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Welcome,  and what a great car!  I have been driving and working on them since high school.  You will find good help here.

Also join the Buick Club, hopefully there is an active local chapter, as guys are often happy to help out. 

Where are you located?

Search this forum, many issues have already been discussed.  Brakes first, replacing the 3 rubber hoses and 4 wheel cylinders, all locally available,  and rebuild the master cylinder.  Before you start the engine, do some careful prep before.  This has been discussed.

Have fun!

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Yup,  I`d like to see any up dates and progress with the car also.  It looks  very complete and the body looks solid and straight.  Reminds me of my Grandfathers Roadmaster when I got it in the late `70s.  I just cleaned it up and kept it running and had fun with it until I did a complete refurbishment around 2008.  Add some interior pic`s if you can.  A 33,000 mile original car is hard to come by these days, so keep any documentation on the car you can find.  Good luck and keep us posted....Grant

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