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decipher vin plate please

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There were no VIN plates in 1954.  States/countries registered Buicks by either the Car Serial Number (C.S.N.) or the Engine Serial Number (E.S.N.). These two numbers did not match in 1954.

►  The first pic is your E.S.N.:  the "V" prefix = V8 engine  /  457199 falls within the late-April 1954 production range  /  the "6" suffix denotes it was originally installed in a 1954 Buick Century 60-Series Model. Note that the fourth digit that looks like an "I"  in the pic is in reality a "1." 

►  The second pic is your Body by Fisher Number Plate:  G = built and assembled in Flint, Michigan  /  5051 = the 5051st Model 66R built  /  TRIM 61 = GREEN Swiss Dot fabric  /  PAINT 13K = two-tone paint = BAFFIN GREEN top with WILLOW GREEN below the beltline  /  ACCESSORIES  B  =  heater and defroster  /  I  =  green-tinted glass.  

►  The third pic is your C.S.N. tag that is mounted on the driver's door hinge pillar. It should match the number that is stamped in the passenger's topside of the outer frame rail. The C.S.N. is of the later-1954 format:  the first digit = the Buick Model Series  /  A = 1954  /  1 = built in Flint  /  071267 = a sequential build-number for all 1954 Buicks built in Flint, Michigan.

Al Malachowski

BCA #8965 

"500 Miles West of Flint"

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