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I have not been so active on this forum for the past few years, but am restoring a 1953 Buick Skylark now so am re-introducing myself.  FRITZ54.  I am the  original founder of Tip  Tools in Canfield, Ohio.  I retired a few years back and the company is now owned and operated by my son Bob.  I come in a few days a week, lately to work on the Skylark, which is somewhat of a difficult restoration.  Luckily our prior restoration of my 1954 Buick RIviera 2dr HT has helped.

I had a lot of trouble logging in, so changed my Password and it seemed to work, but continued to have login problems.  Hopefully this post will be accepted and that I can login later without problems.  I had the same trouble on the AACA Forum, and the only way to get back on the forum was to create a new User Name and PW. 

Attached are a few pictures of the Skylark that is undergoing a complete restoration, including rebuilding of the matching number original engine and transmission.  We are not cutting any corners on this restoration so it will be awhile until it is completed.



001-Rear Seat.jpg

Rt. Side 7.1A.jpg

Left Side.7.1A.jpg

Trunk in Primer2.jpg

Ready for Paint.jpg

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1954 BUICK GENERAL -pictures - Judged 400 Points at  Charlotte a few years back, thanks to much technical help from Mr. Earl.   Per request, here are some pictures of the restoration.  Pictures taken were in our shop at work (Tip Tools in Canfield, Ohio).  I do my own trunk linings and some of the upholstery.  We did a body off  restoration on this one.   At present we are restoring a 1953 Skylark, but making slow progress. We spent many days just aligning the hood, but finally have that behind us.


54 Buick Underside.jpg
















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On 8/29/2019 at 9:44 AM, 72gs455 said:

Hiya Fritz! Welcome Back, cool project you have there. Is there a way to see all the restoration photo's of the General? I used to see them on TP Tools site.


Hello again! Thought i would see if this is still applicable. Your photos have helped me in the past.

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