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Time to put Almendron together

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What is the advertised size of WWW of that tire? The Coker bias ply that I have bought are usually 1/4" inch less than advertised when mounted. But on the last set of advertised 3" WWW tires they varied from 2 3/4 inches to 3 1/4 inches as mounted. On those particular tires the white wall is created by grinding and some were ground more than others. (poor quality control)


Willie, these were advertised at 3 1/4 and I measured them mounted at the same size 3 1/4, I was hoping they came a little bit narrower. Not a chance.

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All good, Almendrón good 2.. thank you all for concerns

Almendrón latest pictures, March 2018

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Hey, Al, nice work!

I have the "Summer" and "Winter" stickers to go on your fresh air inlets. I'll text you a pic on your phone. They are just simple printed paper, but look good. Free for the asking if anyone else is interested...

That will be great, I don't think I have seen those

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This is the only A/C sticker I seen, this one from a Buick Garden's car. I don't remember if it was attached to the evaporator box.

That sticker goes on the lid of the avaporator box, on the far right.

The stickers I sent you are for the outside air tubes, above the valve levers.

Interior is looking great!

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