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Hiya guys and gals!

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I really did miss the forum while it was under construction. I wish I had more to update on my little project (Model 52). Unfortunately I had an accident that has left me weak and pretty much unable to turn a wrench. Before the virus came around I was getting some help from a nephew, but now we don't see much of each other to be safe...

September 23rd 2019, my wife, daughter, daughters boyfriend and I went out for a steak dinner. It was fabulous, we had a good time and a few laughs. So we get home after and plop down in the recliner, throw my feet up just as the loving bride decides to start vacuuming. She gets near me a picks up the foot part of the recliner which then tips back and flips over, my head hit the wall and I broke my neck. Can you fucking believe that! sorry for cussing, but really? So I am laying there upside down totally paralyzed and cant do a dang thing about it. The bride finally finds the strength to move the chair a little so I can breath. Long story short, I broke my C5 and now have 2 rods and a dozen screws in my neck. C4,5,and 6 are fused. Hey good news is I am fully functional, I can walk and use all me extremities, maybe not like I could before. But hey up right and taking nourishment! I passed my driving test and can drive my cars, probably will never ride the Harley again... can't really turn my head to the right much.


Anyhoo... that's what I've been up to. If you have questions feel free to ask them!



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Oh my God Jerry, how am I just hearing this?!! Man I can empathize with you somewhat as I have degenerative disc disease in my lower back and pain with every move but MAN nothing like I know you must have gone through and possibly are still having. So sorry to hear this and hopefully your condition will improve so you can get back to the Super. Hopefully your nephew will be able to return to help sometime soon. Thoughts and prayers for you brother.

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Hello Folks!

This is a tough decision but i need to let go of my project, Due to my injury (Incomplete Spinal cord injury)i don't have the ability to do the heavy work required to finish my project. I did put a little blurb out on the Facebook page. I will post some pictures soon. (I don't have any loaded on this PC) The chassis and drive train are almost complete. The body is on a rotisserie and mostly stripped, i have extra parts and to go along with it. Some metal work is still needed. Machine work on the 322 is done, It has a 4bbl intake and carb and i have the original 2bbl, it is put together but i haven't tried to start it up yet. 

Il give it some time here before expanding the info to the rest of the world.

Have a great day!


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