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Time to put Almendron together

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Unexpected Best of Show

All good, Almendrón good 2.. thank you all for concerns

Almendrón latest pictures, March 2018

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This is an ashtray!

It was not easy replacing that roll door. I used the door from the one courtesy of Mr. Earl from a Buick's Garden spare car. To replace the door you have to disassemble the ashtray body which is factory spot welded. Those weld are USA spot welds that took a bit of chisel and hammer. Spectacular well made! Then reassemble with miniature bolts and nuts.

Add 3 hours to the resto build. Glad I did it myself.

Thanks again Lamar.



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Seats are in, fueled up with non-ethanol gasoline and ready for the first show tomorrow, "Art Deco Weekend" at South Beach.......but I think I have to wait for the next one cause weather forecast is 80% precipitation with severe thunderstorms..chucks, this is South Florida for you.








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Wow, nice job Al! That looks so classy and inviting. And matching luggage to boot.

So, how does the AC work?

The AC is 1st on the wish list. Still cool by FL. standard giving me time to locate someone that wants to work on old cars and don't scratch my fenders. All components were checked out and it is just a matter of converting to 134 and charging the system.

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nice job Al, it is a beauty,i like the trunk set very nice,

did you get the suitcases from your wife?:lol::lol:

Believe or not Andre, my wife had the make up box/case since the early 60's and got rid of the rest of the luggage. I found the other suitcases to match on eBay and got them to complete the set. She said they looked familiar and could have been her originals... I said not a chance these came from Texas.... but you will never know!

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Made it to the first showing right after thunderstorms and tornado watch was lifted. was glad to show the car in a non-judged event. The Magic Carpet ride was fabulous, the car performed well. I guess the resto down time was well worth it, hundreds of people were being photographed with "Almendron". Extremely Happy, just wanted to share.


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PRICELESS absolutely Priceless Al. Congratulations. I am sure this is only the first of hundreds of shows that "Almendron" will make her owner proud. I am so happy to have been a small part of helping you make it happen. I consider you a great friend and so enjoyed your visits to Buick Gardens to pull parts and "socialize". What a BEAUTY she is.


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