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1954 buick super body mounts

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I can't find my old insulators for my body mounts may have accidently threw them out. the square pads that go between the body and frame are OEM #1325095 and have the same dimensions as BM418A from CARS. They do not know what are the corresponding rubber insulators that go between the bolt and the frame underneath. Has anyone replaced these and which ones did you use? In the trunk was there a rubber spacer between the body and the bolt in locations 7 and 8 or just the metal washer on the inside? how about between the metal washer and the nut on the bottom side under the frame? At the time I didn't take pictures because I thought I saw kits available for this car but kits do not exist. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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There has to be someone that has replaced these mounts on this site. I can't believe cars doesn't have this information since they sell the mounts but they are no help.  I know I need the OEM #1325095 but what insulators go with it? are the spacers built into the mounts? Does it matter which insulators are used as long as they fit???

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avgwarhawk - I think I'll try these from Bob's https://bobsautomobilia.com/suspension-and-steering/1941-58-body-mounting-cushions-.-bm-518/

He said I can return them if they don't work but they come as a set with the bolts and washers. For Positions #7 near the Wheel I'm going to try BM52 from Cars. Do you recall if in the trunk there is a just a washer with the bolt through it or is there a rubber washer under the metal washer?

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Whats confusing is CARS has several different rubber pads and some say they have a metal insert:

Body Mount 1942-56 1/2" Thick

Insulator body mounting pad with metal insert
1942-1956 Buick
Most models as required
1/2" Thick x 1-7/8" Diameter with 3/4" Metal Sleeve

Replaces OEM #1325094

They have no idea which rubber washer( insulator) goes with which pad and I don't either since I lost mine... :blush:

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Yeah I've been lookng at sections 12 and 13 so I see what I need it's just the sizes sold are different and can't really tell if position 7 requires different mounts or not. definitely looks like a longer bolt is needed in position 7 as it has to go through the frame. I just received the ones from bob's and the locating boss, the round part that sticks out of the square pad that goes through the frame mount is slightly smaller, 15/16 instead of 1 1/16 so it moves around a bit. not sure if it matters. There is a metal spacer that comes with them to prevent the insulators from getting over tightened I guess.

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