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Good evening all.

I expect this question has been asked before but...........

Has anyone rebuilt their transmission themselves?

If so, did you need to purchase or make any special tools?

I would like to have a go at rebuilding my transmission myself and I have heard that the 54's are a little easier than earlier models. The car has been rescued from sitting for several decades and thus I have no idea what the state of the transmission is. The engine was stuck, so I'm expecting the worst.

The kits I have seen for sale are in the $270-300 range and are labeled 'Master' kits, I assume these will have all the parts I would require. Any thought?


Thank you so much for any advice.


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The kits will have common wear items like gaskets, seals, clutches, bands...

There almost alway will be other hard parts that need attention like thrust washers, pumps...

The only one I did was just disassembly of a low mileage, functioning, but slobbering unit and with the help of some manuals it was not that hard.

If someone has "been in there" before, you might be in trouble since there will be part substitutions or wrong assembly.  Even a long time dynaflow mechanic missed the previous substitution of a 56 clutch drum which has 6 clutch pairs instead of 5 (it did not work with 5).


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12 hours ago, paulbone said:

Thank you old-tank, that is something I didn't think about; someone having a go before.  

I guess the only way to find out is learning by doing.

Now, wndsofchng06 if you can get your trans to Vegas I could indeed have a practice. You may end up with 3 reverse gears and only 1 forward gear though. lol



Lol. I wouldnt want it back.  But might be a lil expensive to ship to Vegas! 

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Good video clip, thank you. Now I need to find someone with the test gear.

My car had been stood for 30 plus years, so unfortunately it's not possible to test it and of course the motor needs a complete rebuild (that's the easy bit).

I did approach the old sage of transmissions here in Vegas but after a half century in business he has now just retired. I asked who he would recommend to rebuild/test it and sadly he said 'no one in this town'.

I suppose I could always treat Mrs B to a weekend in LA and find a competent re-builder there.

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