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I have four new 40-spoke reproduction Skylark-style wire wheels that were made by Wheel Vintiques. They have the optional stronger stainless steel spokes. Three of the doubled-up boxes haven't been opened . . . the fourth one was opened just for pictures and the new wheel is back in the boxes with all the original wrappings. I do not have the 20 lug bolts or the four hubcaps but they are available elsewhere. A set is considered to be five wheels and five hubcaps.

They are the correct size (15x6.0) for 1954 Buicks and they are built to run tubeless tires since they have the safety beads. The OE 1953-1954 Kelsey-Hayes wire wheels do not have safety beads. 1953-1955 Buicks that came with wire wheels had inner tubes.

First time listed for sale. Let me know if you're interested or not, otherwise first-come first-served.  Up for sale @ $3000 + shipping and insurance.

The price listed in the following link is not for the optional stainless steel spokes.    https://www.wheelvintiques.com/wheels/classic/buick-wire.html


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Yea I get sticker shock as well....dem wires tho they sure look purdy.


From what I recall about these jewels is the only way to go cheaper is to get un-restored originals but from what I recall its not necessarily a safe way to go without restoration and restoration is also quite pricey.


...I could be corrected on that however.



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