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Heater hose routing and Vacuum lines routing

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Does anyone have any diagrams, pictures or drawings showing how the heater hoses, and vacuum lines are routed on 54 Special 2dr Hardtop, Model 46R.  

I purchased the vehicle in partial restoration,  the seller did not have any idea either on how to connect everything back up.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Uncle Richie

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If need be I can take pictures of the routing on my 48D.  It is kind of crazy as some hoses go to the heater core under the dash. Then there are hoses that go to the under seat core.  The run back to the water pump. 


Let me know.  I will get some pictures probably this weekend.  Snow is coming tomorrow  and I have to move my 60 Electra outside to get to my 54 Special.         

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The vacuum line goes behind the dash and radio to the washer buttom.  From the washer button to the washer pump on the vent cover, not installed here yet, passing here.  The washer fluid from the washer jar passes back inside through the same grommet and goes to a split and to the squirt nozzles at the wiper arm bases.


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