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After searching all summer, I found someone who would repair my leaking transmission. It was so bad that I could not drive more than 5 miles without putting a quart of fluid in the transmission.   If you live in the Midwest, contact Phil's Transmission in Marion, IN.  Phil's knowledgeable and fast.  I had the car towed on a Wed. ,and it was completed the following Wed.  Phil's removed the transmission and found that the leak was coming from the transfer case.  While out he went through the whole unit to make sure there weren't any other problems.  He took the car out on a couple drives and put the car on the lift overnight to see if there were any leaks.  As far as cost, I believe he was quite fair.  The total cost was $1,300 for labor, parts, fluids, taxes, etc.  The car runs great, and I expect to have many years pleasure.


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Thanks for the info.  I had my transmission rebuilt by Jasper.  (Not sure exactly which Jasper shop).  They had a guy in there who worked on Dynaflows back in the day.  Jasper was glad to have my tranny as they were able to put a bunch of info into their computer system for reference.  As it was, my tranny was rebuilt by Jasper back in the early 70’s.  So far, no leaks and smooth running.  Cost was under $2,000.  Hopefully this information is in the system nationwide.  I think we will be sending Jasper another transmission sometime in the future on another project.


p.s.  Love your car!!

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The only person I knew in Georgia that knew Dynaflows recently passed away so it's good to know their are others out there willing to take on working on dynaflows. My understanding is that they aren't that complicated or difficult to work on but no one wants to tackle learning about them and that parts sources are scarce. So thanks for the info Cruiser and Maybelle

Oh and what a gorgeous Super @Cruiser  Would love to see it in person some day

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