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For Sale - Steering Wheels, Blue and Green

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# 1 - Dark Blue no cracks, very nice spokes no pitting, there is pitting on the shroud part that fits over the steering column (this is a typical area of pitting and I have seen them simply painted to match the steering column) chrome horn ring and button have very light pitting. Excellent driver/local show condition wheel. $200 plus shipping




# 2 - Green with one small crack. Very nice spokes no pitting, nice shroud with very little pitting. Chrome horn ring and button have very light pitting. Very nice driver condition wheel. $125 plus shipping





#3 - Green with several cracks. Very nice spokes no pitting, nice shroud with very, very light pitting. This would be a nice core for restoring with this kit http://www.eastwood.com/master-steering-wheel-repair-kit-w-instruc-53176.html?fee=7&fep=53176&SRCCODE=PLA00020&product_id=52196Z&adpos=1o1&creative=83580268020&device=c&matchtype=&network=g&gclid=Cj0KEQiAzNfDBRD2xKrO4pSnnOkBEiQAbzzeQVTU8WGOhN3qW4_G-wm6n8zz8EA3ZUkrJxMSeXEpAqsaAlAq8P8HAQ  and paint the color of your choice. $60 plus shipping 






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