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54 skylark hydro-lectric/window assembly help needed

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Hi everyone. I’m a newbie here. I’m in the early tear down stages of my skylark. I posted some info about the skylark in the introduce yourself section. When removing the interior I noticed cuts and rewelding on the doors and rear quarter glass area. My assumption is this was done to allow    accommodation of the hydro-lectric set-up. Please correct me if I’m wrong . My  hydro-letric system needs rebuilt along with the window channel assemblies . The car was last on the road in 1966 so I’m assuming this was a factory modification. I have included some pictures. I would appreciate any input. If anyone has rebuilt the window assembly/channels for the hydro-electric set-up, did they have to re-cut the welds to  access the window track and channel assembly Thanks Brian 









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Hi Brian

Sorry to say, those are not factory cuts and welds. I suspect it was a lazy man's attempt to access the window mechanisms back in the car's history.  The parts do all come out without having to make cuts but they are a real fiddle and take some grazed knuckles in the process but everything does come out.

Top tip; take lots of photos and jot down a few notes as you go, so you can remember which bit goes in first and in which direction you had to twist and pull things to get them out. It makes installation a lot easier, though still a PITA.

The hydro-lectric system on these is very expensive to replace. You need to budget about $2500 for everything. Some people have converted their cars to electric motors (as per '54 Roadmaster ) for the windows and seats and a modified motor for the top. This is a much more economical and less messy road to take (no ATF to leak all over the place) but of course not original if you are a purist.

Good luck with the restoration.

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 I worked on the rear quarter glass this weekend and was able to remove the window frame mechanism through the access hole. I had to remove the cylinders since the piston was froze and wouldn’t allow me to compress the mechanism enough to get it out thru the access hole.  Once the mechanism was compressed it came out easily.  Thanks again for the info.  I included some pictures 





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Well done Brian, a bit of a fiddle but you got it out.

Now, could I ask you for help as your car looks complete.  I need to buy a fuel tank for mine (it was missing), all the suppliers I have approached do not know which of the four tanks they supply fit which 1954 Buick model.

They need to know the distance from the filler neck to back of tank. The options are;  12.5",  11.5",  13.5" and 10"

Would you please be able to measure yours and let me know which one to chose.

Many thanks,  Paul



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Hi Paul. Looks like old-tank was able to get you the info you needed.  I took some measurements and added some pictures for you also. You can double click to expand the image . I measured from the middle of the filler neck to the back end of the tank. 13.5 took me to the back seam. I also put on the other measurements so you can see them also. 

Thanks , Brian 







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