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My first Roadmaster.....

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Well as you all know, my Century was totalled and is being used as parts for my special.  However, I couldn't resist the opportunity to own a beautiful, low mileage roadmaster.  Thanks to Lamar for tr

Hey Matt, thought you like to have some pictures of your car when she was still at the Gardens!

Is that where the term “granny gear” came from?  Low and slow miles...?

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Good deal.  The original paint...oh my, can't replicate that no matter how hard one tries.  All the dings, dents, scratches and warts make her what she is...the work, family and vacation truckster. Each blemish, scratch, ding and dent has a story.  Although we cherish, love and wish for a complete restoration, the stories in the very fabric of Buttercup can not be replicated.  She will continue her story with you and get additional dings, scratches and warts.  That is what makes her so interesting. The stories this girl could tell if she could only talk. I love it man. Enjoy! 

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