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Posted on the Buick 54,55, 56 forum on FB but no luck maybe someone here has some parts here and can help me out. I've been searching on ebay and the net for awhile no luck. 

Anyone parting out a 54 buick super? I have hardtop looking for the following if you have it:

- Guide F4-53 front park light housing

- Door latch release left and right smaller diameter splines if springs are good. mine have broken springs. I bought the first one black in the picture on ebay and the splines are different. the third one said it was for 54 buick super as well but the angle is off. I need one like the one in the middle pictured1320507191_IMG_1840(1).thumb.jpg.559c8bcd168934a2cba6302a936bb5f9.jpgIMG_0012.thumb.jpg.ce3eb74cf0fff2ed4fcc9339ffa8c139.jpg.

- Door handle lock retainer cover. I have the one but missing the other one as the car was in taken apart when I bought it.

- rear tail light reflectors .

- my connectors to the rear tail lights are shot. if I can get the wiring that goes to them with the connectors if they are good or if any know some place that sells replacements

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