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Time to put Almendron together

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Unexpected Best of Show

All good, Almendrón good 2.. thank you all for concerns

Almendrón latest pictures, March 2018

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Waiting for the show Queen to make her appearance. Then I know she will be the best!

I didn't set out to have a show car built, just a decent driver. However, there is a chance Madam Maybelle will attend a big show at Keeneland this coming July. My shop has been asked to show her there and I have agreed. We shall see what July may bring!

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Can't wait to see her In all its Glory..... In the mean time I was not expecting this either from a driver I was shooting for! This was today... Best of show...... For some reason I can't post the pictures!

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This is the website were they are selling a picture of my car front grille, They claim "Royalty Free" images, but they are making money on the monies I dropped to have that grille rechrome. I tell you.... I don't care about anybody taking pictures of the car, after all we are promoting the hobby and most important the history and preservation of these magnificent automobiles but just don't like the way they go about it. They did not even ask or said what they were doing! At least they could have reward me with a free photo. Maybe I should convey to them a piece of my mind,  Forgive me Father Buick for I have sin!

Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 9.51.30 PM.jpg

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I get a lot of close up shots of my Buick.  Most doing this have expensive professional camera's.  I have not found any site selling a photo parts of my Buick but I'm sure there is one out there.  I do not suspect they make much money with any particular photo of a Buick.   Other than us who may be interested in a professional picture of Buick grill I do not know of anyone.  And for us, we can take pictures of our grills all day so no need to buy one.    However, GM is very protective of their brand. Like most companies.  I would think you could ask this site to remove the picture they are selling. 

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