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hydralic windows

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My hydralic hose in the left door is broken and i´m trying to find a way to get the correct couplings so that I can make a new one. Is there anyone who knows where to by them. I´m will have all hoses redone this winter but for now I´m just going for the left door.

If there is anyone outhere who knows how I can solve this problem please let me know. I´m kind of stuck in this problem right now.




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It really depends on where you are state wise.  Here in California my auto parts store can custom make the lines with fittings and hose at any length. Check with your local auto parts store with hose in hand.  If they do not do it then ask if they know of a hydraulic hose parts store that makes them.  Usually servicing tractors and forklifts.

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Ok. Your better of in the states then over here in Sweden. Our hydralic part stores only sells european standards. Is there possible that someone know what I should be looking for? In that case can I order it myself and let someone over here press new hoses.

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