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Lamars Buick Bugle article Wagons Ho!

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Just finished reading my May 2019 Buick Bugle and was surprised and pleased to read about Lamar's purchase of a very nice 1979 Buick Estate Wagon and a 1974 Airstream Argosy 26Foot travel trailer.  He and wife Rita are planning to tow it to the 2019 Buick National meet in Midwest City, Ok in June.  Great idea and very entertaining article for us '54 Buick Highway members to read.  Made me wish I was towing my 26 foot trailer with one just like it!!!  BTW Lamar, I have a very nice pair of vintage chrome towing mirrors from the 70's like the ones pictured in the Buick trailer towing guide on page 20 (top LH corner).  If your interested, just PM me and their yours!  Hope to see a follow up story on how your trip goes!

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Thanks for the kudos on the article my friend, it was fun to put together, glad you enjoyed it.

Here's a link to the issuu publications site, you should be able to find the magazine there



Would be very interested in the mirrors. I have a set but they are a bit smaller than I'd like, maybe your are bigger.   Shooting you a PM

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