hole but what type of hose is used to connect to outside??
  6. wanted wiper motor a new one ore a rebuild one but it hase to work proper if necessary i can send a core thanks andre
  7. Hello everybody! I have huge problem with Buick Super wipers and washer. They won't work at all. I have all ready made new vacuum lines. Now I take a look to the switch. Should there be two or tree vacuum lines? I have only two vacuum lines (maybe for washer?) and also wire to the wiper motor. There are pic about my wiper/washer switch: http://s1049.photobucket.com/user/rojektori/media/Mobile%20Uploads/WP_20140407_002_zps7788473d.jpg.html
  8. NOS Trico wiper motor. Excellent working. Disassembled, cleaned and re-lub`d Correct for: 1954 50-70 1954 40/60 series - early 1955 50 series. $85 postage paid within US
  9. Found some bagged up items from back when I bought my Roadmaster. Not sure what they are. Guy I bought the car from had removed the seats to do something... not sure. Any idea what these are?
  10. Hello again, First off, we are talking about a 4 door Super. Progress is slow, but it is moving forward. I have the all of the dash in except for the wipers. I found some info about it in the manual, but it does not help much and has no diagram. I got a good vacume to the wiper motor mounted on the cowl, but I can not figure out where the wiper switch connects to the wiper motor. This is what I have figured so far.... The wiper swith has to hoses connected to it, one has a vacume coming from the vacume pump. The other has no vacume. DOES THIS CONNECT TO THE WIPER FLUID JAR? Because I notic
  11. Can anyone tell me how to get the molding off that the wiper blade is connected to? I removed the round ring bolt and the molding is very loose but neither of them will not come off. Removed the windshield and molding around the windshield with no luck. I cannot see if there is a screw holding underneath when I look with a flashlight. I have to have these pot metal parts re-chromed. See pic. Thanks for any help....
  12. I origionally posted in wrong place (Introductions). My question is what purpose does the bracket on the firewall above the wiper motor serve. I see there is a corresponding u shaped wire piece on the hood. Thanks in advance. Quick67
  13. Put in wrong place.
  14. I picked up a new passenger wiper transmission. Before I get knee deep in the swap, is there anything I should know about the process? Is it as simple as taking off the upper dash and switching it out? Thanks in advance
  15. I am trying to tighten the wiper cable system in my '54 Centruy I have found a variety of threads talking about "pushing down the knurled nob" on the wiper linkage. However this doesn't seem to make sense w/ the pulley system how this would increase the tension on the cable. I've got plenty of vacuum and everything else looks good. Any advice or recommendations?
  16. I'm needing a passenger side wiper transmission for my Buick. Anybody have one laying around that's in the way?
  17. Just messing around. Found a coolant recovery kit at O'reilly Auto Parts store a few weeks back for $14, it works great. And when I had my first 54- 46r in 1963, it had the roof bows, and was the reason I bought the red & white one verses the blue & white one, ( they were both, your choice, $400) the red one just seemed more luxurious. But until Mr.Earl brought Mary Jane to me, I didn't know this was not an option. The pics show the set of bows I got out of a 55-66r and it has the side mount dome lights. My 46r, as I now know, had bows out of a Pontiac with the single dome light. My ne
  18. Today I made a purchase of a 1954 Buick Special 2 door hardtop. Exterior black. Interior white and black. I took a look at her this past weekend and immediately fell in love with the Buick lines. Not to mention the car is immaculate and engine runs like a champ. She is due to arrive at my house this Friday. I will post pictures when she arrives. "The Beautiful Buy." Without question!
  19. I'm sure members here have experienced the lack luster performance of vacuum operated wipers. Mine are less than stellar. I was fortunate enough to get the original repair manual for 54 Buicks. I searched the manual and found nothing on the wipers. What, if any, tips or tricks can be offered to improve performance? Currently mine will just make one wipe and basically stop. Turning off the wipers they will go to the park position on its good old time.
  20. What is the best way to remove this switch? Has anyone had any luck replacing the push button vacuum washer gasket?
  21. I wrote about the engine fire in the Introduction forum, thought I'd share a few pictures of progress. I knew that my yellow wasn't the official Condor Yellow, but when we matched the DuPont sheets, we got a color that looks pretty day-glow (newly painted firewall). It's hard to tell from a little paint chip, but is that really the right color? I think I'll stay with my off shade. Also was thinking about switching to a black roof (the car was made that way), but wife/buddy are arguing to stay with the white. I kind of like the thought of changing it. Came home from the hospital in a '54
  22. I have a slight hesitation problem with my Special. It's only there when starting from a complete stop. My dad had the carb rebuilt last year and put maybe 50 miles on it since. He also replaced the gas tank. I made adjustments with the carb and it didn't help. Any ideas before I tear the carb off and dig in?
  23. Hello all I am currently working on my 54 Super and am having some trouble with the brakes. The brakes are underpowered and the pedal requires excessive movement to get the car stopped. I know that minor adjustment can be made by adjusting the star wheel from behind, but one of the front star wheels does not want to move. SO i figure the next step would be to take off the drum, but i cant figure out how to take the drum off, and i dont want to start removing bolts unless i know they are the right ones. So to sum it up, how does one remove the drums from the wheel? Also to make the minor adj
  24. BerkeleyBuick here - I've had a '54 Century Riviera for about 8 years now, and back in May I had an engine fire that burned the top half of the engine, and traveled into the dash through the firewall gromets. Finally settled up with the insurance, and have the car in a shop to bring 'Betty' back. I live in the San Francisco area, and am on the hunt for parts. Many of them I have a good line on, and Brian's Salvage up in American Canyon has several '54 cars to pick parts. However, his engine hoods are all rusted out, and mine isn't worth repairing. Any local connections would be appreciate
  25. Guys, I have a question. As most of you know Luckey is original and many of you said to keep her that way and enjoy it. When things need to be repaired (ie like the vent glass I used the bugs to keep it original) but the wiper motor is hardly operating. progoof suggested converting to an electric wiper motor from a 55-57 Chevy. What are your thoughts? Rebuild/repair the vacuum style motor or convert to electric?
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