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Well... it finally happened!  After 44years of owning my grandfathers Roadmaster something blew in my heater core and flooded my new carpeting.  I seem to remember from previous posts that this is not going to be an easy fix and I had hoped I wouldn`t have to face a problem like this.  All heater hoses and cooling lines that run to the tranny were replaced 15 years ago so nothing under the car or in the engine bay show any leaks.  All my indy mechanics have retired or croaked soooo.. can I fix this problem myself?  Don`t want to but may have to!  I`d appreciate your thoughts on how to approach this.  Here are a few pic`s.  BTW The coolant running out under the car is seeping through the body seams on the passenger side






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For the carpet, just flush liberally with water.

Your leak may be the Ranco valve (under that pile of undercoat where the hoses go into the firewall).  Remove and plug the hoses going into the Ranco valve and see if it still leaks.

Also post your question on the AACA forums...Buick...Postwar.

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