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monday march15

so today i cleaned the engine bay and the engine to

well the engine looks pretty good

i think i,m going to do a compression test to see

how it is.

i took the valve covers off and i was really surprised

what i saw nice clean

so before take it apart first run some tests

after that i put harley outside and get miss caroline in

i'm going to make her ready for the coming season

so thats it for today

tomorrow more to come

thanks for watching










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hi Al soon i will be back here on the highway and i will share the whole story its almost 4 years now so its time I'l be back

this week i did get my exhaust manifolds back they were out for cleaning and ceramic coating its titanium color i think it looks good and now there protected against rust

Been on and off on the forum lately and I have not been able to learn to navigate this new layout to the fullest! Somehow I missed this post.  Sorry to see Miss Caroline go, we enjoyed her too since t

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today i did a compression test on the heart of harley

men this guy has very healty longs 6 with 140psi and 2 with 130 psi

well i must say that is i think really good so no reason for a complete rebuild

i,m going to clean it and paint it

thats it, and i did oilpressure test to 35 with cranking so also ok

and i have the exhaust manifold to a paintshop for keramic coating

will let you see the results pictures

so thats it for now

thanks for looking



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well guys
 racepoint is back in busines not from germany but still in the netherlands in our old house

we had some big problems with selling the house it was a struggle

and it cost me a lot of money and stress

so finaly i had to sell miss caroline to pay the bills because we did not want to to court

my wife could not mentally take it any more so she was close to a breakdown

and i love here to much to see that happens

my vision is health and wellness goes above money

so we make a new start in our old house and in a couple of weeks i will start with harley

i did save him

well hope to speak to all off you guys

i will be back

thanks Andre

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Have been wondering... sorry to hear of your real estate problems. We too had problems selling a house once, after we had bought land and started construction on a new house. We had moved into a rental, so were making payments on land, paying rent and the vacant house mortgage. $$ flies right up the chimney when that kind of s*** happens. So I feel your pain.


You've got your priorities right, family first (most of the time :biggrin: )  Glad you were able to hold onto Harley, that will be a good investment in the end for sure. Let me know if you need anything in way of parts. I am upside down in the garage I am building so am in a selling mode for parts. :biggrin:

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Been on and off on the forum lately and I have not been able to learn to navigate this new layout to the fullest! Somehow I missed this post.  Sorry to see Miss Caroline go, we enjoyed her too since the start. Hopefully you gave the new owner the site so we can see her here. Visited Amsterdam briefly and liked your country. Hope family is well, can't wait to see Harley restoration pics. Regards



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thanks Al

nice pictures where did you all go to

looks on the picture the weather was not so good yeh its a little different than that warm and sunny weather in Florida

to bad i didn't catch up with you

maybe next time

i'm almost ready in the house so in time i will be starting again with harley

you will see

thanks again


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