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Please read-guide to "my other rides"

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We realize that everyone who loves 54's may not be so fortunate to have one already but have other cars, trucks or even bikes they are proud of ;). Or perhaps you have a 54 and some other cars too.

So please feel free to show them off here. ENJOY

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My son and I have a car collection at www.tipcars.us    In our collection we have the following Buicks:

1917 4 Door Touring White (older restoration)

1953 Buick Skylark - Majestic White in process of a full restoration - about one year more to go!

1954 Buick  2dr. Riviera Hard Top Gray and Black - 400 Points at Charlotte w/Mr. Earl's guidance.

1956 Buick Roadmaster Convertible - off white - mint original 32K original miles.

1957 Buick Super  2dr. HTGreen - older restoration but nice.

Also 3 Buick Cousins (Pontiacs)


Body Final Primer.jpg





52PontiacChieftain1A - Copy.jpg


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