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Yea baby...we are back!

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Back, and with what appears to be the latest Invision software version!!!  Really liking the new Gallery format and the displaying of members Albums etc. Also like the Recent activity side bar where you can get a quick peek at ALL the post on All the different forums. @Admin El Diablo This has got to be costing some bucks!!!  There use to be a donation link at the top of the page, is that going to return.

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9 hours ago, elpad said:

Show us your trophies so far!

Dang, that would mean some dusting and polishing of what dust collectors I have here at the house. 😜  The AACA Grand National and some Repeat Preservation awards are up at the shop. Trying to get Mark to build a trophy case in the shop office to display all of the shop’s show wins.  For me, the real trophies are the great experiences I’ve had sightseeing in the areas around the shows.  #1 for me is the Gilmore Museum!

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On 12/10/2020 at 1:26 PM, Budd said:

Happy to see you all alive in well :) Was cleaning out old email and saw this stray notification and thought "Hey -- wow, I haven't been to that site in years, I need to stop in !"  



Back at ya Bud. I just checked back in on the 1956 Buick site and see that family, work and life in general must still be getting in the way of the '56 Super restoration. Thats OK though, believe me I can empathize. 🙂   Good to hear from you Bud!!!!

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