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Inverter Drive-Convert single phase to 3 phase

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Hey guys, I have an item that is not necessarily Buick related but wanted to share with you first.

I bought an inverter for my hoist a couple of years ago as the motor was a three phase and I only have single. Unfortunately I ordered the wrong one, what I got was for 380v (US single ph voltage I belive) and I required 220v (CDN single ph voltage). 

If you or anyone you know is trying to use a three phase machine this unit may be the answer.  

From the research I did as long as you double rate the drive to the HP required then you are fine. This drive will do up to a 10HP motor 3ph but if using single ph input the limit is 5HP


This drive was over $300 but all I would like is the cost of a BCA membership which is $68 (inc shipping), I have lapsed and would like to return to getting the Bugle.


I was going to post this at the Garage Journal board but you need 100 posts...anyone know where else to sell this. EBay is an option but my last one frankly.


Full specs here:




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