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Power steering for 1954 Special

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My Special don´t have power steering. I have got an offer from a guy to buy what he calls a complete power steering column and pump. I have asked him what model of a 1954 Buick he has disassembled the steering system from. He has answered:

It came off of a 54 Buick...yes all the parts are there even the tie rods...It will need new hoses.

Does anyone know if a power steering from any of the Buick models in 1954 can be used in a Special?


He has also asked me what I am willing to offer for the parts. Does anyone know what a reasonable price will be?


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It needs to be from a Special or Century, whatever body style makes no difference.  If it came off a Super or Roadmaster, the steering shaft will be too long.  You could shorten the shaft, but that takes a very trusted welder...

If you do shorten the shaft, splice it below the horn contact so as not to interfere with the wire that needs to run down the center. 

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I can tell you, there is a lot of work involved in pulling, then boxing up and shipping a power steering unit complete from the pittman arm to the power steering pump. Especially if doing it by ones self. I would not do it for less than $400 US and it would be sold as is as a rebuildable core. It may work fine installed as is, but I would not recommend taking the chance considering the work involved in installing. So if you can get it for less than say $300 US and it is a small series unit, jump on it.  

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For what it may be worth.....and I am far from a skilled mechanic....I with the help of a skilled friend made the switch to power steering.  I believe that Father Buick wrote a series of posts detailing the project..those would be helpful for anyone to read a couple of times along with the information in the service manual before jumping in.  I was able to purchase parts from a outfit in Arizona, when they arrived they were coated in dirt and sand.  With the initial purchase and having the gear box and pump rebuilt, I had a small boat load of money invested in parts.   I agree with others here that the project is hard enough that I would not consider doing it unless I was quite sure that the parts were in good working order.  The vendor could not tell me what model the parts came from, but he represented that they came from a '54.  In retrospect I believe that they came from a '55 Roadmaster or Super.   The shaft had to be shortened about 3/4" to match the length of the one that I removed from Edith (Special).     The steering box assembly is one piece with the shaft to the steering wheel....it is heavy and needs to be removed and replaced from under the car...a two person job.   You also need a new belt assembly for the front of the engine because you will have an additional belt to run the power steering pump, you will need the bracket to mount the pump and you will need the hoses to connect the pump to the steering box.   I had to lengthen the heater hoses to get around the power steering hoses.....but had I been more industrious, I may have been able to re-rout them under the pump hoses. 

This was a major undertaking for me....and I can only imagine what it would have cost if I'd let some shop do it for me.    BUT............what a huge improvement it made.  So easy now to get through the parking lot, etc it made a huge difference!!

Don't forget to keep the battery disconnected while putting the dash back together....I got too anxious to get things re-assembled, connected the battery and (I think) I may have fried the fuel gauge or sending unit.....my next project after I get the new headlight switch assembly installed. 

Good luck. 

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