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Norwgian Buick Special under restoration

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My ´54 Special is now separated in "1000" parts. A lot of rust has been removed, new plates welded in and it look s like it´s going to be a really good car again. New paint, new upholstery, engine repainted, new electrical harness, new power steering - I really look forward to drive that car again! I went to Spring Carlisle in April to see if I could get some parts for my car there. I got new parts (seals, weatherstrips, clips for the trim and some other new parts) but the only used parts I could find on the entire swap meet for a 1954 Buick was two front fenders! I have also been in Sweden on swap meets there, but theresult there is the same - no used parts for Buicks. It seems that eBay has taken thr market for these old parts, and the prices has increased. So, going to swap meets for buying used parts will never happen again! Still, swap meets are a good place to meet other enthuiasts.

New pictures will follow as the project are going forward.

Tinsmith May 29.jpg

Tinsmith May 25.jpg

Tinsmith May 4.jpg


Tinsmith May 1.jpg

Tinsmith May 32.jpg


Tinsmith May 13.jpg

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Some pictures from the restoration process. It has been a very long process, but I see the end of it now. In the last of April I will pick up the beauty and drive it back home, through Germany, Denmark and half of Norway. But before that, the interior has to be finished, the engine rebuilt, new electrical harness installed and the car tested! I will keep you informed!



Visit May 2017 11.JPG

Tinsmith May 6.jpg

Lakkering 06.jpg

Tinsmith 123.jpg

Tinsmith 124.jpg

Tinsmith May 15.jpg

Tinsmith 24.jpg

Lakkering 08.jpg

Takrenne førerside.JPG

Tinsmith May 7.jpg

Visit May 2017 10.JPG

Visit May 2017 3.JPG

Tinsmith 140.jpg

Tinsmith 141.jpg

Visit May 2017 1.JPG

Tinsmith 131.jpg

Tinsmith 133.jpg

Tinsmith 138.jpg


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That´s right, I have already used a lot of hours, days and weeks to find those parts both new and used. But I have been lucky, I have got a lot of help from people on this forum and ebay is always there. But there has also been some salvage yards with good, used parts to get. I have found parts for the underseat heater, headlight switches, heater switches and other goodies! But the hardest parts to find was the clips and fasteners for the outside trim on the car. Those parts I did find in Spring Carlisle 2017, on ebay and by a canadian vendor! You can never give up, there is always something to be found out there!

Carlisle clips 1.JPG

Carlisle clips 2.JPG

Carlisle clips nuts.JPG

Restoration Specialities clips 1.JPG

Restoration Specialities clips 2.JPG

Restoration Specialities clips 3.JPG

Restoration Specialities clips 4.JPG

Restoration Specialities clips 5.JPG

Florida Fasteners vindusklips.JPG

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I got he clips from several vendors, see list below:

  • Steel Craft Canada, Box 71, Station Cheltenham, Caledon, ON L7C 3L7, CANADA. I met this guy at Spring Carlisle last year, but he didn´t have the clips I wanted with him there. I had to contact him later, when he had got home from his tour in USA. His name is David Halsall . He did not have any website, so I had to call him in Canada. Later on I discovered that he has an email address: David Halsall <nutsandbolts05@gmail.com
  • Restoration Specialities and Supply, 148 Minnow Creek Lane, Windber, PA 15963. Phone 814-467-9842. This company was also represented on Spring Carlisle and I bought a lot of clips there.
  • Florida Auto Fastener, PO Box 235, Altha, Florida 32421, flaautofastener@gtcom.net. I bought windshield clips from them, on ebay.
  • I also bought some clips from another guy on Spring Carlisle, but I can´t remember what company he represented.

I bought most of the clips from the 2 first mentioned vendors. I attach a document who shows the correct types and amount of clips for my car (2-door Special Riviera hardtop). I showed this document to the vendors, but they all said it was impossible to get the original types. But those I bougt seems to fit very well.


1954 Buick V-8888 exterior mouldings and retainers.pdf

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Hi folks!

My Buick is beginning to look like a car again. The restoration work is finished by the end of May and I am going to Poland the 23th for join with the final works and testing. So, around the 01th of June I am heading for Norway again, through the northern parts of Germany and Jylland in Denmark. From there a ferry to Norway, for there having the great pleasure to pay tax to the Norwegian authorities, even though nothing has been done on the car in Norway! Then there will be som small trips around the southern parts of Norway before I garage the car by my sister, since I am going to USA to drive Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles, a three weeks journey. I really look forward to that!

Here are some pictures from the restoration:


Engine finished 9.jpg

Engine finished 12.jpg

Tinsmith rust protection 1.jpg

Tinsmith rust protection 3.jpg

Tinsmith rust protection 4.jpg

Tinsmith april 2018 1.jpg

Tinsmith april 2018 2.jpg

Tinsmith april 2018 4.jpg

Tinsmith april 2018 5.jpg

Tinsmith april 2018 7.jpg

Tinsmith april 2018 9.jpg

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Well, it had to be August before I could pick up my ´54 Special in Stettin, Poland and drive it back home to Bodoe in Northern Norway. 2000km (=1250 miles) went nearly as a dream, some small issues along the road, but nothing serious.

Thanks to elpad, who gave me the address to SMS Fabrics, where I bought fabrics and vinyl, in the same pattern and color as he did for his car.

Also many thanks to Fader Buick, whom I visited in LA this summer. His hospitality towards a complete unknown Norwegian warmed, and we had a nice time in his garage and also at the Newport Beach, where we got a taste of the water in Pacific Ocean!

If you guys ever think about going to Norway, please come and visit me, so I can pay back a little for your helpfulness!

IMG_0990 – Kopi.JPG

IMG_0992 – Kopi.JPG

IMG_0994 – Kopi.JPG

IMG_1032 – Kopi.JPG

IMG_1033 – Kopi.JPG

IMG_1034 – Kopi.JPG

IMG_1035 – Kopi.JPG

IMG_1036 – Kopi.JPG

IMG_1042 – Kopi.JPG












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